Elements and Equipment

Waterbag - Waterbags (also known as waterballs) are the primary object required for the sport and is comparable to the ball in golf. While any sort of ball capable of floating will work, balls specifically designed for the water are preferred. The primary products tailored to this game on the market are the WaterRipper(link) and Waboba Ball(link) although a tennis ball would work as well.

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Key elements

The main elements of this budget are linked to national security. An additional $1.2 billion was allocated to the Department of National Defence. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Security Intelligence Service also received budget increases, and sums were also allocated to expand the screening of migrants coming to Canada. The Budget also allocated funds for greater airport security, including the instauration of sky Marshals for selected flights. The creation of a new agency responsible for airport protection and passenger safety was announced. This agency would become the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, and would be funded by a special tax on air travel. 646 million dollars was also announced for reinforce border security, including $58 million to enhance the NEXUS program, $107 million to purchase better bomb detection equipment, $135 million to increase government agencies' presence at the border, and $67 million to invest in new technologies for border agents in airports and border crossings. The Budget allocated $2 billion for the creation of the Strategic Infrastructure Fund. It was announced that an independent committee would review grant applications for this fund. 236 million dollars was allocated to the maintenance of veterans' hospitals, and the budget for ecological municipal projects was increased from 125 million to 250 million dollars.

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Elements of the Tate–Shafarevich group

Geometrically, the non-trivial elements of the Tate-Shafarevich group can be thought of as the homogeneous spaces of A that have Kv-rational points for every place v of K, but no K-rational point. Thus, the group measures the extent to which the Hasse principle fails to hold for rational equations with coefficients in the field K. Carl-Erik Lind (1940) gave an example of such a homogeneous space, by showing that the genus 1 curve x4 17 = 2y2 has solutions over the reals and over all p-adic fields, but has no rational points. Ernst S. Selmer (1951) gave many more examples, such as 3x3 4y3 5z3 = 0. The special case of the Tate-Shafarevich group for the finite group scheme consisting of points of some given finite order n of an abelian variety is closely related to the Selmer group.

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Elements of the district

Located at the center of the University of Mississippi campus, the district contains eight academic buildings arranged on University Circle, which encompasses an interior common area dubbed "The Circle," a historic site in the district. The eight buildings include the Lyceum Building, Brevard Hall, the Croft Institute for International Studies (known as the "Y" Building at the time of desegregation and earlier as the "Old Chapel"), and Carrier, Shoemaker, Ventress, Bryant, and Peabody dormitory halls. The district also includes the flagpole in the center of The Circle, the Confederate Monument in The Circle, and University Circle. Lyceum Building342156N 893210W / 34.365494N 89.536037W / 34.365494; -89.536037 (Lyceum Building) In the university's early days, the Lyceum Building was the only academic structure, housing a lecture hall, several classrooms, the faculty offices, a geological museum, and the library. The Lyceum is now used for the university's administration offices. Its columned facade is represented on the official crest of the university, along with the date of establishment. Built in 1848 to the designs of architect William Nichols, the building is the oldest on campus and concurrent with its founding. The Circle342155N 893206W / 34.36533N 89.53498W / 34.36533; -89.53498 (The Circle) The Circle is surrounded by University Circle, a road designed for one-way traffic. The area contains oak and magnolia trees, beds of pansies, and expanses of grass. A metal flagpole stands at the center of the green, serving as a hub for the sidewalk paths through the area. Since the mid-nineteenth century, The Circle has been the focal point and historic core of the Ole Miss campus. Flagpole342155N 893206W / 34.365311N 89.535051W / 34.365311; -89.535051 (Flagpole) The flagpole has stood in the center of The Circle since 1962. Its brick base was constructed in 2000. During the famous desegregation riots, a former Ole Miss football player climbed the pole in an effort to attract rioters' attention and convince them to go home. Confederate Monument342155N 893203W / 34.365284N 89.534085W / 34.365284; -89.534085 (Confederate Monument) Occupying the same position in The Circle since 1906, the Confederate Monument contains a sub-column fashioned in the likeness of a castle, inscribed with the following: "To Our Confederate Dead, 1861-1865, Albert Sidney Johnston Chapter 379 U.D.C." (United Daughters of the Confederacy) and a Confederate soldier looking into the distance and holding a rifle at his side. It is often jokingly referred to by the Ole Miss and Oxford communities as the "second place trophy." University Circle342155N 893202W / 34.365222N 89.533962W / 34.365222; -89.533962 (University Circle) University Circle is a 50 ft (15 m) wide roundabout with outlets between the "Y" Building and Bryant Hall, and on either side of the Lyceum, providing access to other parts of the campus. Brevard Hall342153N 893209W / 34.364677N 89.535968W / 34.364677; -89.535968 (Old Chemistry Building) The Old Chemistry Building, now designated as Brevard Hall, was built in 1923. During the desegregation riots on September 30, 1962, students broke into the building and threw Molotov cocktail bombs from its windows at federal and civilian vehicles parked around The Circle. Carrier Hall342151N 893207W / 34.364226N 89.535222W / 34.364226; -89.535222 (Carrier Hall) Carrier Hall was one of several buildings which students plundered for riot material in 1962. Branching off from the two-story main section is a rear section connected by two covered passageways. This section also contains two stories and is slightly inset and setback from the main section. Shoemaker Hall342153N 893200W / 34.364677N 89.533431W / 34.364677; -89.533431 (Shoemaker Hall) During the 1962 riots, four-story Shoemaker Hall was under construction. Students took up construction materials, including loose bricks, metal conduit pipes, and a bulldozer to attack federal officers. The dorm hall was the site of one of the two fatalities associated with the riots. Each of the men killed was shot execution style. Ventress Hall342156N 893201W / 34.365417N 89.533672W / 34.365417; -89.533672 (Ventress Hall) Two-story Ventress Hall, built in 1889, appears in a famous photo of James Meredith walking in the commencement procession on August 18, 1963. "Y" Building342157N 893203W / 34.365842N 89.534305W / 34.365842; -89.534305 (Croft Institute) The Croft Institute for International Studies, known as the "Y" Building at the time of desegregation and earlier as the Old Chapel, in 1962 harbored many people escaping the tear gas and the general melee. Others crowded into the Y to watch United States President John F. Kennedy's televised speech regarding the desegregation of Ole Miss. Bryant Hall342158N 893206W / 34.366236N 89.534949W / 34.366236; -89.534949 (Bryant Hall) After housing the university's library from 1911 to 1952, Bryant Hall has been home to the Fine Arts Center and the departments of Philosophy, Religion, and Classics. During the riots, much of the pitched battle was fought in front of the hall. Peabody Hall342158N 893209W / 34.366174N 89.535780W / 34.366174; -89.535780 (Peabody Hall) During the riot, Peabody Hall offered people a safe harbor from tear gas. While trapped in the building, faculty member Russell Barrett documented the riot.

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