Realme True Self Becomes the "strongest Dark Horse" in the Mobile Phone Industry in 2021?

In recent years, the growth of the domestic mobile phone market has been weak, and the shipment has decreased for four consecutive years since 2017. Among them, 2020 is the most tragic Waterloo in history. According to the data of China information and Communication Research Institute, the domestic mobile phone market shipped 308 million units in 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 20.8%.

Against the backdrop of the downturn in the mobile phone industry, major players are having a hard time and are very eager to usher in a headwind turnaround in 2021. Not to mention, the general trend of mobile phones in 2021 is optimistic. IDC predicts that domestic mobile phone shipments will increase by 4.6% year-on-year in 2021, and the market scale will rise to 340 million units.

It is not difficult to see that the whole mobile phone circle is difficult to experience another extraordinary event like 2020, and it is also difficult to encounter such a once-in-a-lifetime breakthrough opportunity as 2021. Therefore, you will see that major mobile phone manufacturers are eager to try, and the final victory often belongs to well prepared players, who have great determination, fast action and strong strength. Mobile phone war is imminent. Who do you prefer?

Opportunities in 2021 mobile phone market

It is more appropriate to describe the situation of the mobile phone industry in 2020 with "more difficult". After three consecutive years of sales decline, it had hoped that 5g, a new selling point, would stimulate users to change machines, so as to drive the growth of the market. However, a sudden epidemic disrupted the wishful thinking and shook the confidence of the industrial chain. What's more, the impact spread throughout the year.

Throughout 2020, the mobile phone circle is moving forward with a heavy load, especially Q1, which has fallen to the bottom, resulting in a halving of shipments. Since then, it has gradually embarked on the road of recovery, but it is difficult to recover to the level of the same period in 2019. At the same time, there are some subtle changes in the market pattern. The landmark event is the official solo flight of glory in November 2020, which makes Huawei, which once ranked first in the world in Q2, fall out of the top five in the world in Q4.

The negative effects of this move will be more obvious in 2021. One big blow is the recent news that Huawei's mobile phone parts orders fell by more than 60% in 2021, which will directly affect its shipments. As far as the domestic market is concerned, the loss of glory is a sales responsibility. The high-end P series and mate series supported by one piece of Kirin 9000 alone are obviously not enough to make Huawei reproduce its former prosperity.

The glorious situation of losing Huawei's halo blessing is not optimistic. We should not only work hard to restore supply, but also have a long way to go to tamp the sales channel and service system, which can not effectively boost sales in the short term. Of course, the business world has always been cruel. If you can't, naturally someone will be on top. In other words, being blocked by the United States is a danger to Huawei and its glory, but an opportunity for its friends and businessmen, that is, the period of strategic opportunity is coming.

Looking at 2021, in the post epidemic era, the user's purchase demand will pick up, and Huawei may further decline, bringing huge market opportunities to other players. Smart players have long smelled business opportunities and tried to seize the space vacated by Huawei at the moment when the environment of the mobile phone industry is improving. For example, realme, the world's fastest-growing smartphone brand popular in India and Southeast Asia, chose to take a heavy position in the domestic market and showed a fierce offensive at the beginning of the year, laying a solid foundation for attacking cities and land throughout the year.

It is the product power that competes for and strives for

As we all know, the mobile phone industry is highly competitive, almost killing red eyes. The so-called "competition" is not so much a competition for territory and business, but rather a competition for whose products are better and more attractive to users. Therefore, the competition among major players is ultimately a contest of product power. After all, users will only pay for the products, and the rich channel system and excellent marketing methods play a more auxiliary and foil role to help the products sell well.

"Product power", as the name suggests, refers to product expressiveness, that is, to create a good product more popular with users. It is easier to know than to do. To really stand out, major mobile phone manufacturers need to master the true meaning of their products, mainly including three key words: technological innovation, young people and cost performance.

Let's start with technological innovation. China is one of the countries with the most fierce competition in the global mobile phone market. It shows that giants gather together and strong enemies surround. If we don't pay attention to technological innovation, how can we break out of the siege? Therefore, the background color of major players should be technological innovation. From the product level, technological innovation is an important guarantee for building good products, which can bring users a bright function and experience, so as to build differentiated advantages.

Then, young people, the premise of building good products is to understand user needs. At present, the mainstream consumer groups are young people represented by the post-95 generation. They are full of curiosity and interest in cutting-edge and trendy products. The rise of purchasing power promotes the arrival of strong purchase demand. At the same time, they are willing to share and make suggestions, so that they can firmly grasp the right to speak. Therefore, the law of "those who get young people get the world" is popular in the mobile phone circle, and major players are sparing no effort to compete for young people.

Finally, cost performance, in essence, is high configuration and low price, that is, spend less money to buy products with stronger performance and better quality. After experiencing the baptism of 4G switch tide, young people have generally used more than two smart phones, and their consumption concept tends to be more rational and pragmatic. Products with more cost performance often become the first choice for users. Cost performance will also force major players to improve business efficiency, including supply chain and channels, so as to win the battle of cost performance.

It is said that we attach importance to product power, but like realme, there are not many people who regard product power self drive as brand gene. It is precisely for this reason that realme will achieve a series of dazzling achievements. In less than three years, realm has gained more than 70 million users worldwide. According to counter point data, realme's global mobile phone shipments exceeded 42.4 million units in 2020, an increase of 65% against the trend, becoming the only brand in the world with an increase of more than 50%.

Behind the brilliant achievements, realme excelled. Xu Qi, vice president of realme, President of China and President of global marketing, gave the answer on MWC in 2021: benchmark of science and technology trend. This is not only the key for realme to quickly break the game and become a mainstream player, but also add more chips for it to break the deadlock in the price segment and subvert the medium and high-end market. Specifically:

In terms of technological innovation, although the realm brand is young, its dedication and harshness to technology are not lost to a group of pioneers, and constantly bring users new technologies starting in the price segment. Taking 5g as an example, in order to make the new technology more suitable for products at different levels, realme has made a lot of efforts, completed the entry to the full coverage of the flagship 5g model in only 8 months, and released the industry's first 5g product within 1000 yuan. It is the only brand that has completed the comprehensive 5g layout and has become a pioneer and popularizer of 5g in the industry.

In terms of young people, realme advocates the brand concept of "daring to surpass the level", fits the preferences of young people, meets the needs of young people, continues to create products with more surprises in the same price range, and cross-border cooperation with IP such as national treasure to bring more fashionable and trendy co branded products to young people. For example, realm V15 leads the national trend. At the same time, realm continues to strengthen the operation of the global fan community, firmly stand with young people in this home, embrace multiculturalism, and make common progress and mutual achievements with young people.

In terms of cost performance, Li Bingzhong, CEO of realme, once said, "there are two ways to innovate. One is the research and development of high and new technologies with high-tech innovation, and the other is to greatly reduce the cost of mature or about to mature technologies and popularize them. It is not difficult to see that realme takes the second way.", The way of realme innovation is to lower the most advanced technology or hardware to lower price products, and with the support of the top supply chain system, we can continue to provide users with cost-effective products.

Where did the confidence come from

In fact, there will be opportunities in the domestic mobile phone market in 2021, which is fair to all players, but it will be higher and lower in the end. The outside world has low expectations for small and medium-sized players. It's good if they can hold their own one-third of an acre under the fierce battle of giants. It's almost impossible to become the mainstream of the market. On the contrary, the attack between the head players is more noticed, and the power duel is quietly staged. Who will be proud and who will be frustrated?

To be honest, the mobile phone market has always been changing, and it is difficult to win or lose before the last minute. It is too early to predict the ranking in 2021. But what is certain is that realme is expected to fight a beautiful turnaround in the domestic market. In May 2019, it officially returned to the domestic market and had a head-on confrontation with huami ov without stage fright and quickly gained a firm foothold. In 2020, realm became more and more brave under adversity. Q4 sales soared by 428% year-on-year, and 5g mobile phone shipments ranked among the top 5, becoming one of the mainstream players.

After the rise, realm has greater ambition. It defines 2021 as the "first year" in China, which indicates that it will do a big job in China's base camp. It can be seen that in 2021, realm will pay more attention to the domestic market, seek breakthrough and comprehensive outbreak, and become the "strongest dark horse". So the question is, in the domestic market of a red sea, where does realm break through come from? In my opinion, the bottom gas source comes from the simultaneous development of products, channels and marketing.

At the product level, after completing the layout of the full price segment of 5g product line, realm has not stopped moving forward. In 2021, it will start a new product strategy - "dual platform Dual flagship", that is, performance flagship image flagship dual flagship series, and adopt Qualcomm MediaTek dual flagship platform to cover a wider price segment, bringing more comprehensive leapfrog product experience and more leapfrog surprises to young people. This means that while consolidating the existing achievements, realm will focus on the medium and high-end market and become a troublemaker and subverter.

At the channel level, realm is showing a good situation of flowering online and offline. Starting online, its sales in, and Suning have long been on track, and it will enter Huantai mall in 2020. Offline is the core position of mobile phone sales. Realme will not miss it and gradually improve its own sales channels and service system. Up to now, its authorized sales outlets have laid out 30000 , won the support of three major operators, and established 11 independent service centers, 11 national repair centers and nearly 10000 after-sales outlets, covering nearly 300 cities in China.

At the marketing level, realme is highly consistent with the new spokesperson Yang Mi, with full circle powder effect. On the one hand, realme adheres to the brand attitude of "daring to surpass the level", and daring to break through and fight and tell the truth is a major label of Yang Mi; On the other hand, realme is committed to building a technology tide brand, and Yang Mi has been a model of "tide" in the entertainment industry since his debut. At the same time, realme also actively integrates with young people. For example, it has become the preferred brand for young people in China by creating "realme trendy play campus alliance" and holding wallpaper design competition and photography competition.

In other words, there is no ever victorious general in the mobile phone industry. If you want to ride the wind and waves in 2021 full of opportunities, you should not only have excellent comprehensive strength, but also have firm determination and iron fist execution. It is gratifying that realme does not lie on the credit book, nor does it produce path dependence. Instead, it returns to zero, dares to change, breaks through itself in the spirit of "daring to surpass the level", and naturally can obtain more user recognition and higher industry status.

Realme True Self Becomes the

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