How to Go From the Air Force to the FBI Or CIA?

How to go from the Air Force to the FBI or CIA?

How to Go From the Air Force to the FBI Or CIA? 1

For the Air tension that ought to maximum in all probability be protection tension intelligence, (an oxymoron for my area,) or protection tension police. along with your historic past you will possibly be greater effective ideal for the same old public relatives sections. get entry to tests frequently are used to make certain placement.

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How did CIA obtain this critical lives saving information?

Good point, they did not get the info from serving tea. I really do not understand what all the fuss is about, these men are/were killers, mass murderers who do not value human lives and want death to all Americans. If they had only saved ONE innocent life from water boarding and other "persuasion" tactics, then it was more that worth it. Apparently the ACLU has released pictures to the terrorists they are representing of some of the move...the ACLU loony toons should be water boarded.

How to Go From the Air Force to the FBI Or CIA? 2

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Bush's top clown Karl Rove isn't going to be charged in the CIA leak.?

If there was anything to charge him with then it would of been done. Accept it and move on. Only 2 more years left, you will live

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Did the CIA really put a spy in Trumpu2019s White House?

Let's break this down, shall we?The source. "" does not exactly scream "credibility", but on the internet nobody knows you are a dog, right? You searched for - Media Bias/Fact Check says "right bias", so maybe not totally reliable. What else is there? Well, the "Trending" box has a piece about the whistleblower's identity being revealed. That's at the least "not confirmed", and the people passing it around are likely violating the law.The byline on the article is one "Larry C. Johnson". He's known - to the extent that he's known at all - for spreading a hoax in 2008 about the existence of a videotape of Michelle Obama complaining about "whitey".He also used an altered video of an interview to claim that John Kerry committed war crimes while serving in Vietnam.So....I would put the likelihood of that story being true only slightly lower than this one:.

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Was the CIA guilty of incompetence in 1963?

if kennedy had been a republican do you think there would have been a conspiracy? the physical evidence points to a lone shooter. oswald was an EXCELLENT marksman and more than capable off making his shot. he was simply at the right place at the right time. the reason for the conspiracy build up was that kennedy has been created as a civil rights legend

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Why did the ex-CIA director say Trump should be ashamed of himself?

Former CIA Director John Brennan said President Donald Trump "should be ashamed" for using a speech at the agency's headquarters to boast about himself, according to Brennan's former Deputy Chief of Staff, Nick Shapiro."Former CIA Director Brennan is deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump's despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA's Memorial Wall of Agency heroes," Nick Shapiro said in a statement reported in the Business Insider

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Why would Obama select Leon Panetta as CIA director?

Clinton already checked him out. Barry is using recycled cabinet members. Feinswine might have put a name out there but they were saying most people did not want the position. Maybe Panettta was a 3rd/4th choice.

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Poll : You're a cop or spy. Is it going to be DEA, FBI, CIA, or NSA?

none of the above I am a U.S. Marshall, specially trained during my years as Marine in the tactics of a Sniper....currently on loan to N.Y.P.D. SWAT

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Did the CIA(SOG) recruit Army Rangers during the Vietnam War?

Oh Yeah. They took them from all over

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What is the difference between the CIA and the Secret Service ?

The CIA are spy's... The job of the Secret Service is to protect the president, vice president, past presidents etc

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Is an Indian holding Green card eligible to join FBI or CIA?

NO! you would be a contractor and when you were not needed you will become a terrorist and we will hunt you down and water board you till you confess and the kill you!

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Does the CIA recruit from the Army?

Look up Robert Ames, went in the army as analyst and got recruited CIA to work the middle East. He worked closely with Ali Hassan Salameh, who help orchestrate Black September, and the 1972 Olympic terrorist attack. Ames was killed in Beirut

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