Are False Eyelashes Difficult to Apply?

I am not going to lie, yes they are hard to put takes a lot of practice and can be uncomfortable when you first put them on...since your just staring out,try some with a thinner band that are wispy,apply a thin layer of glue,let it get tacky,place them right on the middle of the lash line and then tuck in the outer and inner corners. Go on YouTube and watch some tutorials,it helps to see someone else do it first

Are False Eyelashes Difficult to Apply? 1

1. what should i use on my subwoofer / speaker?

none of the above. Dont hook it up to your surround system in your house. Unless you know for a fact what your doing is correct which im sure you have no idea, you just hooked it up willy nilly. as for glue there is a special type im not sure of what it is tho

2. Oh Baby - How To Make A Baby Shower Headband Station!

If you do not want to purchase flower embellishments, you can make flower decorations with a Cricut cutting machine out of felt or fabric. Wool felt works best, as polyester felt will likely stretch too much for the Cricut machine. Before the shower, cut your fold-over elastic into strips about 13-15 inches long (13 inches should fit most newborns; 15 inches fits most 3-6 month olds). You can use a lighter to keep the edges from fraying, if you have one available, by holding the flame to the cut end of the elastic for a few seconds. You will want to create a few headbands before you go - that way you know how to make them and will have ones to display at your station! To make a headband, pick out your supplies - an elastic band, one or two embellishments, two felt circles, and your glue gun. Connect the ends of your elastic strip (make sure there are no twists in the headband) and then put a small dot of glue on one end, pressing the other end on top of the glue dot tightly until the glue hardens. Set your headband aside. Glue your embellishment(s) onto the felt circle. Try to glue the embellishment(s) in the center of the felt. Keep in mind where you place the glue - you will want to try to line that up with the headband elastic to make sure your embellishment does not flop off the elastic. When the glue holding your embellishments to the felt hardens you can attach it to the elastic. Glue a straight line along the bottom of the felt circle (making sure the base of your embellishments fall on that line) and press the glue line onto the elastic band. Once the glue hardens pick up another felt circle, glue another line, and put it on the opposite side of the elastic from your embellishment. This will make sure no rough parts of the glue or embellishments will bother the baby's skin! (One last tip: Glue your embellishments onto the elastic where you glue the two ends together. Then you will be able to hide the seam of the headband between your felt pieces!)

Are False Eyelashes Difficult to Apply? 2

3. short wide staples for air stapler?

The widest air staple that I know of is only 1/2 inch. If your frame is cut correctly, you can use wood glue on the miter joints to hold the frame together. Do not do any further assembly until the glue is well dry. You could also use biskits in the corner joints with glue for a stronger assembly

4. Can you tell me some specific ways or products to keep my cats from scratching the new couch?

*** When I was at the vet about 4 months ago, I saw this new product they offer for your exact situation. I wish I could remember there name. (I think it's called "Soft Paws"...maybe?) But they are little soft plastic covers, that the Vet. puts on each one of your cats claws. They stay on, (or supposed too) for about 3 months at a time, and the cost is relatively inexpensive (I think like 60.00 every 3 months). I believe it's just a type of glue they use, to stick them on with. They come in all colors, so your cat will be "stylin" too! (lol) I am sure just give your vet a call, and they can give you all the info. I was at The Hope Animal Foundation when I saw it, If you have one in your area, you could try there first. Another thing I can suggest, is get out the Duct tape, and start taping the whole couch up. Use a spray bottle on the cats when they start to scratch, just give them a squirt in the face, eventually this will work. I have also heard of putting two sided tape on the furniture, and as soon as there feet touch the "sticky" they freak out, and learn not to do that real quick. Good luck, I am sure one, or all these will work for you, hopefully sooner rather than later though!***

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