Any Suggestuons for Good, Quality Hair Products for Damaged Hair?

Stop using herbal essence! that is terriable for your hair!! it has such harsh chemicals/sulfates, ew. recommendations: - drugstore: loreal everpure - high end: kerastse Stop using heat on it too, that's drying it out!! Heat protectant: - drugstore: tresseme (black bottle with a red lid) - highend: sebastian And you need to get ALL those split ends off. Or your hair will look terriable.

Any Suggestuons for Good, Quality Hair Products for Damaged Hair? 1

1. Do Wen hair products work good?

Wen is great. I've been using it for over two years. That product is sold on QVC which is where I first learned about it. The creator of Wen is a professional (and celebrity) hairstylist and owns two salons in California. It works great on my hair. I use Fig because my hair is naturally dry and Fig is the most moisturizing of the formulas. Wen is the only product that's made my hair healthier and it has many great benefits. Many of those benefits you wo not realize unless you stop using Wen and go back to shampoo and then you will realize what Wen was doing to your hair that your old hair products do not do. There are a lot of formula's and each formula will have a different effect on your hair. It's important that you follow the directions on the label or it might not work well in your hair. For instance, if your hair is not getting clean then you are doing something wrong. It's also important that you use the right formula for hair. For instance, if you have dry damaged hair then do not use Cucumber aloe because it wo not do much for your hair as it's for oily hair types and wo not offer much moisture to your hair. My hair is curly and naturally dry. I tried the Almond Mint as my first formula and it did not work on my hair because my hair needs more moisture. So I bought the Fig and it's great for my hair. I've used all the formulas except cucumber aloe and pomegranate. If you are constantly damaging your hair, like too much straightening and bleaching, then nothing will work for your hair until you stop damaging it. All the damage you are constantly doing to it will negate any positive effects. I buy from and it's much cheaper than the official website. But, the official website also has more products than what is available at QVC. I just bought a starter kit at I bought it in fig, but you will only see it in Almond Mint unless you get a special link to all the formulas. And, I've bought from this website before (it's an official Chaz Dean site) and the money is automatically deducted and I've had not problems cancelling my order. In fact, it's quite easy to cancel and be on your merry way. You can always try it. Wen has a great money back guarantee.

2. What Hair Products Should I Use?

I am going through that exact same thing, minus the blue hair. I dyed my blonde hair about a year ago a dark burgundy colour and a couple of months on I got sick of it and decided to bleach it. My hair felt like straw and just looking at it made me feel depressed. I always had nice lovely long blonde hair and then I wrecked it for some trend. Anyway, that was a little while ago and I am still growing out the damage I made, but the growth is much healthier. I only have about 2 inches to cut off my length. Remember, the only way to repair your hair is with scissors. I would say that you should cut out as much damage as you can stand, or trim it gradually if you want to try and keep your length. I trim my hair every 6-8 weeks, only trimming 1/2 an inch off because I am trying to grow out my hair at the same time. I like to use oils as leave in conditioners and for deep oilings (or masks, for the oils I use sweet almond oil and coconut oil) and I use a Giovanni shampoo and the conditioner from the same line, I think it's called 50/50. They are both sulfate and paraben free. If I am not using oils, I use my conditioner as a leave in conditioner after I hop out of the shower. Before I put anything in my hair whilst it's damp, I always comb it out with a wide toothed comb GENTLY. Do not ever brush or a finer toothed comb if it's damp, you are just asking for further breakage and damage by doing that because you are snagging and tugging the hair, struggling to de-tangle it. When styling do not use any hairsprays or mousses, they can be damaging to the hair because of the ingredients. Hairspray is a definite no no because aerosol is no good for the hair. Aerosol is one of the main ingredients. Gels are okay, just go for an alcohol free one. As a summary trim on a frequent basis, keep your hair products simple and gentle especially ones with no sulfates or parabens and ensure to give your hair a nice deep treatment once or twice a week. Keep your hair away from any more chemicals or you will only make it worse. I hope I helped, I can not really recommend any more products than the ones I mentioned because I do not use them so I can not really give you any reviews. I do not go and pick from reviews because I am talking from experience with my own hair. Good luck :) x

Any Suggestuons for Good, Quality Hair Products for Damaged Hair? 2

3. moisturizing hair products?

I have fine blonde hair and have recently went to a different stylist, well she fried and dried it. The person that I am going to now recommended Matrix Biolage (I think I spelled it correctly) along with these little tubes of Intense Conditioner (Biolage also). Its been about a week and I sure feel a huge differance. I tried all the common shampoos and conditioners down the hair isle I can I honestly say this has helped the most. As for mousse or hairspray I am still not sure what to recommend. I am still searching. Garnier left a awful residue on my hair plus it still felt like straw. The only other one that I would recommend that you can buy from any grocery store is Infusium Leave in Conditioner. Hope this helps

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