[How to:] 5 Ways to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions

There will come a time when you will need to remove your tape in hair extensions. Although there are countless ways to remove them, we've compiled a short list of simple ways to get them removed: None Oil-based removers for tape in hair extensions can vary from coconut oil, Olive Oil, palm oil or any other oil alike. This method typically requires the user to layer the oil at the top of the tab and allow time (and sometimes heat either from the warmth of the scalp or from an outside source - such as a blow dryer) for the oil to seep down in between the tab and loosen the tackiness from the tape. Additional oil may be used after peeling has begun to help aid in the removal process. None Conditioner can be used in the same manner as oil to help remove the tape in hair extensions. This process takes more time and patience then oil. In many cases, massaging the tab area can help loosen the stickiness and allow the conditioner to seep in between the tape tabs. None Alcohol-based removers are generally in a liquid spray form. These removers are sprayed directly above the tape in hair extension tab. Allow time for the alcohol based remover to seep down in between the tape tabs and gently peel apart. Use additional spray as the corners are lifted to aid in the removal process. Some users have found that a simple mixture of household alcohol (rubbing alcohol) water and a few drops of an essential oil are the perfect combination of gentle removal. The essential oils add a pleasant scent during the removal process. None A combination approach can be very useful. Start by applying an oil to the tape tab and massaging it into every tab. Then, while showering, apply a generous amount of conditioner directly on the tape in hair extensions tab and massaging each one liberally and gently. Upon leaving the shower, spray your alcohol based remover above the tape tab and gently peel apart, applying additional spray or oil as needed to aid in the removal process.

[How to:] 5 Ways to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions 1

1. Can you bleach real hair extensions ?

Yes, you CAN bleach or dye real hair, but only 100% real hair. If they were fake ones it would COMPLETLY ruin them. hope i helped =)

2. Hair extensions NOT the same as make-up?

It is really a matter of semantics. We usually think of cosmetics or make up as being paint of various sorts. It is made to enhance sensuality. The others are all add-ons and considered fake.One enhances, the other deceives

[How to:] 5 Ways to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions 2

3. Best places to get clip in hair extensions?

I have to agree headkandy hair extensions are particularly good, mine are the 22 inch ones in the california highlighted xx

4. What kind of hair extensions should I get..?

I recommend a WEAVE because the glue for the tracks is super hard to get out of your hair. Some pple say the glue breaks your hair off, but idk if thats true or not. Good luck

5. where can i get hair extensions?

Hey, I do not know where you live so you may not be able to access one, but i always like Sally's, their extensions are real hair and they last agess if you do not know what it is or have not got one near you you could see if they had a website (:

6. Help With Hair Extensions (:?

I always wear extensions. :) So Ill help plus Im a hair dresser so I put them in/ take them out for people so Im going to give you a lot of advice/tips/hints. Best kind of extensions to get are HUMAN HAIR. do not bother getting anything else like synthetic bc you CANT use any styling tools like a curling iron, flat iron etc.. It will just burn it and you will waste money. There are different ways to have extensions: CLIP INS- They are super easy to take in take out, take care of. I have these, there pretty awesome bc you can wear them when you want and take them out when you do not . (do not sleep in them otherwise they will l get all knotted and nappy). Most of us stylists will help show you how to put them in bc placement is important. Glue in- You glue tracks to your scalp, at first if done right they are amazing, (last apt 2-3 weeks if you have Caucasian hair & how much you wash your hair, conditioner will make them loose and fall out easier). Then they will start to get itchy and loose, and is hard to get the glue out of your hair. Sew in- You have a bunch of little corn rows in your hair and then the tracks are sewed onto the braid. The tighter the braid the longer they will last, and will look better and not be bumpy. These last any where from 3 weeks- 2 months Caucasian hair) Fusion- These are super super expensive and take a long time and they do not look nice. Id suggest not to do them. The reason I said Caucasian is bc our hair is more oily than a African American girls hair.. So our extensions fall out/loosen up faster bc of the oil in our hair naturally. Ive done all of these types of extensions, but Id suggest starting off with clip ins. Then once you see how you feel then working up the list. You can buy them at any beauty store, most salons dont sell them. If you have a sallys beauty supply go there if not you can order them online.. Once again Id suggest human hair & if you cant find your color buy blonde ones and color them/ highlight. Hope this helps!

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