Ugh, My New Beverly Johnson Lace Front Wig Is STUCK to My Head?

You are not Black,Go away

Ugh, My New Beverly Johnson Lace Front Wig Is STUCK to My Head? 1

1. I would like to buy Swiss Lace to repair my wig. Where to buy?


2. Should I wear the wig?

I think thats a lot better honestly and totally hot!

Ugh, My New Beverly Johnson Lace Front Wig Is STUCK to My Head? 2

3. Is it better to wear a wig or grow out your own hair to crossdress?

you should wear a wig while in the process of growing out hair just remember to still get your hair cut once a month to prevent split ends, and wash it and keep it clean and healthy :)

4. Im African American:What to do with hair breakage?

Try taking garlic pills. Also for the hair shedding I recommend doing the baggy method. Go out and buy a jar of coconut oil from the grocery store or health food store. A few hours before you shampoo, coat your hair wih the oil from root to tips. Put on a shower cap and wear for about an hour...or more if you want. I do mine for more and just wear a hat or wig over it. When its time to wash out, apply shampoo first then add water. You may have to do it twice. Try using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. They wont dry your hair out. Then go out and get a leave in conditioner...I use cantu leave in. I air dry or blow dry my hair first though. Its your preference. Apply a small amount of the conditioner all the way to your tips and then use a very small amount of the coconut oil and apply it mainly to your ends. It would help if you got a trim before doing all this. If you keep up this routine, you will only need to trim about twice a year. The goal is to keep your ends moisturized or else it will break off. I used to have very bad hair after I came back from Korea but since them my hair has turned around tremendously. My hair regime includes garlice oil, hairfinity pills, coconut oil and grapeseed oil. Also castor oil for thickness. If you youtube any of these products, you can check out their reviews. Also look up the baggy method and that last method I told you about with the leave in...its called sealing your ends. If you need more help you can always email me on here.

5. What type/style should a crossdresser get ? (Wig)?

Whatever you like. It's all about what you like or think looks good on you. You could just grow your hair out, and skip the wig.

6. Does Curry Man wear a wig?

This is the million dollar hoagie, my friand. I have been very curious about this as well. I don;t know how to find out. I alays saw him bald. Hoagie UP! Hoagie for you!

7. I recently received my lace wig from JDC wigs. It was 4 weeks late, and I'm kind of disappointed.?

Its authentic yet not all black human beings positioned on wigs. Brittney Spears, Christian All regardless of the f her final call is, J lo all positioned on wigs yet call them extensions. In different words weave. All white celebrities positioned on extensions.

8. How do i care for a curly Kanekalon wig?

Hi there, Generally with synthetic wigs you have to use a really good serum to keep it from tangling and maintain the soft texture when bought. In addition, the place you bought it from should have provided you with how to wash and maintain your synthetic lace wig because its quite different from a regular wig. Here's a tip - Use baby shampoo to wash it and a really good moisture rich conditioner. Good luck!

9. Would wearing a wig to your internship/job work instead of dyeing your hair a natural colour?

Would wearing a wig to your internship/job work instead of dyeing your hair a natural colour?I have not never been in this situation to answer. I would like to think that I would rather go bald including dyeing my hair a natural colour, if I had to than wearing a wig.Why? I have nothing against wigs but it would be much simpler going bald. Getting my hair coloured, would need touch-ups every 8-10 weeks

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