Desk with Hidden Space Underneath

You need a garage or a basement. grinOne traditional approach would be a roll top desk. Also called a 'tambour door' This might be unwieldy for the large desk you describe, and would look odd if done for only a section.Another approach would be to have a work tray that you brought in when you wanted it from some other part of the house. Contents would vary. A recessed top will be the wrong height for working. Desktops meant for writing are already marginal for hand work at close visual distances. Most work benches in labs are 36" high, with users perched on stools or standing. If you are a serious electron pusher you will have a bunch of stuff that does not fit in a drawer. Power supplies, test instrument. Partially disassembled stuff. Closing up over a hot soldering iron could make your open concept house a lot more open.I have seen "Computer Armoires" where you open two doors, and a shelf slides out far enough that your knees do not hit the lower shelves, but even this, I think, would be cramped. In a previous life as a system administrator, I had two ikea storage shelves open on both sides. One shelf on was at 40 inches, and I had a solid core door on it. So I had a 3 x 7 table (public building door) and 2 18" x 36" shelving units. This was none too big. You may want to revisit the whole idea, and review all the projects you have done, or want to do, and see how they shoehorn into that space.In passing: I think you will get pushback about working on things while visiting. If they are seriously interested, invite them to your shop. If not, pay attention to them for a while, then make your excuses and leave. I know I get irritated even if people surf on their phone while I am visiting

Desk with Hidden Space Underneath 1

1. Good gift Idea for you Boss?

A nice silk Tie (non christmas themed) Gift Vouchers Desk toys/Desk stationery (fun stuff) 2007 Calendar Bottle of Good Wine/Whisky/Spirits Get out of Jail free card (okay, might not be able to buy this but it would be funny if he's a criminal attorney)

2. 50 things to do before i graduate high school?

put a frog in teachers desk?????

Desk with Hidden Space Underneath 2

3. Student Desk: questions to ask client?

I am a bit confused as to WHO is the client, and I do not always agree with Cheezy, but in this case he made valid points. I think "Interesting" is thye worng way to approach it however. More importantly, as Cheezy points out is FUNCTIONALITY. I can lay a flush door on milk crates and create a desk, obviously not very aesthetic, and probably would need modification to be suitable, but I might not need a Louis XIV piece of furniture. Steven Wolf Just my 2 "sense"

4. Is 84 Degrees Celsius too hot for Core?

That's 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit..Common for a lappy try to keep it off carpet floor and off bedspread. Try to keep air space under it get a cooling tray of use it on a table of desk. Try to get some compressed air and blow it out by removing the covers under the laptop and blow the access bays out.

5. Should I escuse myself from my desk?

If you are able to ask this question while in a fit of sneezing, then you are fit enough to work. Stop slacking

6. Have you ever fallen asleep at your desk ?

i fell asleep teaching once. i had jetlag, had gotten back the day before and while students were explaining something about their work, even though i was interested i kept having the lids slipping. they were understanding though

7. Desk Organizing Help?

It's pretty hard to tell you how to organize your desk when we do not know WHAT you need to organize. Do you have tons of CDs that need storage? Papers? Computer games? Knick knacks? Anyway, start by going through everything and tossing out anything that you do not need. Then sort things into categories, such as pens and pencils, games, music, school work, magazines, etc. Pens and pencils go in the small drawer -- but test each pen to make sure it works before you put it away. Things like erasers, paper clips, note pads and such also go in the small drawer. The bigger things will need to go into the file drawer and if you can not buy some containers that fit, you will just have to pile things inside and paw through it all when you need to find something. File drawers are not good for much other than filing! It sounds as if the small shelves are made to hold CDs so that's what shoud go there. Try to keep everything neat and tidy and organized by catagory. Good luck!

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