How to Shrink a 100% Cotton Shirt?

I saw this tutorial on E-how , hope it helps.

1.Wash your shirt on the highest possible temperature for the shirt.

2.Put the shirt in the dryer at the highest possible temperature. Leave the garment in the dryer longer than you normally would.

3.Wash the shirt again if it is not small enough.

4.Iron the shirt at a high temperature until it is completely dry.

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i have been trying to felt a pure new wool sweater to use in a felting project,?

90 degrees might not be hot enough. I know you say you put it in the dryer, but try putting it on the hottest setting you have in your dryer and leave it in there for even longer. It could be that it is just too big to shrink to the size you need. It can only shrink/felt too a certain point.

Hope this helps!


how do you make a scarf soft?

what you can do next time is to fell the yarn so that it feels soft to the skin, what i heard would be to hold the yarn to your wrist for a while and see.

with the conditioner thing, you can knit a small swatch that is 4 inches square and try the cold water, condtioner trick with fabric softener and see what you think.


How can i shrink a jumper that is 50% wool 50% acrylic?

Unfortunately, most wool yarns are treated to be "shrink resistant" so I'm not sure how much luck you will have. Acrylic would shrink on it's own by washing in hot water and putting through the dryer, but the blend with the wool might pose some problems for you.

Perhaps you should just consider buying another one - in the correct size?


How to remove coca-cola stain?

i would prefer using grease lightning it works on clothes i am not shure if it would work on a bed a use clorox bleach gel pen stain remover or oxi clean put it on there and just let it sit with water on the oxi clean but don't let it sit to long my parents own a dry cleaners so i should know


How to clean an Russian/Kavkazi style wool hat?

Talk to your local Dry Cleaner to see what they recommend. They may be able to clean it for you. I, myself would hate to recommend a do it at home solution and have the hat shrink because of the wool. Like I said, talk to your local dry cleaners. It shouldn't cost to much to have them take care of it for you


How do I wash my cashmere sweater and jacket?

I agree with mermeliz, XTX, and Nana Lamb.. I would recommend to dry clean the jacket especially because of the Cashmere, but if you rather don't bring it to the dry cleaner, then soak-wash it very gently as Nana Lamb is already describing. Depending on your LG model number.. you probably also have a wool cycle available but hand wash is still safest for Cashmere.


How to get clothes white?

My Mom told me way back when that you have to use an extra rinse cycle with whites -- either that or run the whole load twice and run it the second time with no detergent or bleach -- to get whites really white. Apparently if you don't get all the detergent and bleach out of the whites they get yellow or dingy gray


how do I make cards to clean freshly shorn sheep's wool?

Raw sheeps wool has to be handled with care, it can cause health problems in certain cases. While it would be best to buy proper carding tools, you can probably get started with curry combs used on horses or dogs. do an eSearch on 'wool processing' and get result like This looks pretty good


how to take away curb rash when DIY painting the wheels?

well depends how deep and the style of lip, when I did my ls mesh, first I glass bead blasted the rims, then I sanded down the stuff that was left. I proceeded to keep getting to higher and higher grit sand papers because I wanted a polished lip and face, I just tack ragged wutever I didnt sand and then sprayed that w/ black


How to start dreadlocks with short hair?

You cant palm roll short hair lol i agree with the best answer but had to add that you finger twist and you use beeswax from dollar store or beauty supply store with jam take a small amount of both an simply twist it into your hair and pull in the direction you want it to go then spray with spritz and your done. Easy


Can you wash a wool/soy mix yarn without felting it? How?

Felting occurs with hot water and agitation. The hot water opens up the fibers and the agitation meshes them together. If you avoid those two things, you'll be just fine. Heat will make the wool shrink a little, so you definitely don't want to use hot water or dry it in the dryer. As stated before, handwashing is your best bet. Good luck!


How To Wash Wool Cap?

Hand wash wool caps in a sink with mild detergent. Rinse out all the detergent. Roll your hat between two small towels or one large folded towel, squeezing out the water as you go. Never wring woolen items. Let the hat air dry. If you're concerned about the cap losing its shape, wearing it as it dries will help it re-form to your head.


How to clean military surplus wool blankets?

soak and hand wash. the reason the fibers change or get ruined in washer and dryer is because of the process whereby the machine makes the garment rub up against other garments and/or itself. you want to avoid this to minimize pilling so you dont really want the machine to turn the drum back and forth

if youre too lazy have them dry cleaned


How to shrink a sweater?

Your sweater could stretch out by using the years, yet a thank you to keep away from shrinkage is to earnings what fabric the object of outfits is produced from. it is going to shrink if it is a hundred% cotton. in simple terms purchase it a length greater advantageous so as that as quickly because it shrinks it is going to greater healthy you.


i dont know how to wask my blazer!!?

You will find drawings @ But the tub with 40 means machine wash, warm - temp no to exceed 40C or 105F. Black triangle with X means no bleach. Iron with one dot means low temp, steam or dry. Circle with X means no not dry clean. Square with circle inside and one line under means tumble dry; with two lines under means gently dry.


How do I make a wool sweater stop smelling bad?

If you've still got the receipt, and the date is still within their return policy period, I think I'd return it to the store and ask for a refund. It might be the type of wool, causing the problem. Another option would be to hang it in a sunny window or outside to air, but it may be a lost cause. Good luck!.


How to make my eyes look bigger with makeup?

first put concealer under your eyes, it brightens up your look and makes your eyes look brighter and bigger automatically.Take a bright white or peachy eyeshade and put some all over your eyelid. Then draw a veryy thin line with eyeliner on your top lid. Line your bottom water line with a white or peach colored eyeliner. Curl your lashes and use some mascara


How can I make wool-type fabric softer and/or less itchy?

i can bear in concepts going to A&W and having them positioned a tray on my drivers side window. by no skill tried a eco-friendly River gentle drink I bear in concepts those massive rectangular floor ice chests and having to slip an Orancge Neho of Orange weigh down or Creme Soda. They style so a lot more advantageous ideal from the bottles.


Has anyone got any ideas on how to deodorize a wool/cashmere coat?

With a wool/cashmere material, I wouldn't try the home drycleaning method. Anything you apply will not remove all of the perfume smell. You will need to save up for drycleaning. I would highly recommend using a cleaners that has 'perc' for solvent. This is a processed solvent that does not leave a solvent smell or harsh on the skin like a raw solvent would


Help, I have a beautiful wool rug, that stinks, how do I get rid of the smell?

Hmmm - must be the lanolin in the wool - what a pong! I took my area rug to the car wash and hung it where you hang the car mats...blasted it good. Wouldn't recommend this for wool, tho, it would probably shrink. Try calling a carpet store...a specialist if you have one...maybe someone who sells Turkish rugs, they should know.


how to get rid of my acne?

Try not touching your face too much and not picking on it im a freshman in highschool and ive had acne since 6th grade ive been cleainin my face everytime i come home from somewhere and if you have a really BIG one put mild toothpast on it but only in that section.the toothpaste dries it out and becomes smaller within the next day.


How to wash a wool sweater ?

You can wash it in the washing machine, But make sure you put it on a delicate cycle and it has to be cold/cold, and of course don't dry it. just hang dry it.

And you can actually get a razor for like shaving, and shave the fluffy things off, i guess if that's how you can put it. It might work.


How much would it cost to get my hair straightened and how much would it cost to get my hair dreaded?

you can wash dreads

i wash mine every 2-3 days

you dont have to tie up your dreads when you sleep

some people sleep in wool beanie like caps though

sorry i cant answer your questions about straightening hair

cause i never straightened mine

with my dreads all i do is wash and go

no maintainence ie. twisting etc

i'm 100% black (i think...)


How to shrink 50% wool sweater?

There can be a fine line between shrinking anything with wool in too much or not enough. If you know someone who can sew, and it's not right after your method of washing, I'd ask them to take it in just a bit with a seam at each side, just inside the original, or wherever it needs to fit a little more snugly


How can I get viscose fabric to shrink?

You return it for one that does fit, or you take it in at the seams. If the fabric did shrink from "way too big", you'd wind up with a puckered mess.

Many rayons (viscose in Europe) do shrink significantly, but the better makers preshrink their fabrics. See also:


how to get rid of acne?

For me I use dove soap twice a day once in morning and at night before bed. And for future reference. Just pay attention to what you eat. I started watching what I was eating and realized what I was breaking out from. And just ate smaller portions of what made me break out. Stress can also cause some conditions where acne can appear


how do you wash a white fitted cap?

Spray with oxyclean spay, enable sit down down for a million hour. Then wash in suited rack of dishwasher. specific , the dishwasher. in case you place it indoors the clothing washing gadget , it is going to misshape the hat. Pull out until finally now the dry cycle, place moist hat on head to reshape, then place on counter to air dry to stay removed from shrinking.


Can I wash my Peacoat?

You can buy a product called Dryel and dry clean it yourself in your own dryer, it is less expensive than sending it to a dry cleaner. I use it on my stuff that needs dry cleaning there are other products like this on the market. You get enough to clean several items for what you would spend sending one item to the dry cleaners.



Check what the labels on your clothes say, there should be little drawings on them, usually one with a number in it that tells at which temperature you're supposed to wash them. If you can't find any you should be ok washing your clothes on 40 non-colourfast cotton. If you need more help find your washing machine manual or get someone to help you!.

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