BBT - Pressure Tanks for Storage, Final Conditioning and Filling Beer into Bottles Or Kegs

Insulated cylindrical pressure beer tanks cooled with liquid is professional solution for all restaurants keepers for whom the savings of operating costs are at the very first place. Tanks include double cooling channels and the cooling liquid pours throug them - water or glycol, and what is more the tanks have a cylindrical part (for some extra pay both bottoms could be insulated) insulated with PUR foam. The outer jacket is covered with insulation and it creates a clean design of stainless steel tank. It is possible to place the tanks in a non-insulated room because insulation provides the protection against unwanted escape of cold nearby the tanks. Their advantage is all above their low electric consumption when the tanks are cooled, the need of the less powerful liquid cooler and better comfort for operators who cannot work in cold room.

BBT - Pressure Tanks for Storage, Final Conditioning and Filling Beer into Bottles Or Kegs 1

PollWould you rather sleep in a cold room with a blanket or a hot room without a blanket?

Sleep in a hot room with out a blanket

Do you like your bottled water cold or at room temp?

cold. I have many Chinese friends that never use ice on any drinks

BBT - Pressure Tanks for Storage, Final Conditioning and Filling Beer into Bottles Or Kegs 2

Do you prefer to sleep in a cold room or hot room?

Cold room and get wrapped up well

Do you like your fruit cold or room temperature?

i like mine cold , warm fruit would be gross

How do I keep my cat warm in a cold room?

I do not think 65 is to cold for any animal but they do sell a small electric blanket just for pets. In fact they are a few different fairly good products you could consider.Any real pet store or go on line look for a company with an available small animal catalog . They will be able to help you.

is it ok to keep a ps3 in a cold room?

read the instructions there is a temperature and humidity range where its safe to operate, its usually between 10%-80% humidity and 50 to 80 degrees

Do candles burn faster in a cold room or a hot room?

the rate at which a candle burns will depend directly upon the amount of available oxygen in the air. All things being equal otherwise I would expect the cold air to supply more oxygen since it is denser than hot air. A greater immediate suply of oxygen to the flame will result in a hotter flame.

What should i buy for my cold room?

Please explain the crack, how old the house is, and what type of construction it is. Some are fairly easy to deal with, others may require professional repair, and rarely some need the house builder to return and do major repairs. Almost all can be repaired, but one house I know of was built on soft ground and as it settled the small crack grew and grew it had split the entire side of the house.

Is it just me or does VitaminWater taste better not cold, but at room temperature?

Whoa! I thought I was the only one that thought that! I like it room temperature too!

Which wines should be drank cold or room temp.??

all wines should be at 50 degrees when served

Drink water cold or a room temp??

I do not think so; Water is water.

Do you like your bedroom cold or hot?

I agree with everything you say except I love ice cold drinks. Cold room = good sleep

Blow hot air into cold room or cold air into hot room?

cold air into hot room

Can my employer make me breast pump in a freezing cold room?

Go to HR and explain the problem. It sounds like your employers want to be helpful but just do not understand "the mechanics" of pumping. If they know you need a warmer room, they will probably cooperate

do you eat your fruit cold or room temp.?

Me either one. but room temp wo not look so fresh. hehe. =)

Do you like sleeping in a cold room ?

I always sleep with my ceiling fan on, and sometimes even the ac. I hate having a warm sweaty pillow, thats the worst

Do you like your oranges cold or room temperature?

cold but room temp is good

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Just Wondering...Do You Like to Eat Your Fruit Cold Or at Room Temperature?
Just Wondering...Do You Like to Eat Your Fruit Cold Or at Room Temperature?
usually cold. and not bananas1. Is sleeping in a really cold room BAD for you?as long as you do not get sick2. Is Jack Daniels better cold or room temperature?When you chill whiskeys like JD you numb a lot of the taste. So if you really like the taste of it drink it at room temperature, if you do not like the taste that much drink it with ice3. What is your babies favorite food to eat cold/room temp?my girl is the same way as your girl..but my son hates to drink cold formula milk..i always need to warm it up the way he wants i wonder if he is still gonna be like that when it gets hot in here. .summer is coming soon. ..soo i dont want to give him warm bottles when its hot4. Which direction does air flow?In hot room the air will be much thinner thus reducing the pressure so the air flows from cold room to hot rooms5. Is it harmful to exercise in a cold room?No. What you are doing is similar to being outside in the fall on a windy day. Nor is the amount of sweat your body gives off related to getting sick or not. Sweat is just your body's way to cool off.6. Should I water my houseplants with warm, cold or room temp. water?room temperature preferably7. Why does hot water only run for 30 seconds in bathtub?The issue is probably a thermostatic valve on the 'showers' line that is set too low or simply is broken. (my boiler has one that fails and have to be replaced about once every 5 years) PS: 85C is a common temperature for radiators and also for storage hot water if the tank is small (with lower setting there wo not be enough water for all). Hot pipes are not a big issue: you simply wo not be able to touch them for longher than few 10th of second, also some heating systems require them to be un-insulated as rads are sized considering also the heat released by pipes so insulating them may result in cold room.8. Is it better to serve chardonnay cold or at room temperature?If you listen to the long winded, snobbish connoisseurs, they will have a reason for everything. I was told by an old vintner friend of mine that wines should be served to your individual preference, reds can be enjoyed and served chilled and whites can be at room temperature. The main purpose of wines is not to quench your thirst but to be enjoyed. Some wine drinkers know a lot about the making of the wines and how they are supposed to be served and make a big deal about anyone who bucks their tradition. Too bad for THEM. If you like the flavor of a heavy red wine served chilled, there's your answer.9. What is and how serious is a heart catheter?Darci, Heart catheterizations are done daily and safely in hospitals and Out-patient clinics. Before you have a heart cath your cardiologist will discuss the risks before he has you sign a consent form. Basically the really bad things that could happen are death, nerve damage to extremity that the catheter was put into,stroke, dissection of the artery, thrombus, embolus. The not so bad stuff are bleeding and hematoma at the site the catheter was put into. Sometimes the patient does not tolerate the medicines to help relax them and they experience nausea and vomiting (hardly ever happens). Mild to serious allergic reaction to iodine (if you know you have an iodine allergy tell your Cardiologist and he will start you on a few steroids prior to the exam). The procedure is mildly uncomfortable (lying on hard table in cold room). Occasionally patients complain of mild chest pain (only lasts for a moment). Sometimes discomfort during post recovery..lying on back for 5 to 6 hours. A heart cath is done by putting a long tube (catheter) into the femoral or radial artery. Each coronary artery originates at the very begining of the Aorta. The catheter is placed in the openings of the right and left coronary arteries (one at a time), x-ray contrast (dye) is injected and x-rays are taken. The dye fills the arteries and the doctor can see if there are any narrow spots, or complete blockages in the system. A picture is also taken of the pumping chamber (ventricle) by placing a catheter into it and injecting a large amount of dye at one time (usually about 24 to 36 cc). This allows the doctor to see the outline of the heart as it pumps and he can tell how well your heart is pumping blood throughout your body. Heart caths have become a very routine procedure. Not much to worry about during the case. Some patients are anxious about what the cardiologist finds. It is not a difficult procedure that takes the staff about 20 minutes to get your set-up and ready and about 15 to 25 minutes for the doctor to do the heart cath. I hope this helps.
Henri Van Breda Questioned in an Ice Cold Room Wearing Only His Underpants, Court Hears
Henri Van Breda Questioned in an Ice Cold Room Wearing Only His Underpants, Court Hears
Cape Town - Henri van Breda was questioned in an ice cold room wearing only his underpants and was not told his rights, he alleged in his plea explanation in the Western Cape High Court on Monday.He pleaded not guilty to axing his parents and brother to death, seriously injuring his sister and defeating the ends of justice.Van Breda, 22, alleges an intruder wearing a balaclava, gloves and dark clothes was behind the attack and that he had heard other voices of people speaking Afrikaans in their home in the De Zalze Estate in Stellenbosch that morning in 2015.He said he had pursued the suspect who had axed his family, but that the man had escaped.He claimed he had tried to phone the emergency services after the intruder fled, but didn’t know the number.He tried to phone his then girlfriend, but was unable to reach her too.“I also tried to Google the emergency number on my phone,” he said.He ascended the stairs after hearing his brother Rudi in the bedroom and as he went toward the second floor he saw his sister Marli moving on the landing.“The last thing I recall seeing is Marli and my mom. I then lost consciousness. I am unsure whether this was due to shock or to the injuries that I sustained when I fell down the stairs [while pursuing the suspect earlier] or a combination of both.” Henri claimed to have gained consciousness later when it was already light outside.He was still disorientated, but saw Marli moving, he said. Rudi was also still making what sounded like gurgling sounds in the room, he alleged.“I also recall seeing blood on the vertical side of one of the stairs where I had lain. I assume that this must have been my own blood,” he said in his plea explanation, read by his advocate Pieter Botha.His phone was lying at the bottom of the stairs and he picked it up to phone an ambulance.“I looked at the emergency numbers on the fridge door, but they did not appear to me to be of any assistance.”He found an emergency number on his cellphone and dialled it. He said he was not sure how many times he tried calling it, but the State had provided him with his cellphone records and it appeared he had tried calling the number twice, both times “unsuccessfully”.‘Panicked’He tried again from the cordless phone. He claimed to have panicked and lit a cigarette in the kitchen to remain calm so that he could communicate better with the operator, to whom he got through.South Africans in the past had difficulty understanding his Australian accent and he has a stutter at times which worsens when he is under stress, Henri said. He also has a “tendency to mumble”.He tried to speak calmly and clearly, but “struggled for a very long time to get the operator to send an ambulance”.He again tried to call his girlfriend and she didn’t answer, and outside the house also asked a person to get help.Henri said once the first police officers arrived on the scene, he told them to go upstairs.“Once they arrived the adrenaline and the feeling that I should be doing something to help started to dissipate and I could feel myself going into shock.”His stab wounds were dressed by an ambulance crew.“At some stage the police took my grey sleeping pants and white socks that I was wearing, leaving me dressed only in boxer shorts,” he said.He was led to a police vehicle by two officers and told he was being taken for medical attention, he said.“They enquired about the race of my attackers. I replied that I only saw one and that I think that the one I saw was black.“I overheard them saying that Marli had been administered a drug that makes her ‘wide awake and telling us everything’. I enquired about my family members, but they refused to provide me with any details.”At the police station, one of the officers collected a plastic bag and documents before taking him to a doctor, who filled out a J88 form which noted his injuries. “At one point, one of the officers asked the doctor in Afrikaans if it would be possible to say if my wounds were self-inflicted. I cannot recall which one of them asked the question. The doctor replied in Afrikaans that she ‘sal sien wat ons kan doen’ [will see what they can do].”Only in underpantsHe said he was then taken to the detectives’ offices where he was “made to wait in a communal office with officers coming and going dressed only in my underpants”.He was given cigarettes and a bottle of Coke, while an officer returned with food and drinks for the rest of them, Henri said in his plea agreement.“They then moved me to another office, which had the air-conditioning turned down to make the room ice cold. I was visibly shivering from the cold.“After waiting in this office with police officers around for a while, a large man arrived, whom I later learned was Colonel Beneke. [He] came in, poured himself a Coke and without introduction, told me that he ‘does not believe a word of [my] bullshit story’.”At Beneke’s request, Henri said he repeated to him what had happened a number of times and repeatedly inquired about his family but “was denied any information”.Beneke ostensibly said that Marli was “telling them everything” and asked if his version would be the same as hers. Henri said yes.He said he was again asked what had happened before another officer was told to take his statement and type it, saying he could leave once it was signed.“I waited in a tiny office with a computer and printer for the officer to type up what he either had written down earlier or what he recalled from memory.“By the time that the statement was being typed up, I was extremely exhausted due to the fact that I had not slept for a long period of time. I was also still in shock. The last time I had anything to eat was the previous evening.”At that stage, he just “wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible”.‘Some inaccuracies’“Although my statement was not correct in all aspects, I did not want to sit around correcting the officers and reliving the trauma of the night before with another retelling of what had happened.“Although the gist of what was written down is correct, the statement does contain some inaccuracies and also does not contain all of the detailed information that I conveyed to the officers.“It also contains a number of grammatical errors, probably due to the fact that the statement is a paraphrased version by an Afrikaans speaking officer.”He said he was at no stage told that he had the right to remain silent or to legal representation.“Had I realised at the time that the police would be using the statement as evidence against me, I would most certainly have asked for an opportunity to consult with a legal representative.“Although I have nothing to hide and would probably have provided them with my version I would have been able to provide a far more accurate and comprehensive version than the one obtained in the statement.”He said he was “severely prejudiced” by police who are now “holding me to each and every word contained in a statement that was taken from me”.EmotionalThe first officer at the scene, Sergeant Adrian Kleynhans, also testified on the first day of the trial, saying Henri had been emotional, but not crying when he arrived at the scene that morning.When he pulled up outside the Goske Street house, Henri came out through the front door in his underwear.Kleynhans said he smelt alcohol on his breath.The officer testified that besides the bloody axe on the stairs, the ground floor appeared fine, with valuables, such as a handbag and laptop, all in place.The weapon was the first sign of something being wrong, Kleynhans told the court. When he ascended the stairs, he found Marli and Teresa.He phoned for help when Marli's arm and leg moved and he realised she was still alive.He took cellphone photos of the scene before allowing paramedics to work on Marli. While taking the photos, he saw Rudi and Martin’s bodies in the room.The sergeant said when he walked through the family’s house, he saw the kitchen door was ajar and the windows were slightly open. There was no sign of forced entry, he said.There was also a paper with emergency numbers stuck to the fridge, near where cigarettes butts had been killed on the kitchen floor, Kleynhans said.An in loco inspection will take place at De Zalze on Tuesday.
Byline: Sarah Scott ANORTH East man who left his disabled sister to die in their freezing and filthy home has been jailed. John Barrass was meant to be caring for his sister Cynthia, who suffered diabetes and learning difficulties. But after she suffered a stroke or fall, Barrass, 55, left her to rot on the floor of her dirty and ice-cold room. Newcastle Crown Court heard how one emergency care worker was moved to tears by Cynthia's plight after Barrass, of Central Avenue, North Shields, eventually called 999. Cynthia, 58, was left to ebb away in her own excrement, wearing only a thin nightdress as she lay on the floor for more than two weeks. Shocked paramedics - working by torchlight and using face masks to combat the overpowering smell inside the house - found Cynthia barely conscious and infected with sores, lice, and gangrene. She was suffering such severe hypothermia that she died just hours later in intensive care. Barrass was given a prison sentence of two years and eight months after he admitted manslaughter. Judge John Milford said there had been "no warmth" in the relationship and added: "Cynthia was found in conditions of the utmost squalor. "One recoils from the photographs of the scene and emergency services had to deal with the reality of the situation, which was distressing in the extreme. "Cynthia had fallen about 14 days previously. You had provided food to her and so must have entered her room every day but that was the only care you gave her save for repositioning her TV set." Judge Milford said he accepted Barrass's own past had made a "significant impact" on his culpability. But he told him: "The court must not confine itself just to the fact of the death but also take into account the suffering of the deceased leading to her death. "For two weeks she lay in her own excrement in very cold conditions before finally lapsing into unconsciousness." A 'serious case review' involving police and care agencies was launched after Cynthia was found on February 9. Barrass seemed a dedicated carer to his friends, the court heard, but none of them were ever invited to his home or realised the scenes that lay hidden behind the front door. Robert Smith QC, defending, said the explanation for Barrass' behaviour lay in a "grossly dysfunctional" family background. Det Chief Insp Steve Binks, who led the investigation, said: "The sentence handed out today shows the depth of the failing by the person she was closest to and should have been able to rely on." CAPTION(S): SCENE A police forensics team at the house on Central Avenue in North Shields where Cynthia Barrass died
Do You Like Your Fruit Cold Or Room Temperature?
Do You Like Your Fruit Cold Or Room Temperature?
I like mine room temperature,1. Do you like to sleep in a cold room/hot room/or room temperature room?Me to.... join me in some cold feet battles under the blankies2. Soft Drink Survey: Do you like it Ice Cold or Room Temperature?1. Ice Cold. 2. There's a difference? 3. Root Beer Float. 4. Regular. 5. Occasionally. 6. Plastic Bottles. 7. 3 days ago, we had some V8. 8. Yes. 9. Wal-Mart. 10. Hmmm... We guess so. 11. Pineapple, Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Root Beer. 12. Soft Drinks during the day, but beer in the evening to relax and unwind.3. conversion from dry cold room environment to a more humid one?There are many options but some depend on the type of heating system that you have... Electric baseboard heat- you will have to buy a small humidifier and make sure you buy some extra filters- "hard" water clogs the filter rather quickly. Radiator heat- you can buy a humidifier, drape a wet towel on the radiator. Forced air heat- You can have an automatic humidifier added to the furnace which pours water over a filter while the heated blown air passes through it and this allows the whole house to have added moisture. This also has a filter- see above If you want, a bowl of water place in areas around the house where there is no danger will help. Keep windows closed while taking a hot shower... this will add moisture to the house. Make sure that your windows are not drafty- air leaks out of the house will pull moisture out as well... condensation around windows may be an indication of leaky windows. Good luck4. Do you burn more calories in a cold room?Not if you layer up :)5. Looking for cold or room temp finger food 'bout cheese and crackers? add a lil summer sausage...good to go!6. Survey Do you prefer cold or room temperature water..:?!?I am totally with you Tan! I like it to be as cold as possible, it's more refreshing that way! I do not know what to think about the plastic bottles. I just usually drink out of a nalgene, so I guess I am alright. assuming you mean those disposable plastics.7. Drink water cold or a room temp??No difference at all. Your body will bring it to room temp8. Is homemade cranberry sauce normally served warm, cold or at room temperature?i have always had it cold9. does soda go flat faster when cold or at room temp?Proofing works for yeast dough yet no longer for cookies. Baking soda or baking powder works quick sufficient in case your recipe is formulated properly. It likely is that if it got here from the save. I advise you bake your cookies on parchment paper. It keeps them from spreading to a lot and also you do not might want to oil the cookie sheet. A small sized ice cream scoop, refrigerated dough, perfect temperature, and parchment paper is the answer. savor.10. Do you serve cranberry sauce hot, cold, or room temp?we eat it either chilled or at room temp... either is fine. I think if it's hot it may liquefy..which would be gross! :)11. POLL: Ice Cold or Room Temperature water?Ice cold! Room temp water makes me gag...I do not know why12. Do you give your baby juice cold or room temperature....?I started giving my baby cold juice at 10 months old...but i did it gradually13. Is absinthe served cold, or at room temperature?Oh, no! Do not set the sugar on fire unless you mistakenly purchased crappy Czeck absinth (spelled with no 'e'). Otherwise, Lauren's description is mostly accurate. Use ice-cold water, which will warm to room temperature as you drink. Drizzle the water onto the sugar cube very slowly and watch the solution get cloudy (louche) starting at the bottom. When the cloudiness reaches the top surface, you've added enough. (Do not drink it neat or on the rocks, or you will miss most of the complex favors.) Add more or less sugar to taste. This question is from many years ago, and there are now many very good websites with a wealth of information on purchasing and preparing absinthe.
Is It Bad to Store a Lap Top in a Cold Room?
Is It Bad to Store a Lap Top in a Cold Room?
If your room was below freezing yes. It pretty much would short circuit itself. Otherwise its fine lol. I have that same problem with the heat and my room is not freezing enough to do that if my heaters off :)1. cold or room temp?Cold usually. Try it with Red Bull!!2. Can a cold room ruin an erection?yes it possible. if your uncomfortable. it could cause you to loose your erection. after all its an emotional thing3. a cold room @ a high humidity feels less chilly than a dry room with the same temperature.why?why?4. i need a breakfast snack to serve cold or room temp?icecream on pancakes5. Drink water cold or a room temp??i remember reading somewhere that drinking chilled water does burn a few calories, because your body has to heat it to body temperature before it can metabolise it. therefore, the colder the water, the more energy used. in reality it's probably only a handful of calories each time you drink it, but hey, every bit helps, right?6. Do you prefer the water you drink to be ice cold, room temp or warm? Why?ice cold..just like my pop..or any other cold drink makes the drink more refreshing and crisp...brings the flavor to life.. gez..i sound like a commercial..lol7. If I let unopened beer go from cold to room temp,will it kill the flavor?No beer will not go bad if it warms up, but that horse piss you are drinking will. Little known fact, did you know that the Budweiser Clydesdale's are also its factory8. What causes people to go to sleep in cold room?In a cold atmosphere your metabolism slows down along with you heart beat rate hence the blood circulation in your body slows down too. This causes laziness and you feel sleepy. It is the exact opposite of what would happen if you were working out. While exercising you heartbeat rate increases, blood circulation is faster and you feel more peped up9. i can only reach orgasm if i go fast and freezing cold in the room with a fan directly on me?sounds like your into necrophilia, try dipping your girlfirend in an ice bath after you get her really drunk10. Is absinthe served cold, or at room temperature?I always take a spoon with holes in it and place it over a glass. Put a couple sugar cubes on the spoon and pour the absinthe (room temp) over the sugar cubes and into the glass. Then light the sugar cubes on fire and wait for them to go out on their own. Then pour water over the melted sugar cubes in the glass. Stir the sugar, water, and absinthe together and enjoy!11. Do computers freeze up when in a very cold room?No. Electronics often overheat. Computer designers spend a lot of time and effort trying to keep computer chips cool. Low temperatures are good12. Do you like your fruit cold or at room temp?Apples, bananas, oranges = Best room temp. Bananas make excellent deserts when they are frozen like a Popsicle. Berries, pineapple, grapefruit = chilled.13. Do ya like ur fruit to be cold or room temperature?its depend on the fruit cause some fruits taste better in room temp like the one that grow in tropical areas ; orange,bananas,durians,guavas and some fruits are better when cold such fruit in mediterranean areas like grape, strawberries14. Do you like to sleep in a cold room/hot room/or room temperature room?Cold room, it makes it nicer when you wake up in the morning and you are really warm underneath your blankets!!!15. When drinking red wine (Merlot), is it better to drink it cold or room temperature?Try it both ways and decide which you like best. This is all about enjoying what tastes good to you, not to some wine snob16. Why does metal always feel cold at room temperature?Metals have a high thermal conductance.Your skin is warmer than room temperature; when you touch a metal at the ambient temperature, heat flows from your skin to the metal through thermal conductance.Because the metal is very good at transferring the heat away from the spot where you touch it, the metal in that area does not heat up, making it feel cold to the touch
The Best Hotels in Old Montreal
The Best Hotels in Old Montreal
This story was written in collaboration with Forbes Finds. Forbes Finds covers products and experiences we think you'll love. Featured products are independently selected and linked to for your convenience. If you buy something using a link on this page, Forbes may receive a small share of that sale.Founded by French settlers in 1642, Vieux-Montréal (Old Montreal), with its cobblestone streets and old port, is the most popular area to stay in the city. As a result, the district has the highest concentration of hotels, ranging from luxury and boutique to budget.Here are the best hotels in Old Montreal.Auberge du Vieux-Port Overlooking the St Lawrence River, Auberge de Vieux-Port is one of Old Montreal's most beloved hotels. It is a convenient home base for those looking to explore the city's waterfront and historic sites. A former warehouse, Auberge de Vieux-Port remains faithful to its 19th-century architecture with original wooden beams and pine floors. Guest rooms are cozy but modern, featuring exposed brick or stone walls, hardwood floors and a well-considered line of high-quality amenities, including rainfall showers, flat-screen televisions, iPod docking stations and complimentary Wi-Fi access. Best of all, the hotel hastremendous views. Of the 45 luxury rooms more than half lookout over Rue de La Commune and the Old Port, while the others have views of Rue Saint-Paul.Old Montreal's thriving food scene surrounds the hotel,andAuberge de Vieux-Port's own Taverne Gaspar is very popular with the guests. It features a gastropub-inspired menu and unbeatable views of the St. Lawrence River.Book NowLe Petit HôtelLe Petit Hotel is housed in two connecting 19th-century buildings located in the heart of Old Montreal, just minutes from the Old Port and within walking distance of the city center. A modern boutique property with a European vibe, Le Petit Hôtel givesguests access to all the action and the perks of a private retreat. The lobby reception area is open and inviting, and the perfect place to sit and have a cup of coffee while planning your day.Book NowHotel William GrayThe two 18th-century buildings that are now Hotel William Graywere were once a merchant's house and a warehouse. While the historic exterior architecture has been retained, the interiorreceived a modern upgrade, including contemporary art from local artists and carefully chosen furnishings in the public areas and the 127 rooms. The hotel also has one of the best spas in the city, offering unique treatments using a warm quartz massage bed, a Himalayan salt room, a Finnish sauna, a steam room, experiential showers, cold room, herbal sauna and an outdoor pool.Book NowHotel GaultOncean 18th-century carpet factory, this hotel is located in the heart of Old Montreal. It features exposed brick and stone walls outside but is chic and contemporary, offering all the modern conveniences, on the inside. Hotel Gault's 30 lofts, suites and apartments all have large French windows and are individually designed with classic 20th-century pieces. The Gault Restaurant serves breakfast, brunch and lunch, and meals can also be served in the lounge or by the fireplace in the library.Book NowHotel Le St-JamesHoused ina former 19th-centuryMerchant's Bank, Hotel Le St-James has an impressive facade and the inside is charming too with ornate moldings anduniqueartworks. The 61 rooms and suites feature wood furnishings, Italian marble and original paintings. The hotel's spa offers candlelit massages,greatfacials and a selection of other top treatments. Destination restaurant, XO Le Restaurant is inside the spectacular former banker's hall headed byÉric Gonzalez (formerly of L'Atelier Joel Robuchon).Book NowLHotelThis lovely boutique hotel has 56 eclectic rooms, all of which are decorated in a chic, contemporary style, with suites overlooking the neighborhood's cobblestone streets. LHotel is close to the main attractions like Notre-Dame Basilica and the newly opened Underground City and museum. The Botero Wine Bar, LHotel's on-site watering hole, is popular with guests and locals.Book NowHotelPlace D'ArmesHotel Place D'Armes is located on one of Montreal's prettiest squares, across from the Notre-Dame Basilica. Housed in four striking 19th-century neoclassical buildings, the hotel also steps away from the Old Port. The 169 elegant rooms feature original brick walls and hardwood floors. A freestanding soak tub and rain showers are excellent features. For dining, Brasserie 701 is a local favorite, as is the rooftop terrace, while its new Japanese tavern, Kyo Bar Japonais, offers an izakaya-inspired menu andmore than 25 types of sake. The hotel's spa provides uniquely designed facial and massage therapies as well as a hammam.Book Now
The Brisbane Home That Failed to Sell Despite a $3.11 Million Bid
The Brisbane Home That Failed to Sell Despite a $3.11 Million Bid
Exquisite, expansive and expensive. A $3.11 million auction bid was not enough for the vendor at this Brookfield home.Source:SuppliedTHE bidders were happy to throw millions to secure this Brookfield property, but it was not enough for the vendor to let it go. The conditions seemed to be right for 9 Royston St to sell at auction yesterday.It had a lot of interest from wealthy bidders due to the sweeping views, size at 1.02 ha and the highend minimalist designed home by architect Tim Ditchfield that was unlike anything else in the area.The designer home is just four years old.Source:SuppliedThe home had everything from a butler pantry with a walk in cold room, an elevated pool on the top floor that overlooked the mountains, and a wine cellar.Want to have a swim and enjoy the elevated views? No problem, the house has a pool on the top floor.Source:SuppliedAnd all that in an area that is just 20 minutes to the city.It is not often a wine cellar comes with a view.Source:SuppliedBut despite the bidding jumping to $3.11 million, the price was still too low for the vendor and the auction was passed in.Agent Douglas Tonkin said there had already been several offers made for the home and people from throughout Queensland and Australia had been through its doors to take a look in person."Most people that come through to look at this property they are CEOs COOs, business people and the like, people that know the value," Mr Tonkin said."We always reiterated that this is a stand-alone home, that you are not going to say anything like this in Brookfield."Negotiations were continuing with a number of people still interested in the property.Originally published asExpansive highend home fizzles at auction
Is It Just Me Or Does VitaminWater Taste Better Not Cold, but at Room Temperature?
Is It Just Me Or Does VitaminWater Taste Better Not Cold, but at Room Temperature?
It actually taste better to me if it's cold1. Survey Do you prefer cold or room temperature water..:?!?When its hot give them cold water so they can drop their internal temp. down. Otherwise just give the cat water from your tap. The cat does not have a preference as long as its wet. lol They do love milk and the drained water from a can of tuna is a nice treat too2. Why does beer seem to taste worse when it has gone from cold to room temperature back to cold?because it gets messed up drink one for rex3. Do you like your bottled water cold or at room temp?well duh! Until I saw these answers I just assumed that EVERYONE liked it cold, except maybe people with sensitive (read bad) teeth... And yes, the body does have to work to warm up the cold water, so one does "burn" calories---you are likely aware that a calorie is a unit of heat, I am sure. I even like cold coffee.4. When making hamburger patties, is the meat supposed to be cold or room temperature?Cold is fine they stay together easier when cold. Also, do not tightly pat down your patty. You want it a little loose so they will be juicier.5. What happens if I sleep in a cold room?is that not what I told you to do a few weeks ago. Eskimos do it.6. Which wines should be drank cold or room temp.??White wines and champagne are best cold. While some prefer red wines at room temperature, if you are in a warm climate or the environment is warm, the reds often taste best with a slight chill7. Do you drink red wine cold or at room temperature?somewhere in between. coolish like around 60 degrees8. How do I keep my cat warm in a cold room?I would talk to the person you are getting her from. A cat that old is set in a routine. You would not want her to become ill or depressed. Do not take her and then have to give her up. Why can not the A/C be repaired? Why do you live in a basement apt.? Could you move? Why do not you live up? Is it like a three plex? I do not know why I am asking you all these questions. You do not have to tell me. But I keep thinking of a damp, cold basement apartment and the poor cat living there. It is your choice but not the cats. I just read your added details about the house. If the cat will only be sleeping with you, that's not too bad. She will just snuggle up with you and keep warm. If she is going to have the run of the house she might not want to sleep with you..........Good Luck To You and your new roommate........9. Can my employer make me breast pump in a freezing cold room?Yeah, their responsibility ends at providing you with space that is not a bathroom. Have you asked to use the office? Have you told them that the space they provided is too cold? This may be a non-issue as they may just happily allow you the other space or turn up the heat.10. How do you safely bring ingredients normally stored cold to room temperature?Eggs are actually pretty safe to leave at room temperature anyway; supermarkets do not bother refrigerating them, and you can be damn sure they are not going to risk losing any money through spoilage. I keep mine in a ceramic bowl on the counter top.In general, simply take the required ingredient out of the fridge a couple of hours before use, keep it away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight.11. can you die from sleeping in a cold room?There are no known health benefits from being subjected to cold temperatures. Hypothermia can kill. You die in your sleep. So I recommend you start using your brain12. Do you like your drinking water Cold, or Room Temperature?cold... but a friend of mine drinks his hot. I think it's weird, but he says it helps with digestion
Do You Like Your Oranges Cold Or Room Temperature?
Do You Like Your Oranges Cold Or Room Temperature?
I like em cold too!1. Making Hot and Cold room at the same time with Peltier stackI would agree with Mark, that you are wanting to achieve a bit much of a swing in temperature from ambient.Assuming ambient is around 23C - then for any kind of efficiency your probably restricted to around 80-85C as seem most commonly in a number of cheap and more expensive cool box / peltier fridge devices.How big are the chambers?The main issue will be temperature control as each chamber will directly effect the other, on different days and with different ambient it will be impossible to control the temperature of both accurately with such a setup. So if the application is critical I would say it will not work.I have tried a similar setup with two columns of water, not as a fixed setup but as an experiment for testing some peltier devices, and controlling the hot side temperature we had significant (in our application) variation on the cold side temperatures day-to-day based on small fluctuation in ambient temps.-40C is not going to be easy to achieve with such a setup either.2. Do computers freeze up when in a very cold room?Well yes in a way, though not adversly. The primary material used for chips in computers is silicon. Silicon has a faster transfer rate the lower the temperature is. What really freezes up your computer is getting hot, so cool it down as much as you want.3. Why does metal always feel cold at room temperature?Metals have a high thermal conductance.Your skin is warmer than room temperature; when you touch a metal at the ambient temperature, heat flows from your skin to the metal through thermal conductance.Because the metal is very good at transferring the heat away from the spot where you touch it, the metal in that area does not heat up, making it feel cold to the touch4. Is it bad to store a lap top in a cold room?If your room was below freezing yes. It pretty much would short circuit itself. Otherwise its fine lol. I have that same problem with the heat and my room is not freezing enough to do that if my heaters off :)5. Do you prefer your water ice cold or room temp?Room temp unless the weather is extremely hot then I like it cold6. What do you get from being exposed to cold room temperature, like everyday?other than maybe stiff and sore, really not anything. most have said that the wives tale of going out in the cold without a coat will make you sick it wont. only way you would get sick is to get the germs. if you are talking about air conditioning , you could get sick from the recirculated air that would have germs in it from your co-workers7. Can sausage rolls be eaten cold or at room temp?I am a person that likes cold foods such as the sausage so it would not be a problem with me. I even like cold pizza that has been left over from the day before. Give the sausage a try before your trip to see it you like it.8. Is it better to serve chardonnay cold or at room temperature?Do not serve too cold. Serve just slightly chilled to bring out more of the flavors and aromas9. Sore Thoart from sleeping in a cold room?It is most likely allergies. Take some claritin and gargle with salt water10. Do you prefer the water you drink to be ice cold, room temp or warm? Why?Ice Cold becaue it takes my thirst way!!! That thirst rober it!!!!! lol (I am Hyper!!!!!)11. Do ya like ur fruit to be cold or room temperature?i never eat them cold12. is it ok to leave my laptop in a cold room?Its to no longer chilly that it could wreck something, and if something your followers and cooling could could desire to artwork much less which means they could final longer, additionally, cooler aspects normally final longer. no longer something could desire to be harmed although13. What are some foods that are served cold or at room temperature that would be good at a party?Spanish tortilla
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