How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

How to Wash Your Hair Extensions One question we get asked all the time at M B is how do you wash your hair extensions? Our answer? You do not :)... Read on to find out why and what we advise to do instead of washing your hair extensions. (Spoiler: It's smells soooo nice, leaves your hair extennies super soft and is so much easier - win, win!) Okay so first things first. You are probably thinking why do not you advise us to wash our Milk Blush Hair Extensions? What about all of the hairspray that I use? What about all of the product build up? What if they smell like a night out and I need to wash away thy sins? Do not fear, gals. You can completely freshen up your locks using a Silicone Coating Spritz/Sealer without having to wash your hair extensions (we will get back to the Silicone Products in a moment!). In the meantime, let us just clear up why we do not advise to wash your hair extensions. Hair Extensions do not have the natural supply of oils and nutrients that our own growing hair does, therefore they do not really need to be washed like our natural hair. If hair extensions are washed too often, the result will be lacklustre, frizzy locks which, let's face it - no one wants. Now, back to the Silicone Coating Spritz/Sealer for Hair Extensions. These little gems are our absolute favourite hair extension product like, ever. Your hair extensions will feel as fresh as ever after using the spritz or sealer on your hair extensions. What is even better? You can freshen up your hair extensions on a daily/weekly basis using the Silicone Coating Spritz For Hair Extensions. Not only that, it's also soooo easy to use. All that you need to do is spray the Silicone spritz into the palm of your hands a couple of times, rub your hands together and then distribute evenly throughout the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Once applied with your hands, be sure to brush through with a loop brush to ensure that the product is distributed evenly. Once applied, leave your hair laid out flat overnight on a towel. The next morning, straighten your hair extensions (use a heat protector first of course). Using the straighteners will help seal the Silicone Spritz into your hair extensions for a flawless finish. Once straightened, style and wear as normal. Ugh - how easy? No more soaking the place washing your beloved hair extensions, watching intently as they dry. Instead a nice quick and easy application that you can undertake much more frequently to ensure that your M B Hair Extensions are always feeling and looking oh so fresh. You are probably wondering about the Silicone Coating Sealer, so let us clear some things up for you. The Silicone Spritz is great to use as a daily maintenance product, we think that the sealer is best to use when your clip in hair extensions are in serious need of some TLC! The silicone-based sealer is used to coat and seal the hair shaft to lock in moisture and eliminate tangles to leave you with silky smooth extensions. Now, we know that on the product it states to wash and condition hair before using this, or that it can be used in between washes - but, as we advise to not wash hair extensions we have come up with another method which works perfectly on M B Hair Extensions. It's basically the same method used for the Silicone Spritz, however instead of spraying the product into our palms we use a pea sized amount of the sealer. Again, we will rub our hands together to distribute the sealer and work our hands through the hair from root to tip. Following the same method as before, leave the hair overnight to ensure that all of the product is absorbed. The following day, straighten the hair to seal all of the product in - then style as normal. Ta-daaaaah. Hair better than freshly washed hair at the ready! If you've ran out of your Silicone Spritz/Sealer and have some product build up, the simplest thing to do to get rid of the product is to.... Brush your hair extensions. Yep - it really is that easy. Take your loop brush and one weft at a time, begin brushing the ends of your hair extensions and work your way up. You will soon notice the difference and your hair extensions will feel much softer. If your hair extensions are a little sticky from all of the products used (naughty!) be sure to let the product dry before brushing this out of your hair extensions. And that gals, is how to wash you hair extensions without washing your hair extensions : ) Have you tried the Silicone Spritz/Sealer yet? : )

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1. The Anatomy Of Human Hair | Pantene

The Science of the Surface: The Cuticle The cuticle is the outer protective covering that covers the cortex of each human hair strand and is responsible for the lustre and texture of human hair. The normal cuticle is smooth, allowing light reflection and limiting friction between the hair shafts. It's made up of six to eight layers of flattened overlapping cells and covered by an invisible, water-resistant lipid layer, which acts as a natural conditioner. Scientists call this layer the F-layer. This fatty acid layer is what naturally gives human hair its smooth and silky feel. Chemical processes such as coloring perming and relaxing strip the cuticle of the F-layer, which leads to what is generally referred to as "chemically-damaged" hair. Fortunately, Pantene scientists are experts in how to address the F-layer conundrum. Advanced Pantene Pro-V color shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are specially formulated for color treated and/or damaged hair and can restore a great deal of human hair's natural softness, lustre and manageability. Other common culprits that can ruffle the feathers of a healthy cuticle include excessive heat from blow dryers and flat irons as well as combing and brushing. Limit your hair's exposure to heat by letting your hair air-dry until slightly damp, then use heat to set your hairstyle as it transitions from just damp to dry. When blowing your hair dry, hold the dryer three to six inches away from your hair rather than right up against it. Use a wide-toothed comb, especially when combing wet hair, and try to minimize brushing and combing in general. (Do not believe the 100-brushstrokes-a-night-for-healthy-hair myth!)In addition to all these preventative measures, using the right shampoo and conditioner to protect and seal the cuticle can help it get back to its naturally smooth state, where it can reflect light and shine! How the Study Was Conducted To conduct this eye-tracking study, Pantene Pro-V scientists gathered a random selection of seven women. The women were photographed before the study, using controlled lighting and camera focal length, first with "bad hair" i.e. not washed, brushed or styled; and secondly with "beautiful hair" i.e. hair washed and styled using Pantene Pro-V hair care products. The women's facial expressions and makeup were closely controlled to ensure consistency in both before and after photos. The participants were assessed, pre and post hair styling (with bad hair and beautiful hair) and from a front and back view, for hair and facial attractiveness by a panel of 36 men and women. Heart of the Matter: The Cortex Talk about a hard-working heart! The cortex is responsible for just about all of the defining properties of human hair, including strength, elasticity, shape, moisture content and color! Weight-for-weight, the cortex is stronger than steel and can be stretched to almost 30% without significant breakage. But just like the cuticle, the cortex can be damaged, too (by all the same villains - turn down the temperature on those flat irons, ladies!). When this happens, the cortex loses its ability to retain moisture, thus leading to dry hair. Keeping hair moisturized with the right products is key to getting and keeping that supple, silky texture we all love. There's another part of human hair structures that has no discernible function, and that's the soft central core found in some human hair called the medulla. It is found in most mammals, but not in all humans. When it does occur in humans, it's most often found in gray hair strands. Have you ever wondered what gives us all our unique hair color? The answer is melanin, which is a pigment we also have in our skin. Melanin is manufactured deep within the follicle and distributed throughout the hair shaft. But there are two distinct sub-types of melanin, which better illuminates why there are so many variations of human hair color. The first is Eumelanin, which accounts for black and dark brown hair colors. The second is Phaeomelanin, which is what red hair has almost exclusively. It is the mixture of these two pigments in varying concentrations that creates blonde to light brown hair and everything in between. Genetics play the most important role in determining when you will see those first grey hairs. But what causes grey human hair? As time passes, the cells that produce your unique color of melanin (pigment) produce less and less of it. In other words, pigment cell renewal fizzles out. And by age 50, 50% of people have 50% grey hair! Fortunately there is a wide array of outstanding coloring products on the market today, so you do not have to stay gray grey unless you decide that you want to!

2. what to do with my hair?

Hey Christian, My first tip would be to try out a somewhat expensive salon just once. I did that last fall and now I am hooked... my stylist actually has great ideas for my hair rather than just taking an inch off the top. One great way to lighten things up is to have your stylist layer your hair. If your hair is naturally thick, ask them to use a razor to thin the ends. Some stylists also have special scissors that will thin out hair while leaving some of it long. One cool trend right now is asymmetrical bangs, and that's pretty popular with guys in bands. If you do not try out a new salon, make sure to find a picture or two of guys whose hair you like so that your current person knows what you are going for. Good luck!

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3. How to treat damaged hair?

Keep getting trims so it may develop out and the brand new healthful hair can change the historical broken hair. You do not want a big chop unexpectedly, you will do it through the years so your hair can keep lengthy. Use avocado, banana, eggs or honey with olive oil once or more every week as a hair masks. Change over to sulfate unfastened shampoos and seem up the professional naturals hair care procedure and get the whole lot you will from them. Especially the argan oil for after a bath, that is a warmth protectant that doubles as a deep conditioner so it makes hair fairly robust and healthful. Plus it makes it tender and removes frizz. It prevents cut up ends too.

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