Full Lace Wig Disappointment, What Should I Do with My Hair Now?

Well have you tried extensions?? You can get fancy ones at a salon or good regular ones at Sally's. Alot of my friends have weaves. Try to get colors that match ur skin tone that look natural. For wigs try to get a wig from a hair store so u can see what it looks like on you and test it out.

Full Lace Wig Disappointment, What Should I Do with My Hair Now? 1

1. Why was Eric----from "That 70's Show" always wearing a wig? What was wrong with his real hair?

Because his hair is alot shorter than it needs to be for the 70s.*

2. What do you guys think about wearing this wig for everyday use?

fake. want to know something funny? a guy with a black toupee with brownish gray hair around the siides

Full Lace Wig Disappointment, What Should I Do with My Hair Now? 2

3. How to secure a wig to your head, so people can't run off with it?

DO NOT use superglue. I would suggest going with bobby pins, but if you want to glue it then I would suggest either spirit gum (used in special effects makeup) or Liquid Gold Bond-a-Weave used for hair extensions. That last stuff is REALLY strong and somewhat painful to rip off at the end of the night, so consider your options carefully.

4. Why do people wig out when you mention "de-clawing" when talking about cats? I have had ALL my cats de-clawed.

how would you like it if I put you under and when you woke up you had no fingernails?

5. Got a new American Girl doll. Should I re-wig or leave it alone?

I would try it. Someone who can not afford a real one might buy it. Does it really need new hair?

6. do you think it's okay for a 14 year old to wear a lace front wig?

sure go ahead, if you can afford it

7. Do indian classical dancers require long hair? Is it mandatory that they need to put a long hair wig while performing? If so, why?

Hi there!Thanks for posting this question!Long hair has always been a characteristic among the common embellishments for a female Bharatanatyam performer. Though the 'common trend' is possession of long hair or tying a long hair wig with your hair, I would not compel. The dancer himself/herself has the liberty to choose what he/she wishes to do to their looks/ornaments. Evidently, for many years, there has been many, many changes that came into being with regard to the dress, make-up, number and types of ornaments etc. and I do not think anybody noticed the changes, after all. The number of necklaces have come down and the dress and overall look has become very simple yet appealing. So, I would say it is completely alright if you do not want to grow your hair/use a wig for performance.. It is your performance that matters... Not the attire :)HAPPY DANCING!Cheers,Vivek Vn

8. How do you make a costume wig look more real?

I would strongly suggest getting a better quality wig. If that is out of the question, then you have a little work ahead of you. Boil some water and test the hair in it. You need to determine if it can be put into hot water. Then get some RIT dye. I swear by the stuff for all of my projects, and have used it to dye doll wigs before. For turning your platinum blond wig Barbie blond, I suggest a slight mixture of Canary Yellow and Tan. And you will need a very big pot. Mix the dye with water as it says on the package. To tell what color you are likely to get, scoop some of your mixture into a table spoon. This is the darkest color you will get. Adjust your color as necessary. Boil the mixture then put in your wig. Leave it for about 15 min. Do not let the hair touch the bottom of your pot or it could burn. You will have to find a way to suspend it. If your wig is made of the stuff i think it is, then you should now have a better color wig. When all this is done you will find the hair is very strangely shaped and messy. Hand wash it with some conditioner with warm water. Rinse. Set it up somewhere so that you can pour boiling water over it to straighten the hair. Comb it out and pour cool water to set it. You can use this method to style it anyway you like, using regular objects such as old film canisters as rollers to make the hair curly. Good luck.

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