No, but one way you can curl it, and i know it sounds weird, but rub mayonaise in it, and then blow dry it out, and then its curly for about a week, no matter how much you wash it or if it gets wet or anything. Like i said, i know its weird, and nobody ever believes it, but it really does work, and then after you do it dont wash it for an hour or so, so it has time to really get the effects


1. I'm African-American, will i have hair weave in Heaven or an Afro?

Jesus's glorified body after resurrection included the holes in his hands, as Thomas was able to verify. So you are getting a new body, same as your old body, pretty much

2. Can I wash curly synthentic hair weave often? (Black Hair)?

ya just dont wash it everyday only like 2wice a week i have the same hair no its not hurting anything use weave hairspray and itll be fine


3. I want to start a business selling hair weave and hair products. Where can you buy hair weave for businesses?

Selling Hair Products

4. Does anyone know where I can order online Urban Beauty Hair Weave?

I have it in now. I dyed it a week ago for my birthday and it tangles like crazy. It still feels great but the tangling is just too much for me

5. I need more advice on how to sew in a hair weave!!!!Please?

The direction of the braids should be in uniformity (in the same direction). However the smaller the braids the smoother your style will look. Always leave hair out around the perimeter of your head to give it a more natural look. No matter how you braid your hair, if your hair is long enough to hang down be sure to sew it back up to the anchor braid. The most popular way to braid your hair for weaving is straight back . ***Make sure that the texture and color match so that you have the perfect blend. There is nothing worse than someone having really curly hair and then they decide that they should add super straight hair, it makes the weave so detectable

6. What is the best brand of hair weave for African American hair? One that doesn't get as frizzy and tangled.?

She didnt even answer the question... Weave as in hair extensions lol... CLEARLY she is talking hair color... WELL. I would have to vouch for idol brand. The price is fair but it doesnt shed and can be used twice, or three times depending on maintenance

7. I'm black with long hair, NOT weave, and I want to get rid of my perm.?

Yes but not all at once. Some women transition, cut out the perm a little at a time. Im doing the exact same thing as you. Im waiting for my hair to reach my waist before I go natural because I want to do a long transition. The longest I've heard of someone transitioning is two years. You said you have long hair so Im assuming you already know how to take care of your hair. Remember though, when your new growth, virgin hair, grows in, the point were the natural hair meets the relaxed is called demarcation. Your going to experience a lot of breakage along the demarcation point. Which is natural but if you take care of it you can slow it down significantly. good luck.

8. Is Milky Way Virgin Saga hair weave for african americans worth the money?

My hair dresser does not like that one. We've been all using the brand Capelli. ..or per weft. It would last longer than three months if we kept it in. We could even re use it. It comes in different textures. I always get the silky straight 'cause I feel like it's my hair I BOUGHT IT. She my friend gets a yaki or something like that and hers is bomb too. There's one i saw the other day called black diamond I think that is synthetic but you can use a curling iron in it. The indian hair is supposively bad my hair dresser took her's out in 3 days. She paid to have it DONE! Hope this helps ya!.

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Is There a Risk When You Get a Hair Weave for Black People?
Race is so beside the point in this query considering that britney spears and paris hilton game weave more than any individual i do know! I DO know that all of it relies on the nice of the weave, acrylic sucks you fairly cant do so much with it, but the indian hair is very steeply-priced however you are able to do way more with it, like wash your hair, blow dry it and even use a curling iron. Additionally they have "dry" shampoo its a powder you put on the hair and shake it off it absorbs oil and odor1. What type of hair to buy for asian hair weave?Sally's beauty salon would be able to head your in the right direction2. Where to buy online hair weave lot and synthetic ponytails lot?beauty supply3. sew in hair weave coming undone?Baby girl, sorry to say that your hair stylist jacked you up! I have heard it being done vertically and it does look good if done right. Which yours is not. The braids are not small enough and you do not have enough tracks in your head. What you need to do is go to a trained professional and ask to see her work or something so she can hook you up! If you want you can just take your weave out but be careful so you can reuse your hair. Get your hair rebraided, but much smaller. Then have someone you know attach the tracks to your braids. There is alot of good info. check it out! First go back to your stylist and tell her that you are unhappy with your style. Tell her what you now know, that you did not know before.4. Hair Weave questions and help ?HAIR WEAVES & BRAIDS: Some hairstyles, including tight braids and weaves, may increase the risk of developing an irreversible form of scarring hair loss, according to a new study in the Archives of Dermatology. Seen predominately in African-American women, this type of hair loss, central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, centers on the vertex (crown) of the scalp and spreads peripherally. "Any style that causes too much tension and traction on the hair, such as braiding with artificial hair weaved in, can possibly lead to scarring hair loss," says study author Angela Kyei, MD, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. In the study, 326 African-American women answered questionnaires about their hair-grooming methods, health status, and other demographic information. Dermatologists then performed a scalp examination to grade hair loss. Nearly 60% of the women showed signs of advanced central hair loss with scarring. The women were also more likely to have type 2 diabetes and bacterial scalp infections, and sport hair styles associated with traction, including braids and weaves, the study showed. "But hair loss is permanent, meaning that we can inject steroids or creams but it wo not bring your hair back, so it's very important to seek help with dermatologists early on," she says. One example who just got a weave: "okay , i got it done exactly a week ago . it was ripple deep curls . now , it's A MESS . no curls at ALL . and then i have school tomorrow , how can i fix it and make the curls come back ?" Watch: Natural Hair Versus Relaxed Hair Debate Discussed On The Dr. Drew Life Changers Show Google: "Why Viola Davis Ditched the Wig at the Oscars" Watch: Good Hair - Documentary by Chris Rock 2009. or Tyra Banks What is Good Hair. Black women spend 80% of all hair products. She's got good advice! Amber Rose is another example, who used to wear WEAVED styles now she's a bald but beautiful model.5. dying my hair? weave? help!?1) It depends on who does the "weave," and what type of style you will get. Also, consider the type of extensions you will be using. 2) Once again it depends on who does it. Most of the time it does not hurt. 3) About 3-4 months, or how quickly your hair grows, if your braids underneath become loose do to hair growth. 4) Yes you can dye it, just avoid using black hair because you would have to bleach it and then dye it. 5) Yes you can wash it but just make sure that you dry your entire head to avoid fungus growth. 6) No it does not damage your natural hair because it is braided, but make sure that the braids are not too tight or this will lead to some of your hair coming out. 7) Go for it, Just make sure that you will like your hair that long. P.S. you can always get it trimmed and shaped up!!!! Good Luck Also Do not dye your real hair until after you get your weave unless you will have some of your hair out
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