Straight Hair: Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron?

Straighteners are very worth it. If you can not afford an expensive one, make sure you buy one that is ceramic because other straighteners will ruuin your hair. Straighteners can curl, wave and straighten your hair!

Straight Hair: Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron? 1

1. How did my hair become this? How can I change it?

use the baby shampoo again because you had straight hair when you used that also pantene is bad for your :)

2. How can I curl very straight hair?

tie your hair up in either a messy bun or pig tails, and spray it with hairspray and sleep on it, in the morning, do not brush it just toussel it with your fingers

Straight Hair: Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron? 2

3. i need help with straight hair?

Get a permenant at your hair dressers

4. Are black women brainwashed for liking straight hair?

I will speak for myself rather than those answering without personal merit My hair; auburn, afro curly and long, my preference, and the men of my own race and outside of it who approach me. Especially Black/Latin men. I look my best naturally not Eurocentric. Go preach that garbage elsewhere

5. how can i style my hair?

Depends on your hair texture. If you have naturally curly hair you can straighten it which invites a ton of new ways to style your hair into your life. Or if you have straight hair you can curl, braid, cut it. :-)

6. A Guide To Understanding The Difference Between Texturizer And Relaxer

People who have curly hair might think of styling it another way. You decide to choose the ways you want to style your natural curls. Texturizers and Relaxers are two commonly seen hair straightening ways that are being used by many women all around the world. These two are, of course, chemical treatments and are very similar to each other. These processes can permanently style your hair but have a little variation in the process. Before you head out to a stylist and ask for the hair treatments, you should understand these two styling processes. If you know about the process, you can easily decide which one to choose according to your hair texture. In this process of Texturizer, the chemical used on the hair should not be left for more than five to ten minutes. This short time frame in texturizers makes it difficult to get a uniform outcome. The chemicals used can change the structure of the proteins of your hair, like keratin. When texturizer is applied to your hair, it will break the bonds in the hair protein, which results in loose curls. Texturizer can give you more relaxed and natural-looking hair. The relaxer will be left on the natural hair for about 20 minutes to get the actual result. This process is for people who want to have permanent straight hair by removing all the curls. The method of relaxer will break down the natural keratin present in your hair and make your hair straight without any waves or curls. Difference Between Texturizer And Relaxer And Which Is Better? Here you may find the difference between texturizer and relaxer. You should first keep in mind that both texturizers and relaxers have chemicals. Both these processes almost contain similar products that can convert your natural hair into a different style. The formulas used in Relaxers can be used even to get the texturizing effect. If you want a texturizer effect for your hair, you can surely use the relaxer, but the duration should be reduced from 20 minutes to 10 or five, which will depend on your natural hair texture. When you get the package of a texturizer or relaxer, read the ingredients section clearly to understand what chemicals and products are used. One the front of the package may contain details that might have been given, but you will only know the actual ingredients if you cross-check the label behind the box. Both texturizers and relaxers have sodium or calcium hydroxide. Whichever process you use, it is important to wash and rinse the products from your hair fully using a neutralizing shampoo. Aftercare is also essential after this hair treatment to keep your hair soft, silky, and frizz-free. Will Texturizers And Relaxers Damage Your Natural Hair Texturizers are used to make your curls look wavy rather than a fully straight look. So, this process is suitable for people who want to blend both natural curls with waves. Whereas relaxers are used for people who want to get that bone-straight hair strands. This means relaxers can sometimes result in over-processing and might leave your hair with less elasticity. This guide is given for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages to make it easy to choose. Texturizers make your curls loosen, and you could easily manage your hair. It also keeps some of your natural hair texture even after the treatment. Moreover, this process has less shrinkage feel even if your natural hair shrinks when it is wet. Some people only need to go for a touchup only after two or three months. Texturizing your hair only produces fewer frizzes, and the duration taken to complete this process is very less. Moreover, it helps in drying your hair faster as the curls are loosened. Apart from these pros, there are surely some cons of texturizing. The first disadvantage is the use of chemicals in this process. After the treatment is completed, and if you do not like it, you will have to for a few months to get your natural-looking hair back. Likewise, texturizing will not give you even curls as the processing time is hardly five to 10 mins. Since chemicals are used, you might find breakage and damage if not taken good care of. If your goal is to set straight hair, then a relaxer is a perfect choice. But let us first understand the pros and cons of the relaxer hair treatment. Since you will get straight hair, the time required to style your hair can be reduced. There are only fewer chances of getting tangled, and you can say goodbye to tangles. The most imperative advantage is that you will be able to see the original length of your hair after straightening. But, once you have completed this process, you can get back your natural curls very soon. It will take a few months to get the original texture of your hair, depending on the hair growth. Furthermore, if the process of relaxing your hair is not done properly, it will cause hair damage, an itchy scalp, and even hair loss. I hope this guide has given you enough information regarding the difference between texturizer and relaxer. Texturizers and Relaxers are permanent treatments done to your hair. As your hair grows naturally, you will start having your original hair, and you have to go for touch ups to have an even look. But you will not have to apply the texturizer all over your hair. Only the new hair needs to be treated. Both these hair treatments will last for about 8 to 12 weeks. Since you have understood the difference between texturizer and relaxer along with the process and pros and cons, you can now easily decide on which one you want to select. Whichever style you choose, you will surely get a new trendy look. Do not avoid caring for your hair after undertaking any of these treatments. You will be able to notice much difference in your hair after the treatments. Ask your stylist for the tips and techniques you can do to maintain healthy hair. Your stylist will surely ask you not to tie your hair for a few days after the treatment since it can make waves on your hair if you tie your hair tightly.

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