How Do I Block Air Conditioning Vents in the Winter?

u do not .......since that is where ur heat is supposed to come out of as well...... but yea if u meant household a/c vents they sell magnetic covers at ur local walmart..... lowes... home depot etc.... if u meant car vents u could have to make some covers....... ** btw this is the AUTO section......might want to post question in correct category next time...

How Do I Block Air Conditioning Vents in the Winter? 1

1. Question about central air conditioning?

Some heating duct work is suffieint to carry the larger amount of air flow needed to cool some are not and need addition duct work changes some are just not sized correctly enough. Also you will need to insulate any exposed duct work so it dosent sweat. Ive seen many people install central ac on a furnace and just not get the correct cooling. It would help if your furnace has at least a two speed motor so you can run the AC on high and get more air through the ducts good luck

2. Central air conditioning not in every room?

Just close the vents that are in that room. They are in the ceiling or in the floor

How Do I Block Air Conditioning Vents in the Winter? 2

3. Why is my car's air conditioning acting up?


4. Question about an air conditioning prank?

You would prolly put something in the air handler. It's a big thing that blows air across coils to cool it. The cool air is then pumped into the building.

5. How can I replace an air conditioning thermostat?

It should be possible in theory to use a generic timer switch to electrically disconnect the 'stat from the aircon during certain time periods so the 'stat cannot call for cooling. Whether it's inexpensive or easy (or attractive) depends on the details of the current installation and the style of timer switches available.A better solution would be to replace the 'stats with a more sophisticated controller that has timer functions. This solution is unlikely to be inexpensive, but should not be prohibitively expensive either. It is typically easy to do this, disconnect the old 'stat from the wiring and attach the wiring to the new 'stat. Once again, the ease depends on the details of the current installation and the replacement 'stat.

6. Am I being scammed by Air Conditioning repair man?

He probably blew all the crap into the coil. Just put your hand in front of it and feel if there is enough air movement. You must also feel the outgoing and return copper pipe to feel that one is very cold and the other warm. If both are about the same temperature you might have a gas problem. Also if your outgoing pipe is not really cold the gas might be low. Make sure the ducts and fans are clean and there is enough air movement.

7. Air conditioning

You would have to have a rear air conditioner and a fuel source, I have a propane system and it's very efficient, but, again, there's a lot of places with noise restrictions. I do not recommend it.

8. air conditioning question...?

Sounds like you need you ac system recharged, most likely the R134 freon has leaked out, preventing the system from functioning

9. If I am replacing my central heat and air conditioning unit, is it cheaper to stay with the same brand...?

I wouldnt say it would be cheaper to stay with the same brand, and cheaper is not always better. One thing you can do is call up different contractors in your area, and ask for an estimate. When you get all the estimates, compare price, warrenty, and how efficent the equipment is, they plan to install, and choose the estimate you think is best, and fits your budget. And keep in mind, every brand of furnace has its advantages, and disadvantages, so do not the guy giving you the estimate tell you his brand is the best money can buy, and you wont have problems. Good Luck

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