Is It a Good Idea to Bypass a Heater Core This Way for Colder Air Conditioning?

It may help, But you are seating yourself up for failure. Messing with the cooling system is a bad idea. If you disrupt the flow it could change the way the system works and cause it to over heat. Ive always thought bypassing the heater core is ghetto, But admit ive done it a time or two myself. The better option, and the option I would most recommend is to remove your dash and replace the seals that are made from the factory to block the heater core from the vents when the a/c is on. But your idea would work, I do not know how well. It would depend on how much heat was making it's way from the heater core to the vents in the dash. You could also buy a 160* T-stat, that will lower the temp in the heater core by 30*

Is It a Good Idea to Bypass a Heater Core This Way for Colder Air Conditioning? 1

1. Central air conditioning?

In the house we just moved out of, (newer, well insulated house) we set it at 68 in the winter and 72 in the summer. It did not play havoc with the utility bills and was comfortable. If we got too hot in the summer, we sat on the back porch for a couple of minutes, then came back in, so it seemed relatively much cooler.

2. How do I know if my outdoor air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, or if it's just the fan motor?

You have someone that knows what they are doing LOOK at the unit

Is It a Good Idea to Bypass a Heater Core This Way for Colder Air Conditioning? 2

3. in window air conditioning question?

I even have heard great things approximately those transportable ones with the exhaust hose. i replaced into thinking one for my mattress room. No usual air in my place the two. Plus, it particularly is extremely achieveable that a storage window in simple terms ought to not be stable sufficient to hold a window unit. maximum are not built with an identical wall (and window) intensity that a house has & the unit ought to not stability nicely with out some style of exterior help, like stilts for the decrease back end of the window unit. With a 4 hundred squarefeet area, you ought to be waiting to get the transportable one for particularly much less costly. do not choose a great BTU score

4. Central Air Conditioning help please?

I agree with tipster. My mobile home when I moved in, prior to changing over the electricity and all to our name was on continuous fan, the renters prior had ran the fan continuous to try and circulate cool air, and its cool not cold. I just had a unit and A Coil installed and it ran about 2900 but that depends on the unit, an large house will need a larger unit. I would call the people who told you it had air, and find out why its not cold. If it does have a unit, the unit could be needing coolant replaced

5. How did people living in the south survive before air conditioning?

they adapted to their situations and made do with what they had. the world has become so modernized and lazy that people think they can not do without the comforts of technology that we have today. the truth of the matter is, if we HAD to do without a/c for the rest of our lives, then we would adapt to our circumstances.

6. How to cool a room down without air conditioning?

Use a radiant barrier foil in your attic, and some thick curtains to block out the sun

7. Vehicle air conditioning repair question?

First off, let me say that if you are going to be your own service center than you need to have the proper tools to do the job, the training, and the experience to know what is going on in a system. This means you must have a freon recapture/vacume station and you need the set of lines and gauges to know exactly what is going on in your system. Air conditioning 101: Starting at the compressor it takes your freon from a low pressure fluid and turns it to a high pressure fluid. From there it travels to the receiver drier (which filters your freon and removes any moisture from the freon) it goes to the evaporator in your fan assembly in your dash. As it takes the heat from the air running through those coils it turns your freon into a gas form. (Your compressor cannot pump gas but only liquid) so from there it goes to the condenser in front of your car and through convection turns back into a low pressure fluid once again. Now, since you have replaced all the lines and your compressor, you did not know that once you open up your system that you expose your receiver drier to sucking in all the moisture from the humid atmosphere. So your receiver drier is most likely saturated at this point and will never allow your system to properly cool. Your system also needed to have a vacume pulled on it for at least 4-6 hours. This not only pulls the system into a good vacume to receiver the new freon, but it also burns up any moisture that could be in the system (except for the receiver drier). So in short, replace your receiver drier, vacume the system down correctly, install the correct gauges and charge the system with new freon.

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