Gifts for the Dogs Am I Crazy?

No way!! I have two dogs myself, and they both have wrapped presents with bows and everything! I am giving them those long purple stuffed animals (Like the ones in the petco commercial) They have so much fun opening them. I also get presents for family's pets, too

Gifts for the Dogs Am I Crazy? 1

1. Rambo style compound bows, feasible with renaissance tech-level?

The primary advantage of a compound bow is the limbs can be much stiffer than regular bows (which are essentially "tension" weapons using the spring properties of the bow limbs to store energy). Essentially, less energy is being put into the movement of the limbs and more into the bowstring, and hence the arrow.While this may not have been expressed in those terms in the past, bowyers had plenty of empirical experience in this, and crossbows (especially steel crossbows) of enormous power were developed in the same time period that you are looking at, although instead of cams, the archer used a crank to draw these bows. 16th century steel crossbowThe evolution of bows was cut short by the introduction of gunpowder weapons, but a steel crossbow drawn by a crank has a very slow rate of fire, giving the archers only one chance to shoot at rapidly advancing horsemen (and even a limited number of shots at dismounted men at arms advancing on foot), so the pressure would be on to find a way to make drawing a steel crossbow faster while keeping the power of the huge draw weight so the quarrel can penetrate steel plate armour.Now, a genius like Leonardo da Vinci could have conceivably developed a compound steel crossbow (as a polymath, he would already be aware of the mechanical advantage derived from pulleys and transmission systems, having developed several of his own), so without alternatives like firearms and a strong demand for rapid fire weapons to deal with fast moving armoured battlefield threats, he might have eventually hit upon combining the mechanical advantage of cams or pulley systems (although based on what we know about Leonardo, it is equally possible that he would have come up with something totally different......)"Compound" crossbow? Whatever do you mean?So given the conditions of needing a very powerful bow and high rates of fire to neutralize heavily armoured and fast moving battlefield targets, the "desire" for something along the lines of a compound bow will exist, but you would need a polymath with experience in weapons design and mechanical systems who can concptualize "how" these two ideas can come together.

2. How can i make a good business with making dogs bows, and clothes?

Sparkling dog brushes do not sound like they would sell very well (but you never know.) The dogs are not going to know or care about sparkles, just the owners and while many people like to spoil their pets a cheap dog brush works just as well as a sparkly one. With dog outfits keep in mind that many dogs do not like wearing clothes. If you attach something to a shirt or sweater is it something that the dog will chew on, or try to pull off. If it does come off is it something that the dog can swallow or choke on? Try making a few sample items to sell on the internet. See how long it takes for them to actually sell. If the only ones buying are family and friends then know that you should walk away from this idea. Also keep in mind that most people wo not give you an honest opinion because they wo not want to hurt your feelings. Be sure to ask for critical feedback.

Gifts for the Dogs Am I Crazy? 2

3. Who is that girl with the red pig tails and blue bows on the Wendy's logo?

Pippy Longstocking's long lost sister

4. Are these hair bows cute?

I am a guy, I like the one on the top right (black, with a little pink in the middle), and the pink with black polka dots is also nice. The flowers will only be nice if you have long hair that goes down untied (Not with braids or ponytails), otherwise they will look to big. I hate the one with colored stripes on the bottom in the middle, it is too colorful. The one on the bottom right is very colorful, and will only look good if you wear a lot of colors

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