I've never heard of taping in your weave but it sounds pretty funny lol. Normal people glue, sew, or clip theirs in so I would suggest doing that


1. hair extensions, where are they?

They have some at Sally's Beauty Supply, and they are around $80

2. where to get hair extensions?!?

You could get them at a store called ICE


3. Clip In Hair Extensions? Help?

they stay in :) they are really nice except they take getting used to the very first time you put them in. mine are european caucasian weave brand, another really good brand is raquel welsh!!

4. Curly Hair Extensions at Best Price in India

None Nangloi, New Delhi HOUSE NO 166. OLD H.NO 56-B. NEW DELHI nangloi Kaushik Wali Gali shiv mindir, Nangloi, New Delhi - 110041, Delhi None With consistent obligation towards superiority, We Manufacturer and supply 100% Indian Human Hair Body Wave Hair Weave in Virgin Remy, Remy and Tangle Free Hair. Sizes available 8" to 32" Features: - Easy to wash - Reliable read more...

5. Thick, long lasting good quality hair extensions?

Do not buy superstar Strands. I idea this corporation was once legit. I purchased extensions right here and they had been thin and once I took off the gold ties the hair was once long gone in chunks. You could see a line that the hair was just frayed. After I addressed superstar Strands, they refused to do some thing. They must were tied for a very long time. They completely refused to repair the obstacle. I have images and the whole lot. Now i am out over $one hundred.00.N do not buy it from superstar Strands!.

6. Need advice for hair extensions for short hair?

Hey, Since you are a guy and you want to cross dress, I would suggest that try clip ins first, because then if you do not like them you do not have to commit to them, and they damage your hair less since you would be growing out. 1. I would say your hair would need to be about 2-3 inches long so then you would be able to cover up the clips. (or the micro rings or bonding glue) 2. Real hair is the best to go with, because you treat it like your own hair, dye it or curl it. 3 & 4. I sell hair extensions of all kinds, and I ship them anywhere. Micro ring, clip ins, fusion, wefts/PU (skin) weft. and all of my extensions are 100% human hair. I also sell them at really low prices so they are beyond affordable. I also have a wide range of colors 5. I would also suggest clip ins because if you get something like fusion or micro links and get them done at a salon it could cost you upwards of $500. But with the clip ins they would cost you (from me) around $90 depending on the length you want and you would be able to put them in yourself and save around $400. 6. There are many lengths. The shortest I have is 15inches and the longest is 20inches. You can always cut them into whichever style you want. If you are interested in my extensions just email me () and I can give you more info, and answer any more questions you might have. I hope I was able to help you!

7. keratin hair extensions?

wow maximum of questiones properly i will basically answear 2 extensions look natrual in the event that they tournament your hair shade and thikness and that i in the event that they are clip on extensiones do no longer positioned them in a pony tail i am exceptionally confident you would be waiting to work out the clips in case you positioned it in a pony

8. Hair extensions help please?

well, extensions are hard to manage. I got a bad hair cut around a year and a half ago and i got extensions; first, i had them glued in with tracks. HORRIBLE do not do this. you cant use conditioner. so no no no. the second time, i had them done with fusion. the way you are. and the glue part used to get stuck together all the time and when it wore down, it was sticky and gross. it caused knots in my hair and i couldnt get the glue out. I reallly recoment just using clip in extensions because anything else can be hard on your hair.

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Our Body Wave Hair Extensions are 100% genuine human hair. These loose waves are luxuriously soft and bouncy! Our body wave hair extensions are easily blended with most hair textures and styled with ease! The body wave texture is a loose S wave pattern that easy to style and maintain. This hair can be straightened to achieve a silky straight texture, and will always revert back to its "Body Wave" state once wet. This hair also curls beautifully with heat styling tools.- The color will range from Natural Dark Brown to Natural Black - Medium to low luster. - Hair is about 3.5 oz (give or take 0.2 oz) - Available Lengths: 10″ to 30″ (measured stretched) - 100% human virgin hair - Machine Wefted - Remy (cuticles aligned in the same direction) - This hair can be cut, colored, dyed, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, bleached and much more!DISCLAIMER bleaching or lifting color can change its quality and can cause damage and shorten the longevity of the hair.California Hair Extensions exclusive hair line is called "Hair To Remember." These premium wefted extensions are one-of-a-kind because the hair used has the cuticle layer going in the same direction from root to end."Hair To Remember" Hair Extensions are light in texture and weight which gives it natural flow and movement. Our hair extensions will enhance the length, color, and texture resembling your natural hair, leaving you with a refined and flawless look for your hair extension style.With proper maintenance, our hair extensions can be reused several times. The hair can be washed, blow-dried,curled, flat ironed, as long as the hair is properly maintained by the individual and the hair will maintain its original beauty.California Hair Extensions "Hair To Remember" comes in a variety of textures such as Natural Wave, Body Wave, Wavy, Jerry Curly, Deep Curly, Natural Perm Straight & Kinky Straight!1. Please check the hair before doing anything to the hair. Be certain that the hair texture, color, length, and quality are what you want. We will not be responsible for the hair if it is not in the original condition. For Wavy or Curly hair such as Deep Curly or Natural Wave, you may want to wet a small portion of the hair.2. Keep the hair clean. We suggest that you wash the hair at least once or twice a week with warm water. Please immediately after swimming , spa or vigorous exercise. When dirt, sweat, or oil accumulate, hair tangles. Too much leave in conditioners and other hair care products will create a build up on the hair and call the hair to tangle as well. If the hair feels dry or heavy with build up, wash it with a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.3. Before washing the hair, spray a mixture of conditioner and water and brush the hair from the bottom up. If the hair is very dry and a lot of water is added at once, hair will swell up and tangle. It is important to wet the hair gradually and brush it.4. After wetting the hair, add shampoo and conditioner and comb thoroughly. Be sure to wash, condition, and brush hair in one direction. Rinse the hair completely with water and towel dry. You can let the hair air-dry or you can use a blow dryer on medium heat.5. Make sure you brush the hair daily. If you wear your Hair extensions wavy or curly please spray a moisturizing leave in conditioner to keep the hair soft and moist. If the hair feels to heavy or dry, you should wash the hair completely by following steps 2 and 3.6. When swimming, before you get your hair extension's wet at the beach or in a pool, wet the hair down with a combination of conditioner and water. This will help protect the hair from the toxins that maybe in the water.7. Make a ponytail, or two big braids before going to sleep, swim or exercise ( please brush the hair thoroughly before making the braid's). NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR!!8. It is important to apply a leave in conditioner to keep the hair from dryness, it is also important to keep the hair clean by washing your hair once a week if you wear it straight, or twice a week if you wear it curly/wavy.9. The hair can be color or permed, however California Hair Extensions will not be responsible once the hair is chemically treated in any way.how long should i get my hair extensions ?perhaps down to your penis
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Body Wave Hair Extensions | Hair Extension Deals Shop Online Now!
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