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Harry Aldrich Rabenhorst (April 30, 1898 March 24, 1972) was an American football player, coach of football, basketball, and baseball, and college athletics administrator.

A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he served as the head basketball coach at Louisiana State University (LSU) from 1925 to 1942 and again from 1945 to 1957. Rabenhorst was also the head baseball coach at LSU from 1927 to 1942 and again from 1946 to 1946 as well as the school's athletic director from 1967 to 1968. His 1935 LSU basketball team won a national championship and his 1953 squad reached the Final Four.

Rabenhorst played college football at Wake Forest as a fullback from 1917 to 1920, captaining the team for three seasons. Rabenhorst holds the record for longest punt in football history. On Thanksgiving Day 1919, against North Carolina State, Rabenhorst got off a world record 115-yard punt that sailed 85 yards in the air. Rabenhorst is credited as Wake Forest's head coach of record for the 1918 and 1919 seasons.

In 1925, Rabenhorst began a very long and successful career at LSU as the head coach of the men's basketball team. Two years later, in 1927, he also became the head baseball coach. Along with his successes in basketball, he also won two SEC baseball titles (1939 and 1946). As a reward for his team's success on the baseball diamond, Rabenhorst was named SEC Coach of the Year in 1939 and 1946, as well. Rabenhorst stepped down as baseball and basketball coach in 1942 when he left to serve in World War II. Upon his return, he again coached the baseball team from 1946 until 1956 and the basketball team from 1946 to 1957. He finished his baseball coaching career with a record of 2202263.


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After the annexation of the Nicoya jurisdiction in 1824 by Costa Rica, Nicaragua reclaimed this territory on repeated occasions. Although Nicaragua claimed the land, arguments over the land still continued. In an attempt to mend these disputes over ownership many subsequent treaties were drawn up, including the treaty of Oreamuno-Buitrago (1838), Madriz-Zavala (1846), Molina-Jurez (1848), Molina-Marcoleta (1854), Caas-Jurez (1857), Caas-Martnez treaty (1857) and the Webster-Crampton (1852) treaty. Despite all these actions, none of the treaties were agreed upon by both parties. Eventually a Webster-Crampton treaty was approved.

In April 1858, Nicaragua sent Mximo Jerez Tellera, the Minister of Plenipotentiary to San Jose to try to negotiate a new agreement. Costa Rica subsequently appointed General Jos Mara Caas Escamilla to negotiate with Telera. The negotiations took place in the presence of Fliz Belly, a French journalist who was interested in a contract to build a new canal. On April 15th the new treaty was approved narrowly by the Costa Rican Congress and was also approved by the Constituent Assembly of Nicaragua. Juan Rafael, the Costa Rican president traveled to the Nicaraguan city of Rivas where the treaty was exchanged with the Nicaraguan president, Toms Martnez Guerrero.

In the 1870s, Nicaragua began to object the validity of the treaty. In an attempt to resolve the differences, the following negotiations were held and signed in addition the previous treaty, Herrera-Zavala (1872), Vquez-Step (1886), and Zambrana-Alvarez (1883). The Castro-Navas (1884) talks were not settled. During 1886, more tensions rose between Costa Rica and Nicaragua but to the assistance of Guatalama, an arbitrary agreement was signed by the Licensed Ascension Esquivel Ibarra, of Costa Rica and Mr. Jos Antonio Romn of Nicaragua. At the Esquivel- Romn meeting, it was agreed that the validity of the Caas-Jerez treaty was possibly invalid by the United States President. On March 22, 1888, president Grover Cleveland recognized the validity of the Caas-Jerez treaty. Cleveland clarified many points of unclear interpretation within the treaty.

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Negotiation and Conflict ResolutionDorn is a member of the original Faculty of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Program for Health Care Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. He is a past national Co-Chair of the Health Sector for the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution and has also served as Interim President and CEO of Winchester Hospital in Winchester, Massachusetts (U.S.). In addition, he is President and CEO of Health Care Negotiation Associates.

Dr. Dorn is a contributing author of the book Renegotiating Health Care: Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration, the first edition of which was the winner of the Center for Public Resources Institute for Dispute Resolution Annual Book Prize Award and the Book of the Year Award from the Journal of the American Nursing Association. Excerpts of the book were selected by the American Medical Association for serialization in their newspaper. The second edition was released in June, 2011.

Preparedness and Emergency ResponseDr. Dorns work in preparedness dates from the events of September 11, 2001. After receiving a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to train in leadership preparedness, the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvards Kennedy School of Government expanded the program and began the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, designed to train government leaders in preparedness. Dr. Dorn has interviewed both domestic and international leaders in an attempt to better understand the thinking behind effective leadership. From this work, conducted in collaboration with Leonard J. Marcus and Joseph Henderson, the idea of Meta-leadership originated and was published in the journal Biosecurity & Bioterrorism. It was further developed through work with Dr. Isaac Ashkenazi and, later, Eric J. McNulty. The Meta-leadership framework and practice method has been adopted by the White House Homeland Security Council as well as many other governmental agencies.


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New Harvest...First Gathering - Dolly Parton (1977)

Grasshopper - J. J. Cale (1982)

Age to Age - Amy Grant (1982)

Heartbreak Express - Dolly Parton (1982)

Dangerous - Tony Joe White (1983)

Once in a Very Blue Moon - Nanci Griffith (1984)

Old Ways - Neil Young (1985)

I 2 (EYE) - Michael W. Smith (1988)

Take It to Heart - Michael McDonald (1990)

Go West Young Man - Michael W. Smith (1990)

Tennessee Woman - Tanya Tucker (1990)

Love Is Strange - Kenny Rogers (1990)

Carry On - Patti Austin (1991)

What Do I Do with Me - Tanya Tucker (1991)

Back Home Again - Kenny Rogers (1991)

Change Your World - Michael W. Smith (1992)

King of Hearts - Roy Orbison (1992)

Slow Dancing with the Moon - Dolly Parton (1993)

Shania Twain - Shania Twain (1993)

Tell Me Why - Wynonna Judd (1993)

Take Me as I Am - Faith Hill (1993)

House of Love - Amy Grant (1994)

Return to Pooh Corner - Kenny Loggins (1994)

Something Special - Dolly Parton (1995)

All I Want - Tim McGraw (1995)

All I Need to Know - Kenny Chesney (1996)

Revelations - Wynonna Judd (1996)

Blue - LeAnn Rimes (1996)

Golden Heart - Mark Knopfler (1996)

All That Matters - Michael Bolton (1997)

Behind the Eyes - Amy Grant (1997)

Live the Life - Michael W. Smith (1998)

Faith - Faith Hill (1998)

The Trouble with Angels - Juice Newton (1998)

No Place That Far - Sara Evans (1998)

Breathe - Faith Hill (1999)

Blue Obsession - Michael McDonald (2000)


Publications and recognition of step machine

Ehrenkrantz has been listed annually by The Daily Beast magazine from 2007 through 2012 as one of the fifty most influential rabbis in America.

His writings have appeared in a wide range of Jewish and general-interest publications, including Jewish Week, the Jerusalem Report, the Charlotte Observer and Child magazine. He has contributed commentary to The Guide to Jewish Practice (RRC Press) on the topics of kashrut, tzedakah, bioethics, mourning and speech; and authored an essay in the forthcoming The Dream of Zion, edited by Jeffrey Salkin (Jewish Lights Publishing).

Ehrenkrantz has written widely on American Judaism, the Reconstructionist movement, and on the role of religion in America. He often serves as a spokesperson for the Reconstructionist movement in Judaism, meeting with Jewish leaders as well as political and other national figures.

In his inaugural address, he gave a definition of Reconstructionist Judaism:

The Reconstructionist movement is the only movement in Jewish life which doesn't imagine that Judaism is the religion which God created. And if God didn't create Judaism, neither did God choose the Jewish people to carry the one true religion into the world. Neither does the purpose of all creation lie disproportionately within our particular community. Jewish study at the RRC creates a love of Judaism and a love of Jewish life without relying on ideas of Jewish supremacy. The RRC has created a model of religious passion and allegiance combined with tolerance and respect for others. .. This leap from the medieval to the contemporary world is one which we need the rest of the Jewish community, and the rest of the world, to take with us.. What we are attempting to achieve at the RRC and in the Reconstructionist movement is crucial if our world is to survive the present challenges we face.

In a 2007 interview with the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, Ehrenkrantz outlined what connects Reconstructionist Jews.

Q: What unites Reconstructionist Jews?

DE: They are united in being interested and open to questions of Jewish life, they are united in placing community as an extraordinarily high value. Different Reconstructionist congregations will have very different atmosphere in halachic observance, in terms of Hebrew/English mix in the service, but everybody in Reconstructionist congregations will speak in very similar terms about their congregation. It has to do with how the synagogues are run, insisting that members take Judaism and create it for themselves, and the process of doing that brings people closer together. We decide together what Judaism is and that creates a very different communal atmosphere.

Ehrenkrantz advocates a link between spirituality and religion. He told the Hartford Courant in 2008 that spirituality is the awareness of being connected to something larger than ourselves...You can have spirituality without religion, says Ehrenkrantz, though both suffer from the lack of the other. Religion without spirituality would be empty, he said, and spirituality without a framework like religion is difficult because, he said, most people need the discipline, community and constant reminders that religious traditions offer.

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