How to Create 3 Top Hair Looks for Fall with the Chicest Accessories

To get the official lowdown on all of the coolest fall hair trends our favorite celebrities and models will be wearing this coming September through December, we asked the industry's leading hair queen, Justine Marjan, for her expert predictions. As the mastermind behind Instagram's most copied hair trends, an obsession-worthy collab with hair accessory brand, Kitsch, and some of the most iconic manes in Hollywood (think Ashley Graham, Kim Kardashian West, and Ariana Grande), there's no one we trust more when it comes to the fate of our strands. Here, Marjan shares three top hair trends for fall and how to accessorize them with some of her favorite accessories. Keep scrolling for the step-by-step breakdowns, photos, and product staples.

How to Create 3 Top Hair Looks for Fall with the Chicest Accessories 1

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How to Create 3 Top Hair Looks for Fall with the Chicest Accessories 2

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