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Want to know what is a weave? Consider this your beginners guide to weave care 101... A weave is a type of hair extension application method, in which hair is braided into cornrows first, then after, wefts of human or synthetic hair are sewn into these cornrows. Weaves originated in Egypt, where people would use human hair or sheep wool and attach them to their heads. Unlike other hair extensions, weaves are directly sewn into your hair to add volume, length or colour. This type of hair extension is popular because it's the most permanent and seamless, as the hair is literally sewn into your own hair and cannot come off. Ever seen a celeb strutting down the red carpet with a pixie crop one day and Rapunzel-worthy tresses the next? More often than not, the secret to their versatile styling is simply: a weave. Intrigued? Discover everything you need to know about weaves, below. When you are getting a weave done, you will usually have your hair cornrowed flat to create a seamless base, and then bundles of hair will be attached to the base using the sew-in method. What is the Difference Between A Weave and Hair Extensions? In general, all weaves are a type of hair extensions. The only difference between the two is the method of application. With a weave, your hair is braided and then hair wefts are sewn onto the braids. While hair extensions are applied strand by strand to hair. How Long Does a Weave Last? The recommended length of time to keep a weave in is one-two months. However, it's important during this time to have your weave touched up every two to four weeks. While weaves are said to be a protective hairstyle, if they are not installed properly or worn too long, they can damage your hair underneath and cause breakage. If your hair is strong, and not too dry or damaged, then long-term weaves (i.e. a full head of extensions) can be a viable option. "If you've got brittle strands due to heat damage or over-styling, try a half-weave," suggests Elena. Only adding extensions to half of your hair (usually the bottom layer) will limit the amount of hair that needs to be braided to hold an extension. The weight of these extensions can tug on the roots, damaging fragile hair. What Types of Weaves Are There? There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to getting a weave. Depending on what you want to aesthetically achieve, there are a few different options to consider. Weaves vary from different textures to the wave patterns. They can be straight, tightly curled, wavy or deeply waved. "Speak to your hairstylist about what look you are going for and they can best advise what technique would work," says Elena. Ultimately, it's the style you choose that will determine what type of weave can create that look. Can You Have a Weave on All Hair Types? "In general, yes," confirms Elena. The two main techniques for creating a full-head weave are: sewing extensions directly onto pre-braided hair, or sewing a weave into a hairnet that is placed over cornrowed hair. "If you have thicker, stronger hair, then go for a conventional sew-in weave. If your hair is on the thinner side, a better option would be a net weave as it will give more volume to the look," says Elena. The downside to using a net weave, however, is that you are less able to take better care of your real hair underneath the net. "If your hair is quite fragile or prone to breaking, net weaves should be avoided if possible. The strain on the roots from this technique can result in hair damage," Elena advises. What Tools Do You Need to Look After a Weave? Get ready to update your hair routine as this technique requires some new haircare tools. The most essential? A low sulphate shampoo. We suggest washing your tresses with the TRESemm Colour Shineplex Shampoo. Gentle enough for everyday use, this product can also be used on coloured hair. A bonus if your weave contains colour-treated extensions. "For styling purposes, a paddle brush is the most effective tool for gently brushing your weave so it does not get tangled," says Elena. "I would also recommend tying your tresses into a silk headscarf while you sleep. This will help protect your locks overnight and keep them in place." Her final recommendation? A tail comb. "Just in case you need to gently scratch your scalp under a weave cap. It's a secret stylists trick!"

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1. Anna From 'Frozen' Halloween Costume Is Easier to Build Than a Snowman — PHOTOS

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than by donning a costume of one of the year's most badass female characters? That's right, you should definitely be Anna from Frozen for Halloween because Elsa may be magical, but Anna was one of the bravest women on screen in 2013. Think about it, she left for a journey in the frozen wilderness to rescue her sister - all on her own. Then she was even ready to sacrifice herself to save Elsa in the end. How can you not get behind a character like that? Frozen costumes will no doubt be very popular this year for Halloween, but you are way better than a cheap discount-brand Anna costume with one of those fake-looking Barbie-doll hair wigs. Besides, it's sad to say that most of those are made for younger kids. Why should not a 20-something want to dress like Anna? Everyone of all ages loves Frozen , but not all costume companies seem to get that. So instead of buying a pre-packaged dress, do you want to build an Anna costume? It's sure to stand out in a good way if you put the effort in to make it yourself. Here's everything you need: (Kristen Bell's singing voice not included) If you live in one of those states where it's freezing as early as October, picking a costume where a coat is part of the deal is a good idea. If you are really invested in this costume you can pick up a legit cloak here for $170 dollars. Or you can just make your own. It requires a tad more effort but it's way cheaper and you will be really proud of yourself. There's a tutorial to make the coat from a pink bath towel. But if you are not so good at sewing, there's an easier way. For the coat part, pick up some magenta fabric from your local craft store. Joann's has some magenta fleece fabric. You just need a long rectangle of it that you can wrap around your shoulders like you used to do with towels to pretend you were a superhero as a kid. You can safety pin the fabric into place when you assemble the whole costume. Then for the collar of the coat, you can buy a Christmas tree skirt like this $12 one, and dye it the same color as your fabric. Then simply cut a line from the edge to the edge of the inner circle and plop it on top of your fabric cape. To keep everything in place, invest in a collar clip like Anna has. This one from Ebay is $5 and has reindeer on it, which is a nice nod to Sven. This one is a little trickier. You could always go with a black corset top. Then you could buy some gold ribbon from a craft store to trim the corset and some green and pink felt to make the design. Here's a stencil of the applique to copy. If you want to be able to breathe during the night, though, you could buy a black, one piece bathing suit and apply the ribbon and felt to that. The only issue with the bathing suit becomes that it wo not come to a point in the front because the bottom will be covered by the skirt. But if you are feeling very crafty, you could cut a v-shape out of the front and and back of the skirt and sew it to the bathing suit so it's all one piece. Then you will get that bodice effect without buying a corset. Try this blue maxi skirt from Charlotte Russe. It's almost identical in color and shape and you could totally wear it again. If you really want to get the look exact, add the designs to the bottom of the skirt using this DIY stencil guide and felt from your local craft store. Anna just wears black boots. If you have a pair already, great! If not, you can pick up a pair of these. Anna's boots have gold designs on them so you could stencil some on with gold puff paint or felt from your craft store, if you feel so inclined. Do not Disney princesses have the best hair? You know Anna would not be complete without her two braids. For your costume, plait your hair, and for added accuracy, pick up this white clip-in hair extension to show that Anna's heart is freezing over thanks to Elsa's magic. Too dark? Well, it is Halloween, after all.

2. Hair extension help! How to? What kind? Sewn in?

The hair that you've seen is weaving hair, which is the sort of hair you would use. (The other hair is referred to as bulk.) The only way to put in extensions is to either braid your natural hair and then sew the wefts onto the braid or glue them in (either through the basic bonding technique or some sort of fusion). So, there's no way around it. I suggest braiding its much better for your hair.

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