Medical Insurance? Paying More Annually Than Ins Is Paying on Claims.?

that is how the insurance companies make money

Medical Insurance? Paying More Annually Than Ins Is Paying on Claims.? 1

1. Help....My Car ins. Co. is trying to MAKE ME take their cheaper quote since i want to cash out.?

It sounds like your rep is not very knowledgeable. Get the car fixed however you and the company agree and then switch companies. You do not need the headache of poor front line support when you are in crisis mode.

2. *Heart attack moment* Any scary experiences with your horses... from random break-ins?

Urgh that sure is scary! That's my worst nightmare. I hope that never happens again =[ Anyway. My scariest moment with a horse- A colt I was working with, bolted in his paddock, ran through the electric wire, got that tangled around his legs. He then freaked out more and ran STRAIGHT for the gate to the paddock. He tried to jump it, but was not fast enough, hit his chest on the top of the gate and front flipped over it. He then limped away. I was SO frightened he would fractured his hock. But thank goodness - it was only a sprain. It good have been so much worse....I could never imagine putting that horse down. He is such a sweet colt. But babies will be babies! I guess we all need to expect these kinds of things.

Medical Insurance? Paying More Annually Than Ins Is Paying on Claims.? 2

3. Where in the Constitution does the right exist for government to require Americans to have health ins.?

Most States demand you purchase vehicle insurance and when you buy a vehicle on time, they insist you have proof of insurance. According to the Constitution it is an infirmary to insist on paying for ones own health care. It is interesting that many Liberals want to allow suicide, then want us to pay for insurance? It is a money scam! When will our own States have no rights whatsoever? When one gets helps, who does it? The community or family! If we are taxed to death by our Federal, how can a community help? One must look at what the founding fathers meant when they spoke because that was a different time. We hear all the mumbo jumbo that this is a different time to support Liberal/Communist ideas when they want something. The point is how much freedom of choice do you want? Some are given choice that defies truth and responsibility but the general public may be cut off from the elected as we allowed a foolish elected to tell us what right is instead of allowing State and local to say what this is! Earl

4. Turned down for life ins...can someone help me decipher the results?

You might want to schedule and appointment with your regular physician. Some of those levels look like precursors to diabetes or possible kidney stones. Have your doctor look at the results

5. Is it possible to define custom compound assignment operators like ⊕= similar to built-ins =, *= etc?

No, Mathematica just does not have the capability to modify the language grammar at runtime like that.There are a variety of methods you can use to effect new operators in the Front End but they are not actually extending the syntax of the language. Michael Pilat gives an example using the Notation Package in the referenced Q&A. More low-level you can modify the file as described in How is as an infix operator associated with Plus? You could also use MakeBoxes, $PreRead, or CellEvaluationFunction, but again none of these will work in Packages, so you are better off using built-in operators that are undefined.

6. My son, a deputy sheriff, had training with INS and said they are frustrated because their hands are so tied..

What hypocrisy! Americans need to get together and make some noise about the way we are being jerked around by those in DC

7. Get mail INS of NEW-YORK?

yes. deport all illegal immigrants

8. Which bottles are better... Playtex Drop Ins or Playtex VentAire?

For my second and third children I used the Ventair. They really do help with the gas. My second had real bad colic and when I found these bottles she got better. I used them with my son and he never had any problems at all. They are real easy to clean. ..the bottom comes off as well as the top. I thought that they were more sanitary then regular bottles. I tried the drop ins for my second daughter and she could not latch onto the nipples...they were too wide. The VentAir is a better choice

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