Are Hairy Legs Unattractive to Girls/women?

No, not at all. Hairy legs on a guy are actually very sexy

Are Hairy Legs Unattractive to Girls/women? 1

1. Some questions about my period for girls/women? Please answer!?

a) every 2 to 3 hours. b) just qo in the bathroom and chanqe em, and make sure that you dispose of them properlyy. c) yess, i was 11 when i startedd mine. d) sometimes you miqht qet cramps, mood swinqs, you miqht qet hunqryy like all the time lol ( candyy helps alot ), and you qet sleepy alot ..

2. Are there any girls/women here that like to get dirty?

yes..I love power tools..I used to work on cars (but can not now due to allergies). But I still like wood working...I wired 6 concrete Asian lanterns for light. (and then a whole bunch of people tried to copy me. ...hahahaha. ..did not work. ) I paint the inside of my house. I do plumbing and 'light' wiring. (changing light fixtures, thermostats, etc) I have my own power washer...(I live in a brick house and it needs cleaning all the time.'s white. .).

Are Hairy Legs Unattractive to Girls/women? 2

3. Girls/Women only: What type of guy would you rather date?

Do not compare yourself to the otehr guys that a girl dates. I personally have dated and loved all three of these types of guys. Just think about the fact that you two were not meant to be, and that is that. Otherwise you will be dwelling on it and NO girl finds that attractive

4. poll :girls and women do you wear makeup everyday to work, school, college classes?

Yes I do as I love makeup! I wear MAC primer and foundation and avon usually for mascara and eyeliners etc. The only time I dont is in the day when on holiday or when im swimming!

5. bra question for other girls/women!?

I think theres a brand that came out with halves in bra sizes like B 38 1/2 you know? They are around someone try thoses

6. Who sells cheap swimwear for girls / women? Cute bikinis, but cheap?

Wet seal, wal-mart, and delias

7. Girls...women..females. I need advice. READ IT ALL.? HELP?

First of what I read from you is a lot of red flags in your sentences. The biggest problem about yourself is not your weight or something alike. It's your negative thinking in each sentence. Think how you look from a side when you are always thinking about yourself. Your body must be collapsed, you do not look self-confident about yourself, you feel afraid because you are afraid what each woman may think of you at the meeting and etc. STOP! First what you need to change is your thoughts. You need to learn think possitively. And it's no joke. You may think that it's a joke, but it's not. It's a really hard task for you and you even do not understand it yet. I am sure that even know you are trying to think negatively "Oh, what is she talking about? How can I look nice, if I am not?!" This is a really hard task for you if you want to find a girlfriend and have a serious relationship - try to catch each of your negative thought and fastly change it to positive! It's not a one day task. You do not need any advice about dating. When you learn how to think positively, your body will talk itself "Hey, here I am , I am self confidence and happy man. I am looking good for myself, also I am very interesting person. So if you want to know me better, let's talk!" Women like self-confident men. And if it would be true that heavy men can hardly find a real love, they all would be singles! :) But they are not. Remember, women like men, who are self-confident and happy for who they are and how they look (even if they are made a mistake choosing a wrong shoes or speech) :).

8. Are you more physically attracted to young-looking girls/women or more mature-looking girls/women?

My standards are the same. If she looks good & has a big butt she's ok with me

9. Girls/Women What Guy would you rather have?10?

Really either one as long as they had good personalitys

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