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Is this good enough to record myself singing?

I have seen all the items & pic on the link you supplied, and it took me a lot of time to study and understand it all.

1st link is.. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone

2nd link is..ART Tube MP Microphone Preamp

3rd link is..M-Audio Audiophile 2496 MIDI Digital Recording Interface - a PCI Audio Card to be installed inside motherboard of Desktop computer

4th link is..Pyle-Pro PPMJL15 Professional Microphone Cable (1/4'' Male to XLR Female, 15 ft.) - a microphone cable used only in condenser or dynamic microphone.

5th link is.. XLR male to XLR female Microphone Cable (15 feet) - microphone cable extender suitable only for condenser or dynamic microphone with XLR connector.

If you want to use the USB condenser Microphone, you can then only use the 2496 PCI Audio card for Digital Recording on your computer, which you have to install inside the motherboard of your comp. The other 3 items is no longer needed because of their connector compatibility problem, which uses the XLR and 1/4 plug/connector.

As you can see the USB Condenser Mic is using the USB plug that can be plug only directly to any USB connector of any computer and not the XLR connector usually used and found in the Dynamic Microphone like this one:But if you change you microphone using an XLR Connector like this one..then you can use all the 4 items you want on you recording, except the "XLR male to XLR female Microphone Cable - 15 feet" - a microphone cable extender which is already 15ft. long the same as "Pyle-Pro PPMJL15 Professional Microphone Cable (1/4'' Male to XLR Female, 15 ft." unless you planned to sing inside the house going out, in and around to your backyard.

Using the Dynamic Microphone connect the XLR Female Plug of "Pyle-Pro PPMJL15 Professional Microphone Cable" at the bottom of the said Microphone. Then connect "1/4 male plug "of the said mic cable to 1/4 female connector at "input" of Tube Pre-amp". The "output" of Tube Pre-amp must then be connected by appropriate RCA Cable to "audio input" of the PCI Audio Digital Recording Card assuming that you have already installed it inside your motherboard computer.

You need a professional to do that for you if you don't have the expertise. Then if all the necessary installation set-up is done accordingly, you can now start singing and recording.


Recording Studio At Home ... What Program Could I Use To Fix Vocals ? *click for more please*?

You can do what you want with Audacity..

The effect is compression.

The loud parts "peaks" are reduced in level evening out the dynamic range.

1: Highlight the whole track. (left click blank section of left hand panel or use ctrla).

2: Click Effect.

3: Click Compressor.

4: Leave the threshold at about minus 12 dB to start with.

5: Select compression ratio. This will depend on how loud the peaks are.

Try 8:1 to start with then assess from there.

This is a judgment call depending on the track so trial and error is needed.

Another method is using the envelope tool if there are only a few loud peaks but that's another process. E-mail me if you want to know how.

Two basic tutorials:Most recording or live vocalists I've seen or worked with tend to keep the microphone at a constant distance from their mouth.

They rely on compression to fix the dynamic range problem.

Others constantly move the mic in and out to compensate for loud passages.

They know they're going to sing a loud note so move the mic away when it is sung.

Takes practice but the least electronic interference the better.

Leads to a "cleaner" recording.

The dynamic range is the difference between the quietest and loudest passages of a recording.


Can I use my ipod headphones as a mic?

actually you might, i used to plug headphones into my friends mic in plug and press record, and they would play through the speakers...the sound was horrible, but it did work. For more info, look at the wiki pageit plainly says speakers CAN and have been used as microphones. Another excerpt from WIKI

"A loudspeaker, a transducer that turns an electrical signal into sound waves, is the functional opposite of a microphone. Since a conventional speaker is constructed much like a dynamic microphone (with a diaphragm, coil and magnet), speakers can actually work "in reverse" as microphones. The result, though, is a microphone with poor quality, limited frequency response (particularly at the high end), and poor sensitivity. In practical use, speakers are sometimes used as microphones in applications where high quality and sensitivity are not needed such as intercoms, walkie-talkies or Xbox Live chat peripherals."


what is the brain connected to?

spinal nerve and then everything!

the brain seen as a black box has some command inputs, some sensors inputs and some outputs

a command is like when you want to grab a pencil from the table

the eyes are some of the sensors that locates the aproximate coordinated the object

the brain outputs some commands to the arm and fingers to go and fetch the object

Some of the sensors in your finger send a signal to the brain about how tight you are squeezing the object

the brain sends some signals to the muscles to squeeze more or less depending if the object is slipping or cracking...

some other sensors will tell the brain if the object is too hot or too sharp...and suggest to let-go

the brain may have received contradictory orders like this is an emergency keep going...

our body has about 207 bones (about because we are all unique!)

there are about 830 muscles to activate all the bones and other stuff like facial expressions...

about a 100 thousand microphones in each ear, an audio mixing console nothing short of fantastic.

excruciatingly large dynamic range and wide frequency response

and a vision system that I don't know how to describe


what a machine!

I don't know how old you are and what you plan to do

me I

well, look at thisI worked in there

this is how it is donethe brain also has connections (sensors input) in the knees (and outputs) to activate some glands to send some lubricant when it hurts




Noise when recording guitar amp?

The hum/buzz (bah Humbuzz) sounds like "60 cycle hum". First make sure that there are no 3-2 prong AC adapters ANYWHERE!

It may be because the 1/4 phone jack for the Xenyx is balanced (tip-ring-sleeve or TRS) and you're plugging the guitar in with a standard guitar cable (NOT balanced and the plug type is mono which is tip-sleeve or TS). Also check that that the "Low Cut" filter is on (the "Line" button right under the input jack) even after resolving the cable issue.

As far as why 'hum and/or no hum, it's probably some auto noise cancelling with the Behringer but I'll let you research that for yourself. The manual is right here:Also be aware that the Shure is a dynamic-type microphone. Dynamic mic's have certain specific characteristics that you should be aware of (but don't have to understand 100%). The manual is right here:Yo can wiki (or whatever) to read about whatever else you should know about. If your gonna start recording you have to do some homework first (I'm not trying to be a smartass).


how can I get more guitar feedback with a Les Paul ?

Kill switches and other stuff won't help.

What will help is to move the guitar closer to the speaker and/or increase the overall gain of your amplifier. The overall gain will vary with the combined settings of the volume knob on your guitar, plus the input volume and the master volume on your amp.

It's exactly the same principle as microphone feedback - get your mic too close to the speaker or turn the gain up too high and you'll get an ear-full of feedback!

Standing between the speaker and the guitar will block much of the sound so you need to stand sideways so that the sound from the speaker can enter the body of the guitar. You may find certain notes will trigger feedback better than others.

Have a look at Wikipedia "Guitar Feedback" and deliberate uses halfway down the page for more info.

Link -Using a compressor can also help produce feedback if you use the right settings as it will introduce extra gain into the system but the downside is a reduction in the dynamic range of your sound.

Dynamic range is the difference between the loudest and softest parts of the music. Elevator music is a good example of highly compressed music with a restricted dynamic range. The sound on AM radio is also compressed but to a lesser extent.

Hope this helps.

The Old Sound Man

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Dynamic Microphone Wiki 1

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