How to Bleach Wig Knots (360 Lace Frontal)

Bleaching the lace frontal is nothing new, we do it all the time to get rid of the black knots and match our natural scalp. While some of us are already used to the process, for some, it can be a whole gamble and still not get it right.

So we are here to show you how to bleach the 360 frontal.

Some are not bothered by the black dots, but if you want to look natural, you will need to bleach the hair. For the 360 frontal, you will need to bleach even the back lace for easy blending when you make a high ponytail.

Of course, you want everything to look natural.

Notice that if you are using the wigs, then it will have about 4 inches of lace at the front and about 2 inches of lace at the back.

But where to the knots come from?

This is a common question that most people are curious about. Well, it's not as easy to make a wig. When making wigs, the factories ventilate the strands of hair onto the lace with a tiny needle.

In the end, you have the strands secured on the lace through a knot. The knots then are the dots you see on the lace.

It's okay if you do not mind the visible knots, but if you want to look natural, you will need to cover them up.

Why do people bleach the knots on the 360 frontal?

The reason why anyone wants to bleach the knots is to make it look and feel natural. When you cover the dots, then you attain the natural-looking lace base. It makes it not so visible after all your scalp dots are never visible.

Notice that you may experience some changes with the hair. The bleach may remove or lighten the roots of your hair if you are not careful. However, if you have blonde hair or light brown hair, you wo not need to bleach it.

However, if you have dark roots, you must bleach the hair to keep it invisible. Notice, therefore, that you will bleach it to the back to the front and make sure you do not get the bleach on the hair.

Here are the things you need

You will need the following ingredients

Push the baby hairs back to get them out of the way. You should not have any of your hairs on the way, so get them all set at the back. If you can, then pin it down to make sure you do not bleach the strands.

Now turn the wig part inside out so that the inner part of the lace is visible. Now pin it down on the foam head; this will also help you get the hair out of the way.

You need the mannequin head to show you where the lace is all around the head to the back.

Wear your gloves because you are using the chemical content, and you do not want it to bleach your hands.

Before you can apply the mixture on the lace, you will need to add the developer to the bleach powder/crème in the mixing bowl.

Use the mixing brush or spatula to mix the content in the bowl nicely. Stir this content safely, making sure you have entirely no lumps. Also, give it time to develop, especially if you are using the 20V developer. You can also use 30V or 40V.

Here you need to be very gentle as you do not want the bleach to go into the strands. If you are not careful when dabbing it, you will damage your strands. Start applying the mixture on the front part of the lace then go on to the back. Throughout the process, you should apply the bleach gently.

Then makes sure you cover the whole lace front part with the bleach. You can then cover the lace with the aluminum foil and give it time to color the hair.

As its changing, you can go on to do other things as you wait for it to process. Confirm though that you can not see any knots all around the lace. It's better to rinse it when it's fully bleached, but do not overbleach it.

After 10 minutes, you should check to see if it's done. Most of them take anything between 15-20minute. You do not want to wash it before it's all bleached or overbleached as that may cause brassiness.

Once you are sure the knots are all bleached, you can then start rinsing. This will stop the processing of the hair. So then rinse out all the bleach. Be quick in this process as you do not want the bleach to go into the hair strands.

Now wash it and condition.

This process is as crucial as the bleaching parts. You need the shampoo that will stop the processing. So you should use the neutralizing shampoos.

Once you rinse out the shampoo, you can deep condition the hair, thus moisturizing it once more. Some people, though, just use the regular daily shampoo which works perfectly too. Alternatively, use the leave-in conditioners.

Do you have a microfiber towel that you can use to dry the hair? Once you get the excess water, you can hang the hair on the wig stand to get it to dry out. Avoid using the blow-dry on the hair since the excess heat will damage the hair strands over time.

Leave the hair in a ventilated space. Do not expose it to the direct heat as that will continue to damage it.

The best products to use

Although it's a powder, it settles in not like some other products that spread in the air as you are working with them. The Clairol product comes with the humectants, which will stop the spread of the powder as you pour it on the developer.

It further makes it easy to blend it in with the developer, thus making it easy to flow. The humectant will also lock the hair with the moisture, thus maintaining the shine and the smooth textures.

This product is ideal if you are looking for a method to lighten the hair. And this is what makes it perfect for covering the black knots, thus keeping it safe. People like it because it will achieve the results quickly.

The one thing that makes it accessible is that it has about seven lightness levels and will get rid of the dark spots in this case, like the dark knots. Often those with darker colors like black or dark brown use this product to lighten it.

The product is easy to use, and that makes it a more professional bleach model. The product is creamy, making it easy to apply, but it's also creamy. Most people like it more for the gentleness it has on the hair.

One thing that makes this brand more popular is that it's safe to use, and it works best. This product will help you achieve the perfect color by merely lightening the knots soon. The best way to understand the product is it's rich and creamy.

The developer will lift the volume to 4 levels. Typical of the 40v then is that it will lift the color faster than other products do. It will make your work easy, but be careful when using it to make sure it does not damage your hair.

Although this is another one of the stronger developers, it's one of the very best choices you may opt to use to achieve the coloring faster. Besides, it has the perfect consistency that makes it easy to work with the hair

It's, in fact, very easy to accomplish the change when you use this developer. This product works on your hair faster and precisely. You will use it as a substitute for your liquid peroxide too.

When you are going to use the shampoo for the hair, then choose the one suited for colored hair. A neutralizing shampoo is better since it combats the chemical process.

This product will deep cleanse the hair, and it's ideal for those times when you have used the bleach chemical. Therefore, the product cleanses the hair deeply, and when you use it often, you wo not have to suffer from the detangling process.

This product restores the moisture within the strands; it then prevents the damaging of the hair. It has all the organic ingredients that soothe your scalp, and thus it's safe to use. It will replenish, revitalize, and keep your hair healthy. There will be no stiffness and thus making it look nicely healthy.

If you recently color-treated your hair, you can use this product. The shampoo is useful in making sure you do not have the hair developing the brassiness. Most of all, this shampoo will fix all the yellow tones.

It will work great with your blonde hair, but even if you want to neutralize the color on the lace, it will work.

When you have used the bleach on the hair, you will need to moisturize it. Well, this is one of the most popular conditioners you can use. It mainly will nourish your strands, making them feel and look healthy.

It will nourish your strands from the roots going to the ends. This is why it will maintain the same texture and smooth feeling.

In some instances, you may work with the deep conditioner for even more moisture. Notice that the hair will need more moisture since you use the chemical on the roots. This then keeps it feeling as healthy and smooth as it usually is.

You do not need to work on it for a long time, like other deep conditioners. Three minutes are just enough for the process.

For success in the bleaching process, you will need to remember the following tips.

• Just pour enough bleach and developer since you can save the remaining one for the next time. You do not need a lot of bleach for the hair. Nonetheless, make sure you use the entire mixture content that's further free of lumps.

• Keep your baby hairs out of the way when you are working on the hair. If you are not careful, the hair will get colored if you do not clip it back.

• Never live the developer out as it will make the bleaching easier and faster. But be very careful when you are using the products to determine if it colors the knots right.

• Allow the hair enough time to bleach the knots; otherwise, you will have it become brassy, and that's even worse. It should only take you 10-20 minutes to have the bleach work on your hair lace.

• Remember to use only the neutralizing shampoo as that will stop the processing. If you do not use it, then it may continue to bleach.

• Air-dry the hair instead of using the heat again on the hair as that will continue to damage it.

Now you are ready to bleach.

With the information above, you have everything you need to start bleaching the frontal. Be as gentle as you need to during the process to avoid the hair damages. Remember also to use the best quality products to bleach the hair.

And when you want to buy the best 360 frontal, visit our hair theme shop for the best choices. We sell the best quality texture and styles at an affordable rate. We also do have all the positive reviews.

How to Bleach Wig Knots (360 Lace Frontal) 1

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Hair Bleach? Blonde Hair? 10 Points?
Make sure you go to a hair dresser that offers a consultation first. The questions you have asked here can be answered by him/her with an professional answer. You can also try the websites and 1-800 numbers on the self coloring hair boxes for answers. If you have any beauty schools in your area, they can be a good source of professional opinion and will be alot less expensive, they just take a little longer to do the coloring since each step has to be approved by the instructor. Hope you like your new look...and make sure you go get some new clothes to go with the new hairstyle!1. Why is my Blonde hair dye not working!?Well I have got been coloring my hair blonde with regard to a long time now. It's not really black but a dark brown. The actual main reason I do this is actually to hide the gray hairs which my kids are starting to provide me. I trying to hide my age.2. How do i get blonde hair?damn poor hair stop messing it up before it falls out and accept that you have dark hair.3. is it prejudice to think blonde hair is ugly?No I think it is ugly because every girl has the color I think reds browns n black hair is pretty blonde so played out4. 5 Best Laser Hair Removal Systems - June 2021If you are looking for a sleek, fuzz-free body but are over razors, messy creams and painful waxing, laser hair removal (sometimes called electrolysis) might be the way to go. It offers a permanent solution to unwanted body hair and can be used on any part of the body, including the face. The downside is that it requires multiple, pricey trips to the salon - that is until 2008 when the FDA approved at-home laser systems. These allow you to get similar results to those of a medical professional or technician in the privacy of your home at a fraction of the cost. Nonetheless, these appliances are not inexpensive, and with a variety to choose from, you need to make sure your investment will be suited to your needs to get the job done. There are a few different technologies on the market. Lasers use diode laser technology and can be used to focus in on small areas. Other appliances use intense pulsed light (IPL) technology and can cover larger areas quicker. In a laser hair removal treatment, an electronic wand focuses a concentrated beam of light on specific hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, destroying the follicle enough to slow hair growth in that area. To get rid of the hair completely, you must treat the targeted areas two or more times. The hair is not permanently removed, but the growth is slowed so you wo not need additional treatments for anywhere from several months to several years. "Laser hair removal was approved as a method of hair removal by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1997. The first at-home laser hair removal was approved by the FDA in 2008." Who is a candidate for laser hair removal? Because the laser or light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, there must be a contrast between the color of your skin and the color of your hair. Thus, the best candidates for laser hair removal are those who have light skin and dark hair. If you have dark skin and dark hair or light skin and blonde hair, there usually is not enough contrast between the two for laser hair removal to work. Gender is not a factor; it works just as well for people of all genders. Keep in mind that laser hair removal only works on certain types of body hair, such as on the face, legs, arms, underarms, and pubic area. It should not be used on the genitals. Did you know? The very first laser ever used to destroy hair follicles was invented by Theodore Maiman in 1960. Modern laser therapy has come a long way since. We spent 16 hours researching 82 different laser hair removal systems before choosing our top five. We also consulted with an expert and over 100 consumers. While laser hair removal may not permanently remove hair, it does dramatically reduce hair growth, so you can stop shaving or waxing for months to years. It also allows you to be very precise, so you can target specific hairs on small areas, such as above your lip. In terms of pain, laser hair removal falls in the middle of the spectrum. It is more painful than shaving, but for most people it hurts considerably less than waxing. "There are four types of laser commonly used for laser hair removal: alexandrite, ruby, diode, and ND. The results of laser hair removal can last for anywhere from three months to two years." Safety is the most important thing to consider when you shop for a laser hair removal system. Check that the system is FDA approved as a safe and effective means of home hair removal. Typically, approval requires that the device is not as powerful as professional laser hair removal systems, and must have built-in safety measures that prevent injuries during use. If a product has FDA approval, it will be clearly indicated on the packaging. Technically, not all of the laser hair removal systems utilize lasers to reduce hair growth. Some actually use intense pulsed light (IPL) to target the hair follicles. Not sure what the difference is? A laser uses a light beam in one specific wavelength, while IPL employs multiple wavelengths. Lasers usually target a smaller area, but IPL can cover a larger area. However, because lasers hit a smaller area, they are usually more precise. Some laser technology has also progressed to the point where it can treat darker skin tones. At-home laser hair removal systems are typically available in two styles: corded and battery operated. Corded laser hair removers must be plugged into an outlet in order to be used. That may limit the locations where you can use the device. It can sometimes be tricky to operate the tool with the cord in the way as well. A battery operated laser hair removal system features a rechargeable battery. The battery life of each model varies, but in many cases, you can get as many as 30 minutes of power. There's no cord in the way when you are using the remover, and you can use the device even if there is not an outlet nearby. For the most effective and comfortable laser hair removal system, it's important to choose a device that features multiple power levels. Different areas of the body may be more sensitive to the laser than other spots, so it's important to be able to adjust how strong the beam is. In most cases, you will want to start with the lowest power setting to determine how sensitive you are to the laser. You can increase the power if you find that the setting is comfortable for the area you are working in. It's best to purchase a laser hair removal system that features as least three power settings to provide you with the most control over the treatments. "Laser hair systems that require replacement cartridges are often cheaper at initial purchase, but if you use them frequently the cost of cartridges can make these models more expensive in the long run." If your hair and skin tone are not suitable for laser hair removal, using a system can be extremely painful and potentially injure your skin. Because the hair and skin on your body may not necessarily be all the same color, you may want to purchase a system that features a skin sensor. The sensor automatically determines whether the hair and skin tone in the area that you plan to use the device are suitable. If they are not , the system wo not activate, and you know that you should not use the device. Some laser hair removal systems feature an LED display with visual alerts that allow you to use the device more effectively. The display usually indicates the power level, discharge pattern, pulse duration, low battery level, and light cartridge replacement. A display is convenient to have, but you usually have to pay extra for it - lower end models typically do not have them. A laser hair removal system's treatment window determines how large an area the device covers in one swipe. A larger window allows you to work more quickly, and is especially helpful when you are working on large areas, such as the legs or chest. However, if you are working on smaller area, such as the bikini line, you may prefer a smaller treatment window that allows for more precision. Treatment windows vary from system to system, but they usually range from to 2 inches. When you are purchasing a laser hair removal system, it's also important to consider whether a model requires regular replacement parts. Many devices use light cartridges that allow for a certain number of treatments. They need to replaced whenever they run out. In many cases, you may pay less for a system that uses cartridges initially. However, you will need to buy replacement cartridges regularly, so you may be better off in the long run buying a more costly system that does not use cartridges. A laser hair removal system is a fairly costly purchase. In general, they range in price from $150 to $450. It is important to remember that you will pay considerably more for professional laser hair removal treatments, so it may be worth the investment if you want to lessen your amount of body hair economically. If you are only interested in removing small amounts of hair, a lower end system that comes in around $200 and requires replacement cartridges is usually a good option. If you plan to use the device all over your body or for larger areas such as the legs or chest, a higher end model will cost about $449. One that require replacement cartridges may be a better value compared to paying less for the machine but buying new cartridges over time. Q. Are there are side effects to using a laser hair removal system? A. For up to 24 hours after using the device, you may experience mild redness in the skin, but it usually goes away on its own. Q. How often should you use a laser hair removal system? A. Always consult the manual that comes with your device to determine the appropriate usage. However, most systems suggest using the device once every two weeks. Q. How long does it take to see results with a laser hair removal system? A. In most cases, you can expect to see results within two to four weeks of your first treatment. Q. How do you prepare the areas for laser hair removal? A. Clean the area that you plan to treat so it's free of lotions, creams, and cosmetics. Use a new razor to shave the area so the device can work on the hair inside the follicle that's under the surface of the skin. Finally, wipe the area down to remove any lingering soap or shaving cream and pat the area dry.
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