Tech-savvy Health and Beauty Care Spots in Tokyo That Easy and Affordable to Use

Whether it's an AI-empowered gym or a DIY beauty-treatment salon that allows you unlimited access to equipment, we're now seeing a rise in health and beauty facility services that are quick to use and affordable. What they share in common is their use of technology to reduce unnecessary elements and economizing of human resources, which translates into low prices, and a business model where staff is able to concentrate on areas where a human touch is needed.Smart Health Inc., a subsidiary of the pioneer of social media services in Japan, Mixi Inc.

, has launched a new type of health facility business. Going by the name "Cococize", it's a conditioning exercise studio exclusively for women.Cococize's approach aims to maintain the functionality of body parts that are prone to dysfunction.

This "conditioning" is uniquely defined by the facility as exercise and ways of moving designed for reworking the body's flexibility, muscular strength, and overall balance.What Cococize uniquely brings to the table is their analysis system that utilizes AI (artificial intelligence). Using a combination of the FMS tool (Functional Movement Screen), one of the latest physical evaluation techniques, with the expertise of famous sports trainer Kunihide Saito, Cococize's original algorithm is able to create a visualization of the condition of a human body both efficiently and with a thorough level of detail.

What originally drove the creation of the technology was the awareness of how important it is to encourage self-led health improvement in the prevention of diseases. The aim is to raise your "healthy life years" (that is, the period of your life where you can live without disease), and this is particularly of interest in Japan as the average age continues to get older. starts by first checking the current state of your body with the help of AI.

Patrons stand in a space surrounded by three cameras that take pictures of their posture, body movements, movement while walking and other physical aspects. AI then analyzes these images and videos, and within minutes converts in numerical form the state of certain body parts, including shoulders, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, hip joints, knees, and feet.The grounds for limiting to female patrons is that, compared to men, women tend to have a larger gap between healthy life years and average lifespan and their physical problems tend to increase at an ever-accelerating pace as they go through childbirth, child-rearing, menopause, and all the other stages of life.

In particular, many women after entering their senior years tend to suffer from locomotive syndrome and symptoms such as bad knees, sore shoulders and bad backs.Another area of importance for Cococize is having facilities where proper face to face human contact can occur. This is to help realize all three elements of which are the foundations of extending a person's healthy life years: exercise, nutrition, and social interaction.

With AI being used as an alternative to personal trainers - effectively automating their work - a more reasonable price tag of 7,000 yen per month (approx. US$64) becomes possible, allowing users to feel free to come any day they wish.Unlimited visits at a reasonable priceThese types of facilities that allow unlimited access throughout the month for a reasonable fee are on the increase.

FÃœRDI is a women-only studio equipped with popular fitness machines with built-in AI, that was adopted to 550 shops in nine different countries, mainly within Europe. In March this year, they opened their first facility in Setagaya Ward in Tokyo. Their pricing includes unlimited visits for 6,980 yen a month (approx.

US$63) when you sign up for a year.

We're also seeing this type of business model in beauty-treatment services. One of these is "Jibun de Esthé" (or "self-esthétique"), which has come up with lower pricing by cutting staff as much as possible. Tablets are used instead to explain to patrons the service and usage methods.

Also, patrons themselves operate the high-performance beauty devices, which are not unlike those found in high-grade beauty salons, rather than the staff doing it for them.What all these businesses have in common is how they've opened up facilities that have either reduced human resources as much as possible or have automated specialist expertise.Having an actual store has the benefits of social interaction, communication with staff, and the chance to use products in the flesh.

But on the other hand, for store managers, one of the largest issues to work with is human resources. While trying to make your business succeed there are many aspects of HR to handle - staff expenses and hiring, the cost of training, and retention rate.But businesses in the beauty and health-related industries have started cottoning on to this solution for achieving low-cost and high-quality.

Leaving the professional expertise to AI and machines, automating their stores and economizing manpower can allow them to cut pricing down to bargain levels so that users can say yes to their services.Text: Ching Li TorOriginal text (Japanese): Jonggi HA


How do you use beauty equipment?

Treatment range

1, Freckle: Freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, liver spots, dermal spots, birthmarks and some pigmentation.

2, acne: scab-type acne, acne acne, allergic acne, acne India, acne pit.

3, red blood: red face, erythema, skin allergies and sensitive.

4, skin rejuvenation: shrink pores, blackheads, wrinkle whitening, remove the Sichuan word pattern, nasolabial fold wrinkles.

5, hair removal: armpit hair, beard, limbs hair, hair line, bikini area.

6, vascular lesions: hemangiomas, erythema verrucosa, facial or chest flushing, telangiectasia, varicose veins of smaller diameter.

How to choose

1. Select well-known brands and regular beauty equipment manufacturers

, carefully review the manufacturer's business license, production certificate and other certificates are complete.

2. To see if there is a perfect technical training force and an effective marketing plan.

3. To see if they have the ability to undertake after-sales service, whether the customer's after-sale tracking service is effective and timely

4. Is it possible to provide accessories and spare parts for the instrument? For imported instruments, it is necessary to understand the price of replacement parts in the future.

Operational requirements

1. Operators cannot nail too long or random press buttons, because many instrument panel soft buttons, the material is more brittle, so easily lead to rupture.

2. Operators must pay close attention to the separation of the interface between the instrument and the accessory, often resulting in damage to the contact opening due to neglect of plugging in and inserting it.

3. Be sure to turn off the power after the operation, otherwise it will cause the instrument to dry, which will directly shorten the service life of the instrument.

Tech-savvy Health and Beauty Care Spots in Tokyo That Easy and Affordable to Use 1

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