How to Care for Hair Extensions at Home

We all love a good hair transformation and nothing does the trick quite like a fresh set of hair extensions. If you are reading this you are probably new to hair extensions, and you are either thinking about getting extensions installed ( which we strongly recommend that you have installed by a qualified professional) or you currently have hair extensions installed and want to know how to care for your extensions at home.

Alongside your at-home hair care routine, it's worth noting that your hair extensions will need regular maintenance, as your own hair will grow by approximately 1.5 inches within three months. At House of Hair UK, we recommend maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks, depending on the application method.

And before your appointment you should have had a consultation where maintenance and care at home were discussed and explained, but if not or you've forgotten here are 7 House of Hair UK recommended things to avoid and things you should be doing when caring for your hair extensions at home and as you go about your everyday life.

How to Care for Hair Extensions at Home 1

Tattoo after care, what do I gotta do?

Ask a professional, any real professional will have no problem answering your questions if you go into a shop

Why do Conservatives want health care to pay for male prostate cancer and not provide treatment for women?

Pay for your own birth control

How to Care for Hair Extensions at Home 2

Supplements for care package for cousin in the army?

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Easiest Fish to take care for? PLZ RESPOND?

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Who pays for the medical care of infants that survive late-term abortion?

Charity. we are not talking about a service but a human life! "Medical care" as if it does not pertain to an innocent human life. Where do we live Sparta? Rome? Nazi Germany? Please!

whats the name of the nurse that takes care of the baby right when it leaves the moms tomb ?

Pediatric nurse L&D nurse or a midwife and it is womb not tomb

Why do people care about brand names?

because you are smart and buy what you like

what is the The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation policy on mental health care?

You can go to the CDCr website and look up the Title 15(their rules and regulations handbook). Also is a great place to find answers. But in all honesty, CA just fails when it come to the prison system and it not getting better any time soon. Most inmates with mental health issues are keep in a segregated area and are on lock down 23 hours, they do get meds but thats about it. The best thing I ever learned from them is not to expect anything, expecting them to care or follow the guidelines is foolishness. The main reason why it does not work is overcrowding and a strapped budget. But that is why it's in a federal recievership.

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