Step Analysis of Installing Parameter Adjustment Software in UAV with Naza Lite

1、 Naza Lite is suitable for 4-axis, 6-axis and 6-axis, and the appropriate flight control is selected according to the aircraft. On the left side of flight control is a e t r u X1 x2 X3 led exp. on the right side is M1 M2 m3 M4 M5 M6 F1 F2

The notched side is the signal line. Single flight control is equipped with 8 public to public connecting wires, which are used to connect the receiver. There is also an LED module to supply power for flight control and GPS.

2、 Connect

The aetru channel of flight control is respectively connected to and three section switch channel of the receiver, which are connected by public-to-public connecting wires. The two power lines of LED module are connected to the distribution board. One wire with four wires is connected to the LED on the left of flight control, and the other wire with three wires is connected to the X3 borrow port of flight control. After the throttle stroke setting is unified, the left front electric regulation connection line is M1. Counterclockwise is m2, m3... In turn, and the electric regulation signal line is connected to M1, M2 and M3 on the right of flight control (several electric regulators are connected). Note that the signal line on the side with gap on flight control. F1 and F2 are connected to PTZ.

3、 Adjusting parameters

1. Connection to computer

After confirming that all devices have been connected correctly, you can connect the battery for power supply. The LED module shall be placed in a position convenient for connection with the computer. Connect the computer with the supplied USB cable

2. Download parameter adjustment software

Go to the homepage of DJI's official website and find "all products". After entering, find Naza m Lite. Click to find the support and download in the upper right corner. There is a "technical support" on the left. There are four columns below to find relevant downloads. A total of two need to be downloaded, including naza-m Lite parameter adjustment software v1.00 and DJI driver. Download the driver first and install the parameter adjustment software after successful installation

It is recommended to use win7 system. In addition, when installing the driver, there will be pictures similar to the copy (the folder flies from the left to the right). At this time, there is nothing important until a dialog box appears, and a green check indicates that the driver installation is successful. In the next step, you can install the parameter adjustment software

3. Open the DJI parameter adjustment software, which will let you enter the user name and password. There is a user registration below. Click to enter and fill in the relevant information. Just fill in the one with red. Now enter the filled fuel tank and there will be a new email sent by DJI. Click the connection and close it when the page comes out. This is the activated account. Then close the parameter adjustment software, reopen it, enter the mailbox and password, click to remember the password, and then log in

4. Start adjusting parameters at this time

Note that at this time, remove all paddle wings

â‘  Click the tool in the upper left corner to calibrate IMU.

â‘¡ Set the motor to the required mode

â‘¢ For remote control calibration, first select the receiver type according to the receiver; Select intelligent or manual stop mode for stop type (refer to the manual); Command lever calibration trea is throttle, direction, pitch and roll respectively, and complete the operation according to the instructions on the right; Control mode, turn the switch to see if the slider is normal (i.e. the breaking kinetic energy is consistent with the movement of the slider); X1 and X2 ignore it for the time being

â‘£ The self driving system first changes the above parameters to 100%. Select or delete a parameter, enter a parameter, the parameter turns red, and then click write above

⑤ Voltage. If you want to start voltage detection, click Open (it is recommended to open); The voltage can be calibrated by electric display; Select the battery type (several seconds); For level-1 voltage protection, please input the required voltage protection voltage on the far left, and the line loss voltage can be ignored first; Secondary voltage protection, input the minimum voltage you need for forced landing, and the line loss voltage can be ignored first

5. Pre takeoff inspection

Unplug the USB connector

This is to remove all paddle wings!

Start the motor: the two remote control rocker arms are lower left or lower right, or the inner figure eight (both rocker arms face the middle and the lowest), and the outer figure eight (the two rocker arms are the leftmost, the rightmost and the lowest). When the motor rotates, push the accelerator (don't wait for the motor to stop, otherwise it will be locked again), start the motor and check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct. After the direction adjustment, the propeller wing can be installed. Please ensure that the propeller wing is installed correctly! Please power off during installation! Confirm again that all propeller wings and motors are installed correctly!

Please make sure the aircraft has no problem before taking off!

Step Analysis of Installing Parameter Adjustment Software in UAV with Naza Lite 1

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