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The Indian textile and apparel industry is one of the largest in the world with an enormous raw material and manufacturing base.India accounts for 14 per cent of the world's production of textile fibers and yarns.Rising government focus and favorable policies is leading to growth in the textiles and clothing industry. The Ministry of Textiles is encouraging investments through increased focus on schemes. It's moving ahead with a potential to achieve Creative Logo is quite powerful. Branding a business is a lot like laying the cornerstone of a building. Once it's in place, the entire marketing foundation and structure is aligned to that original stone. If it's off, even just a bit, the rest of the building is off, and the misalignment becomes amplified.It's great for a name and logo to have a special meaning or significance-it's sets up a story that can be used to tell the company message. The logo is a soul of every Powerful Brand. No one can not underestimate the importance of a good logo. As the core of your branding, your logo should express the essence of your business's personality and make a memorable impression. Essential customization into the shapes by playing with colors, sizes, and effects, Gives attraction to your brand. Shirts Brands in India with Logos for your Inspiration. Aeropostale is an American based brand having a huge market all over the globe. Aeropostale is a private company that is nearly 33 years old having a huge range of clothing and accessories for both men and women. Allen Solly is an Indian based brand having huge popularity throughout the globe. It is run by Madura fashion which looks after a lot of great clothing companies in India like Louis Phillipe, Peter England, Van Heusen, and many more. Arrow is one of the most renowned clothing companies not only in India but the entire globe. Arrow has a huge range of formal clothing for both men and women. It is run by Arvind Fashion Limited which is a market leader in the fashion segment of India. Blackberrys is an Indian based brand having a wide network all over the globe. The company produces the finest formal range of clothing for both men and women. Blackberrys shirt is very comfortable and has a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. Breakbounce is an Indian based brand which is also the first streetwear brand. Breakbounce is headed by Sanjeev Mukhija who is the founder of the company. Breakbounce shirts have unique designs making it very popular among youngsters. Crimsoune Club is one of the largest brands in the country providing casual and smart clothing to both men and women. The company dates back to 15 years from now when the journey started making it today the highest manufacturer of formal and casual wear in the country. Flying Machine is one of the most popular clothing brands having a huge market base in India among all age segments. The brand makes clothing for both men and women which are run by Arvind Fashion the biggest garment industry in India. Gant is an n American and Swedish based brand having a huge clothing line for both men and women. The company is one of the oldest in the clothing industry which dates back to more than 70 years old. Gant shirts are well stitched made from the finest materials. Jack & Jones is a very popular clothing brand among youngsters all around the world. The brand has stylish outfits that appeal t the current generation. There is a huge clothing line up by Jack & Jones making it possible for its consumers to choose as per their style and likings. John Players is an Indian based brand having the best quality formals for both men and women. John Players is a very well renowned clothing brand first owned by ITC Clothing but later on sold to Reliance Retail. The company makes one of the best formal shirts with attractive colors and a perfect fit. Koutons is one of the most sophisticated clothing brands having a huge market base not only in India but the entire globe. The company is almost 25 plus years old having good experience in the clothing industry producing fine quality shirts and trousers. Lee is an American based denim brand that has forayed into all types of clothing and accessories in recent years. The company dates back to almost 120 years when it was founded having a huge history and experience in the clothing industry. Levis Strauss and Co. is an American based company that is more than 150 years old having gained a huge market throughout the globe. Levis is now a market leader in producing the finest denim jeans. The company also makes the finest shirts available in various colors and fittings as per the likes of consumers. Louis Philippe is an Indian premium clothing brand producing the finest range of garments for both men and women. Louis Phillipe is run by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle very popular garment industry in India. Louis Phillipe shirts are very popular among office goers for their comfort and unmatched quality. Monte Carlo is an Indian based clothing brand having huge acceptance all over the country for its unmatched quality and comfort. The brand produces clothing for both men and women having a wide range of woolen and cotton garments. Mufti is an Indian based top clothing brand having huge popularity not only in India but the entire globe. Mufti is more than 20 years old having huge market knowledge and also providing quality and unmatched comfort than any other brand in India. Park Avenue is a brand product of India making quality clothing for many years. Park Avenue is run by Raymonds who is a market leader in the garments industry. Park Avenue is very popular for its formal line of dressing available or both men and women. Parx is an exclusive clothing brand run by Raymond Company. Parx has fine clothing available for both men and women. The brand is highly recognized for its exclusive formal and winter wear. Parx brand of shirts are very comfortable and are available to choose to form a wide range of designs. Peter England is an Ireland based company making fine-casual outfits for both men and women. The company started with producing fine khaki trousers for the British soldier's way back in 1889. The company today produces the finest casual and formal shirts with various colors and designs to choose from. Point Zero is a Canadian based brand making fine clothing for many years having a huge market base all around the globe. Point Zero was founded by Nicole Benisti who is also the current CEO of the company. The brand has a wide variety of casual and formal shirts meant for all occasions. Raymond is one of the most renowned clothing brands not only in India but the entire globe. Raymond has a wide variety of clothing ranging from summer to winter collections for both men and women. Raymond is known for its finest shirts having a wide range of designs. Roadster is a very renowned clothing brand that is quite popular among youngsters for its appealing design and style factor. It is an Indian based brand looked after by Myntra Lifestyle which is a very popular e-commerce website. Turtle is a world-renowned brand popularly knows for its fine formal outfits for both men and women. Turtle is an Indian based brand started first in Kolkata today has more than 100 exclusive showrooms. This brand is also quite popular in all eCommerce websites. United Colors of Benetton is a popular and loved brand of shirts. It is an Italian based brand run by the Benetton Group having huge popularity in the garment industry. The company is quite old dating back to more than 54 years when it was founded. Van Heusen is an Indian based clothing brand very popular throughout the country. The brand has exclusive showrooms in almost all the major cities in the country. Van Heusen is very popular for its formal clothing lineup available for both men and women. Wrangler is an American based brand making the finest jeans, shirts, shorts, and exclusive eyewear products. Wrangler is known for its rough look garments giving consumers the utmost comfort. Wrangler is a very old name in the garment industry dating back to almost 116 years. 42 Best Denim Brands in India with Logos 27 Best Shoe Brands in India with Logos 21 Best Wrist watch Brands in India with Logos

26 Best Shirts Brands in India with Logos | Brandyuva Blog 1

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26 Best Shirts Brands in India with Logos | Brandyuva Blog 2

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