Does Taking Biotin Help Your Hair Grow Longer?

apply vitamin e to fresh washed hair not into the scalp along with regular trims your hair will grow really fast mine, almost three in a month e is cheap tames the frizzies and deep conditions amount will vary from hair type to hair type takes about a month for the growth part to kick in and dont forget the trims, no sense in making it grow if split ends are going to cause hair to break off. never will get any longer that way.

Does Taking Biotin Help Your Hair Grow Longer? 1

1. Nature of Lorentz force: how can the curl of the magnetic force be non-zero?

The force due to the electromagnetic field is only conservative for static fields. Faraday's law states that $

abla times vecE= -partial B/partial t$. Thus, only when the B-field (and E-field) are time independent is the curl of the Lorentz force zero.In fact, for the general case one finds that $$

abla times vecF = - q fracd vecBd t,$$ which I showed in answer to this closely related question.The reason that your treatment above does not betray this problem is that you have not taken into account that whilst the particle moves around in a closed loop, the electric field can change and hence $$ oint qvecE(t) cdot dvecr

eq 0 $$Also note that if the fields are not static then you cannot treat the magnetic and electric parts of the Lorentz force separately since a changing magnetic field is associated with a changing electric field. I would guess then that where you have seen that $F$ is always conservative it refers to static fields and where it says it is non-conservative it refers to the entire Lorentz force in electrodynamics.

2. what do you do if your in the bathtub and you gotta pee?

get out and go to the toilet. eww bathing in pee. All my best (: E-mail me if you want to know anything else (:

Does Taking Biotin Help Your Hair Grow Longer? 2

3. What should I focus on now (guitar question)?

When playing in a certain key, like G major, you will typically want to stay in that key, or you can possibly switch to the relative minor key, which would be E minor. The minor key can be called something else.... E Aeolian. Aeolian is the 6th mode. Playing in Aeolian or in the relative minor scale means you are playing the exact same notes that are in G major, but you are starting on a different note (the 6th note of the scale)... this changes the "root" note of the scale, which in turn will change the interpreted sound coming from your guitar/instrument... even though you are using the same exact notes (Major: G A B C D E F# or, Minor/Aeolian: E F# G A B C D). Try both of those out. They are the same notes, but playing them in the order will give off a different (perceived) tone... Major will be more Happy, and Minor will be more Sad. You can start on any of the notes in the major scale and play in a mode. Say you start with the next note, which is A.... well, now you are in A Dorian. Third note you are in B Phrygian... etc. This is why you heard that it has to do with intervals... because you are just changing the root note, so the intervals change, like if you are heard the Major scale is simply W W H W W 'W' H? Well, if you start on the 6th interval, (the one I put in a 'quote') that's the 6 note of your scale, so if you start and make that the new root note, your interval for the minor scale will be W H W W H W W. So, first thing you will want to learn is the names of all 7 modes and the order they go in. Hey wait, you did not say that you even new the Major/Minor scale yet.... what is up with that? The Major scale is the 'Mother' of all scales. It should be the first one you learn, but so many teachers these days teach the pentatonic scale first. I do not get it. All other scales are based off this one... SO, you will want to start there. Next, you kinda answered your own question. You know 3 of the pentatonic scale box patterns.. well, learn the other 2. And when you start learning the Major/Minor scale, learn all 5 box patterns for that too. As far as your question about the G pentatonic scale and what will go with it, well, if you are playing in one scale, it wo not typically sound very good if you all of a sudden jump to a different key. We use different keys sometimes over a chord progression. For example, you might have chosen G pentatonic scale over a certain chord progression, but another player may have played something completely different. In my experience, the pentatonic scale is usually referred to as a Minor scale. It can be Major, but typically it's minor from whenever I hear people using it. That's because the first position they teach you, is usually played in minor form. So, learn your major scale. Learn the names of the 7 modes in order.... and everything else will typically fall in line after that and make more sense to you. Just also remember that the 6th mode is Aeolian, which is also the minor scale. That also means that your first mode is going to be the Major scale... and that's called Ionian mode.

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