Samsung Readme: How to Create Virtual Reality with Gear VR

What if you can go deep into the sea, explore the underwater world or visit Tony Stark's lab in the avenger? Over time, many things we once thought were science fiction have become a reality. Samsung launched gear VR at the 2014 consumer electronics show in Berlin, which is one of many attempts of virtual reality. It provides a 360 degree virtual reality experience to immerse users in a virtual environment.

What is the development process of Samsung gear VR? Samsung's own website Samsung tomorrow recently explained some of the processes behind the development of this device.

"Mobile based virtual reality"

Because virtual reality devices need high-end technologies such as high-precision sensors, high-definition displays and strong computing power, so far, most virtual reality products are based on personal computers. Traditional head mounted displays (HMDS) need to be connected to personal computers through cables, while gear VR is connected wirelessly and based on mobile phones. How did mobile virtual reality come into being?

Head mounted display using function machine

Although Samsung has long carried out research on virtual reality products. In January 2005, Samsung obtained a patent for head mounted display, which uses a flip function machine. It is said that this is the first time to use a mobile phone as the display screen of a head mounted display. Samsung also believes that creating a virtual reality environment based on mobile phones is more conducive to the popularization of this technology.

Prototype with Galaxy S4 phone

The performance and display limitations of functional machines make it difficult to realize virtual reality. Samsung continues to carry out research on virtual reality and head mounted display. When the galaxy S4 was released in 2013, Samsung formed a team to develop a virtual reality device with a smartphone. So Samsung made several prototype head mounted displays equipped with Galaxy S4 phones.

However, although the display of Galaxy S4 is full HD, its performance and display still can not meet the standard of becoming a head mounted display. However, Samsung also understood the key elements of virtual reality headset Technology: to track the head quickly and accurately, a display with ultra fast response speed and optimization of GPU.

Galaxy Note 4

With the launch of Galaxy note 4, gear VR is available. The processor, GPU and QHD display of Galaxy note 4 can be well adapted to virtual reality devices. Samsung has produced more than 30 prototypes.


The virtual reality headset based on mobile phone is possible with Galaxy note 4. In addition, the birth of gear VR is also largely due to the cooperation with oculus.

"When we started working with oculus, we had a very different concept of this device," said Joo namkung, who is in charge of product planning at Samsung Electronics. Oculus has always focused on games, while Samsung wants to use virtual reality devices to consume a variety of entertainment content such as movies, videos and photos. In addition, oculus's head mounted display is based on personal computers, so it is not considered that it can be manufactured with smart phones. The two companies discussed this and finally made gear VR come true.

In order to realize the performance of gear VR, great efforts must be made in hardware and software. Samsung said that they studied a large number of human body data of different people and different ages in order to make gear VR comfortable to wear. These data include eye spacing, the size and position of the nose, the protrusion of the cheekbones, the size of the head, etc. In terms of software, they have also made many cooperation in order to realize advanced virtual reality technology and make use of the high-end display of Galaxy note 4. Some of their main objectives are:

1) The motion to photo delay is less than 20 ms

2) Overall optimization of hardware and kernel

3) The QHD display of Galaxy note 4 should support HD rendering

The future of gear VR

For Samsung, this goggle like head mounted display is a new product category. Jin goo Lee, a senior engineer of Samsung Electronics who participated in the development of gear VR software, said: "Samsung has a lot of concerns about this new attempt."

However, the unlimited potential of virtual reality is also worth looking forward to. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg once said that virtual reality will become the next generation computing platform, and it is expected to have 1 billion users in the next decade.

What are the possibilities of virtual reality technology? With the Internet of things connecting all objects and creating unlimited possibilities, virtual reality technology will maximize the interaction between people and objects in the new environment of the virtual world.


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