A/c Compressor Bearing Shot ... Servicable ?

This Site Might Help You. RE: I recently recharged my cars(84 mitsu galant) a/c after not using it for some time. After a day or two of working I heard a horrific binding noise. I cut the belt and checked the compressor which was grinding quite a bit. Is this serviceable (by me or perhaps rebuild able) or am I looking at...

A/c Compressor Bearing Shot ... Servicable ? 1

1. Can an Car A/C compressor have problems after a front end accident?

Yes it could happened that after the impact, your compressor could have been damage or mis aligned. have it check before using it again. Hope this help!

2. What's a compressor do? My a/c is acting freaky, help?

you have lost freon, you need to add more

A/c Compressor Bearing Shot ... Servicable ? 2

3. Fair invoice received about replacing central A/C compressor/condenser?

Relying on a telephone quote, someone needs their head examined; you are just asking for trouble. If you are thinking about any repair work or replacement work or new installation to be done, you need a licensed and insured dealer/contractor to come to your place and provide you with a "WRITTEN" quote/estimate

4. 2 cylinder air compressor pump?

You do not have a "camshaft" because you have no valve train. You are referring to the "crankshaft" and yes, that big nut is what holds it in. A bit of advice here, you will be money ahead if you go to a Tractor Supply store and buy a replacement pump.

5. How do I change a A/C compressor in my truck?

this is an expressive repair, if the compressor is bad I would just by pass it by getting a shorter belt. but being that this is a newer truck I would have it fixed, let the dealer do it. I only had one a/c pump replaced and that is when I was stationed in Germany and cost like $600 but the car I had at the time was only like 5 years old so I want to keep everything working on it. but if the car was any old I would have said Screw the AC roll down the wind and drive 80mph :)

6. unit has power, but compressor and fan doesnt work, fuses are good and has power to contactor, house unit?

Try checking the fuses that are very close to the unit in their own fuse box. If you have checked all the breakers(fuses) for your house power try these

7. What is a a/c compressor?

Like Herman said. More info, it's under the hood, attached to the engine, driven by a belt, and a major part of your a/c. It is expensive to replace, 1800 sounds like a lot, I would get a couple of quotes from different mechanics. Ask friends, coworkers who they trust if you do not have a trusted mechanic.

8. What kind of Air Compressor should I get?

Since those kind of tools are seldom used continuously, a small one should be enough to keep up. 1hp & 5 gallon tank?

9. My AC Unit keeps freezin up?

you send this problem before and i tell you it is you compressor is going bad. why i say so you may ask, if you service man say what you write, then your compressor valve plate with three valve maybe breaking off one by one inside your compressor. when that happen the compressor do not work like it use to be. such as it do not like a 3. 5 if it is a 3. 5 unit, it work like a lesser unit as it. replace the compressor.

10. what is a good air compressor to buy?

The Bostich 6 gallon air compressor comes with a brad gun. It weighs only 38 lbs and is compact. I have owned a variety of makes and sizes of air compressors over the years. If you decide to go with a smaller air tank, check the specs to make sure it will handle the tools you would like to use.

11. Heat Pump Part 2 - Compressor running but not fan?

sometimes motors [compressor or fan] overheat when the capacitor is bad and the "internal overload" opens which breaks power to the motor windings so they arent damaged by the excess current draw caused by the bad capacitor....sometimes the overload takes a while to cool off and reset..the motor wont run until it resets....i am assuming its wired correctly and that the motor wasnt damaged by the bad capacitor. .....dan.

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