How to Remove Super Glue From Clothing?

finger nail polish with acetone in it will remove super glue but I have never tried it on clothing. try a small dap somewhere on it first

How to Remove Super Glue From Clothing? 1

1. Can I get by on a children's sewing machine?

some children's sewing machines do not use a needle and thread - they use glue. i would not recommend that. The children's sewing machines with needle and thread might cost more than an old "adult" sewing machine - at least they do on ebay. You can sew most clothing with a child's sewing machine - BUT you wo not be able to sew very thick material - or anything like leather. a toy sewing machine probably wo not let you adjust tension, which also means you can not sew things like silk or chiffon. But you definitely can sew real clothes o a child's sewing machine. I have always found Singer sewing machines to be easy, especially the bobbin. I have found all Kenmore sewing machines to be difficult, especially the bobbin. but that might just be me.

2. I bought a couple canvas bags for my 8 yr old daughter and me to decorate together?

The possibilities is endless but here are a few suggestions: Find an iron on transfer that you can either paint or is already done. Add boas around the opening, glue on gem stones in a pattern, get some fabric tulip paint and add their names, buy some cute fabric and add decorative pockets to the outside.

How to Remove Super Glue From Clothing? 2

3. glue on the inside of a lamp dangerous?

Please ask it to the seller of the bulb

4. How do you make paper machei?

rip newspaper into stripes get water boling then put glue into the water so it melts then put the paper in the glue and thats it it think, u can make a pinata, by blowin up a ballon and layin the paper on it and let it dry and thne pop the ballon

5. i recently got a roofing job, how do i not slip on the roof?

A secret I discovered in Mexico - the way they roof those steep "A frame " houses. Take the cover off old sofa cushions - they stick to the roof like glue - seriously. Just throw 3 or 4 of them as your path or trail to where ever you go or where evey you are standing - and walk on them. When you finish using those cushions, you will probably write me and thank me for telling you about that great discovery of how to walk on steep roofs.

6. Can you use crayons for sealing wax?

Not by themselves, no, the seal would be too brittle and it does not stick very well. HOWEVER, that being said, if you mix the crayon wax with a glue gun stick while you are heating it and mix them together, you can make a good approximation of flexible sealing wax. The real deal is best, but I use this substitute in order to save a copper or two from time to time, and it's easy to make. It's best to experiment for best results, but I find this recipe works well for me. Start by melting the glue gun glue stick in a spoon over a candle until you have 3/4 of a spoonful, then add the crayon wax for the remaining 1/4, then stir it up really good with a carpentry nail/screw or any other melt-proof stirring stick you can find and do not mind getting dirty until the mixture is well blended and has a uniform color to it while still over the flame, you are looking for a consistency roughly like thick honey or molasses while it's still hot. When this is accomplished, pour onto your paper, stamp your mark, then remove the stamp and let it cool, et voila, homemade sealing wax! I would recommend practicing mixing and pouring the stuff on a test sheet to get your ratio of glue to wax right (three parts glue to one part wax is working pretty good for me) and make sure the seal will stick and will flex without breaking, you might need to adjust the amounts in order to make it just right. Nice thing is, if you do mess up, you can always chuck it back into the spoon and re-melt it again before adding a little more glue or a little more wax.

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