Sassy's Silky Straight Human Hair Extensions 18"?

Please be careful when using extensions. I've heard of quite a few people who've had their hair come out from having extensions put on. I can understand that you really want them

Sassy's Silky Straight Human Hair Extensions 18

1. Is it possible to extract enough DNA from a single human hair to place it into a growing flower and have the flower test positive for the DNA? If yes, how can I do this?

It does not exactly work that way.It's actually very difficult to 'place' hair in a flower and have the hair's DNA get incorporated into a flower. Usually a complex multi-step process is used to 'edit' DNA

2. Does anybody know how to tell the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic fiber?

Human hair has better quality and is more expensive. Synthetic looks extremely fake and it frizzes up quicker

Sassy's Silky Straight Human Hair Extensions 18

3. where can i get the best quality human hair in brooklyn newyork for weaving. i dont mind the cost?

Buy The World's Best Raw Human Hair Posted: Jun 20, 2006 Location: New York, NY Ad Type: Services Category: Health/Beauty Description: Now you can experience beautiful Natural Human Hair. This type of natural raw human hair is virtually free from chemical processing treatments. Our exclusive hair is extremely controlled by our outstanding and professional hair manufacturer in South America, providing high quality hair for over 35 years. This high quality of hair is not at all comparable to the other so-called-100% Human Hair brands, that due to poor quality and extreme chemical treatments, does not look or feel natural and is quickly disposable in a very short time. Our South American hair has soft waves and natural movement making it the best hair to use for wig making and hair extensions. If you are tired of wasting time and money on the other so called 100% human hair, then place an order today and experience the difference.

4. which is better, Human hair or Synthetic Half wigs?

Get the Jessica Simpson clip in extensions. They are human hair and come in different colors and styles.

5. Help i live with a human hair trigger who goes off at the drop of anything?

Typical boy Penfold has challenging behaviour and throws a tantrum if you ask him to clean up anything they are just naughty boys, we have to be positive about their good things and only praise them up when they are good and ignore the bad, it's not worth the hassle sweetie. You can only do your best and be strong he will know he is doing it I am sure. Just leave it, when he realises he is living under a pile of stink he will sort it out, we have to be very patient where boys are concerned they act like they need mothering but best to let them do their thing and wait for them to bore of the rebellious stage.

6. what is hair for ?i mean we can easily say to protect the brain from the sun but what about body hair ??

Hair is for protection. Mostly that is insulation to stop us getting too hot or too cold, but it also offers physical protection as well. Humans have lost most of their hair so human hair is mostly pointless. It is significant that those parts of the body where humans still have hair it still serves a purpose. Hair on your head prevents a lot of heat loss in cooler places and prevents heat stroke in hotter places. Adult hair (in your armpits and groins) acts as a bearing surface so the skin is less irritated when you move your arms and legs.

7. We Visited the Only Fake Baby Factory in the World

The only factory to make those dolls in the world is located in Spain's Basque Country - in the town of Leioa, some 15 minutes away from Bilbao. "As a company you could say we are practically the only one of it's kind in the world. There are artists who make this type of doll at home, but I think we are the only place to produce them en masse," explains Cristina Iglesias, the Catalonian director of Clon Factory. The company was founded seven years ago as a special effects workshop but it was not until 2013 that they launched the BabyClon brand. Artist, and now distributor of the brand in Spain, Silvia Ortiz, was the one who came up with the idea to make these hyper-realistic dolls. "When Silvia first told me about silicone babies, I thought they were really weird. I could not understand why anyone would make these dolls. But then I realised that they could sell so I decided to start making them. Still, I wanted to stand out and improve on what was already in the market," recalls the director of Clon Factory. Cristina's true passion and original field of study is special effects: "We use the same techniques that we would with bodies in cinema work, only reduced to the size of a baby," she explains. Once the sculpture is ready, the mould is made with a combination of fibreglass and aluminium which lasts for about 100 copies. "After a while though, the material begins to suffer. It also becomes quite tedious for us to be working on the same model. We are people, not machines," Cristina says. The time invested in the process of making a BabyClon doll is three months. Although made in series, BabyClon dolls are not identical. The last phase of making one is the painting of it - that's were each takes on special features that make them distinguishable from their sisters and brothers. The colour of the hair, their eyes and also their sex often depend on the client's needs. "We will often get more specific requests too - that a baby has some sort of birth mark or freckle in a certain place, for instance. In some cases, they even provide photos of their children when they were babies so that we can make a replica. It's like a 3D photograph. That I do find lovely," smiles Cristina. The one thing the dolls have in common is their hair, which is made of mohair, because it's smooth and apparently similar to human hair. "There are two types of buyer: The collectors who purchase at factory price and the other is the reborn artist. The latter is dedicated to buying the babyclon straight from the mould. Then they will paint and prepare them for sale to the collectors," explains Cristina. Many collectors want pieces painted by certain artists given that some of the detail they can give them would be impossible to achieve in the factory," she adds. Silicone babies do not require special attention - and even less so when they are displayed in glass cabinets, which is common practice among collectors. In these cases, "cleaning them once a year is enough. But if you take them out on walks and you put them in clothes then it's wise to clean them every two months." If cared for well, BabyClons can last up to 30 years. Dolls from Leioa reach the four corners of the Eart. The biggest importer of BabyClons is the United States but the babies have also reached Australia, Japan, Colombia, Brazil, Iran and of course many European countries. "In Spain, collecting these dolls is regarded as a rather strange hobby. However, in other countries there are people who recognise their value as works of art," says Cristina as she walks me out, holding a doll in her arms.

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