Is It Dangerous to Leave Cars Air Conditioning on While Car Is Off?

Turning your ignition"on" while the air conditioner is "on" is a good way to ruin your air conditioner. Always turn your air off before you shut down the car. Be sure it is off when you turn on the ignition.

Is It Dangerous to Leave Cars Air Conditioning on While Car Is Off? 1

1. White cloud of smoke comes from the engine when the air conditioning is turned on?

This has nothing to do with the AC being on or off. White smoke is usually from coolant leaching into the combustion chamber of the engine. Most likely from a defective head gasket. Have it checked at a reputable mechanic if there is such a person. Good luck

2. What are some good ways to stay cool without air conditioning or other energy hogs?

In addition to all the great ideas already posted: Go barefoot in the house. Wear loose, light clothes Do your energetic activities in the morning before it gets hot or in the evening after it cools down If your bedroom is hot, sleep in the living room, especially if you get a good cross breeze there. Shower in the afternoon or evening, instead of the morning, to cool down from the day Drink lots of water and sprinkle some of it on you occasionally. Water evaporating off your skin makes you feel cooler. Make an alcohol/water pack that you freeze during the day and take it to bed with you (I put mine under my pillow). Pets really like to have one of these during the day to lay on or near when it is hot. Eat cool foods (salads, cold soups, sandwiches) that do not heat up your kitchen. Learn to Solar cook your hot foods. (This is actually possible in some apartments...) Walk in the shade instead of the sun.

Is It Dangerous to Leave Cars Air Conditioning on While Car Is Off? 2

3. Is fuel consumption of a car affected by the air conditioning system; More fuel used when a/c is on???

No more than you would with the heater on, because with the a/c on there is a clutch that forces air through the coolant system that causes the heater core to become colder instead of the temperature of the engine's coolant itself, thus causing cold air. So long as you do not have any vacuum leaks there should not be any problems with the fuel consumption. the drag you experience when the air is on is due to the extra torque on the engine.

4. is there any way to re-route a heating/air conditioning vent to another place without cutting into the wall?

just go to a hardware store and get a plastic diverter that has magnets to hold it in place and re-direct the air so it doesnt blow on you. the have them at home depot or menards or lowes and sell for about 3 bucks. ask a salesperson what you want and they should know about it.

5. Air conditioning from an expensive luxury to an absolute necessity or was my fathers generation just tougher?

To hear my father tell it, he walked ten miles to school, uphill both ways, through 6 feet of snow. At the end of his life, he was finally talked into getting air conditioning for his own comfort. He did not want it because my father, God bless him, was a miser who did not want to pay higher electric bills. If you look at today's youth (Lord in Heaven) can you imagine them surviving without their cell phones? Much less basic necessities? They were tougher because they had to be

6. Home air conditioning; fried contactor. I replaced it but not sure if that was entire problem.?

There seems to be an epidemic of unqualified wannabe HVAC techs out there. If you do not know what you you are doing, DON'T MONKEY WITH IT! Get up off your brain and your wallet. Just call a qualified tech.

7. My air conditioning belt snapped on my 93 Subaru it necessary, or can I drive without it?

you will actually get better gas milage and better battery charge without the belt

8. How does air conditioning in a car work? does it affect fuel consumption when in use any info at all?

When you turn on the A/C in your car, you are burning extra gasoline to make yourself feel cooler.The principles of evaporation and condensation are utilized in your car's A/C system by a series of components that are connected by tubing and hoses. There are six basic components: the compressor, condenser, receiver-drier, thermostatic expansion valve, the evaporator and the life-blood of the A/C system, the refrigerant.

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Does Air Conditioning Work Better in Houses with Or Without Sealed Walls?
Many large commercial refrigerators specify small ceiling vents. The theory being that with each door opening a considerable volume of cold air "spills" out. The replacement ambient air is warmer and moist. At least some portion of the warmer air is ejected by door closing. The vent also breaks vacuum in otherwise airtight cabinets. Air always enters a structure by infiltration. This is desirable for ventilation and moisture elimination. Stratification due to temperature difference is substantial. Attics can heat up to 40-50F higher than living spaces. This heat conducts through floors and walls. With proper venting; the attic shouldnot exceed ambient temperature. The losses due to attic venting are negligible in comparison with the benefit.1. The air conditioning, fan, and heat have stopped working...?You need to find out if....when the engine is running, and the Air Conditioning is turned on...take a look at the compressor. That is the big round thing that is attached to the engine. You should see the belt moving around, duh, the engine is running, but what is important is you should also see the middle of the A/C clutch moving at the same speed as the belt. IF it is not turning at all, chances are that you have lost some of your freon to the point that the compressor wo not engage. If the compressor is engaging, then it is more likely that what you are talking about is replacing the fan motor. These can get expensive....thank Chrysler for that one. Good luck2. 5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Pet OwnersFew things are as fun and fulfilling as being a pet owner, but when we have furry friends taking comfort in our domiciles, we have to be a little extra vigilant when it comes to maintenance around the home. For instance, did you know having a pet affects your air conditioner and how it operates? It's true! Today, we are going to pass along some helpful tips for pet owners to keep in mind so their air conditioners work properly at all times. Here in Florida, air conditioning is vital to a comfortable home. For air conditioner maintenance in Titusville, call Altman's Cooling & Heating today! No matter what type of four-legged, fuzzy companion you have, keeping them groomed is incredibly important when it comes to your air conditioner. When you regularly groom your pet, you can minimize the amount of fur that is put into the air. That hair will get sucked into your air conditioner, get clogged up in your system, and cause it to work harder and shorten its lifespan. Additionally, this will help cut down how much dander, dust, and pollen are in the air, which can cause severe pet allergies. Make sure you are vacuuming regularly as well, as that will catch what they may have shed in between trips to the groomer. Your air filters are just as important to your air conditioner as a filter is to your car. It catches all of the particles that are floating through your air and prevents them from being cycled through. Because most pets are notorious for shedding, your air filter may get clogged up faster than normal. Check it regularly, clean or replace it when necessary, and you will keep your air clean and clear. The next time you need to replace your air filter, it's a good idea to consider going with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters, (which stands for high-efficiency particulate air) help to reduce the amount of allergens and particulates in your house's air supply by as much as 99.7 percent. The way it works is the filter grabs the microscopic dander, hair, or other particle, and locks it in so it can not go back through your air conditioner while it runs. This is especially a good idea for households with allergy problems. The previous tips were focused on what happens inside your home, but if you know anything about air conditioners, you know that's only half of the story. Your air conditioner will have an outdoor condenser unit that helps it operate. It's important that you train your pet not to go near the outdoor unit to keep them safe in the event a refrigerant leak occurs or they get caught in the fans. We recommend building a small fence around the outdoor unit to keep your pets out. All air conditioners, regardless of the pet situation, need to be maintained on a regular basis to keep them running properly. Many HVAC companies offer maintenance plans to ensure you are always on the schedule, so you do not have to worry about it. Do you want to make sure your air conditioner is working properly? Call the HVAC pros at Altman's Cooling & Heating! While we are located in Titusville, we are proud to serve Merritt Island, Port St. John, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Cape Canaveral, Mims, Rockledge, Sharpes, Wedgefield, Edgewater, and Oak Hill. Call us today to learn about our new customer special.3. My cats love to sleep in rooms with no air conditioning, why is this?Cats do not like blowing air
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