What Are the Best Drugstore Foundations, Concealers, Powders and Brushes?

Foundations- maybelline fit me foundation or revlon photo ready foundation Concealer- maybelline fit me concealer Powder- again maybelline fit me pressed powder Brushes- e.l.f. makeup brushes

What Are the Best Drugstore Foundations, Concealers, Powders and Brushes? 1

1. Does Sally Beauty Supply carry makeup brushes?

Yes they do its a beauty supply store

2. whats the easiest way 2 wash makeup brushes?

I really would not think you would ever wash make-up brushes. You replace them. There is not a product made for cleaning them. You should keep them stored so they do not get dirty from dust, etc. When you feel they are too soiled even with just the make-up you use, it's time to buy new ones

What Are the Best Drugstore Foundations, Concealers, Powders and Brushes? 2

3. What is the best way to wash my makeup brushes?

I am in beauty school and i learned to either use baby shampoo. Or ( i do this method ) dishwashing soap, and rubbing alcohol. Mix them together and whatever you do dont get water into the base!! Just wet the hairs. They take hours and hours to dry but they get totally clean

4. what is a good brand of makeup brushes?

mac and dis other i hav but i m 2 lazy 2 go get up n check

5. How to clean your makeup brushes with shampoo?

You basically just run them under water, applying a minimal amount of shampoo to wash each one. Gently rub in the shampoo into the brush and rinse thoroughly. Really, that's all there is too it. I am assuming that any kind of shampoo will work. You could try a gentle shampoo, such as baby shampoo. There are products specified for cleaning brushes, but they are not at all necessary. A soap or shampoo will do the job

6. Beauty Hygiene: 10 Tips Your Beauty Professional should Follow Jo Elizabeth Blog | Expert Bridal Makeup & Hair Stylist | London | Surrey | South East | Worldwide

According to an article published by The Pro Hygiene collection 60% of women admit to sharing cosmetics with friends and 75% admit to never washing their makeup applicators. Effective hygiene practices are necessary for beauty treatments performed at home or by a beauty professional to prevent cross-infection and secondary infections that can occur through poor practice. However in such creative industries such as makeup and hair industries, where standards and professional certifications of qualifications vary drastically - it is important to know that your beauty professional( and yourself at home !) are following the best hygiene practices, minimising the risk of infections. As Covid-19 has no doubt brought hygiene to the forefront of our minds, I will continue to keep this blog updated with best practices and government guidelines as we work through the crisis ; here are 10 expert tips all beauty professionals should already be practising. Our skin is our biggest organ, and bacteria naturally live on the skin's surface. We all must participate in good cosmetic hygiene practices to avoid cross-contamination, potentially causing infections such as; Herpes simplex ( a cold sore), conjunctivitis, and impetigo. Although your beauty professional is not a doctor, s/he should have the relevant training in basic skin conditions and understand the best practices for sanitising their tools - making your treatment safe. Clean tools, the correct use of Alcohol sprays, soap/water, the use of disposables where possible should all be commonplace during your pamper session. Your beauty professional must have PLI ( Public Liability Insurance) Whether your beauty professional works in a salon or as a mobile artist, they should have up-to-date insurance. Public liability and equipment insurance is up-dated yearly and can be a costly business expense for sole traders, so expect to pay a little more for a service provider who has invested years in education and has taken proper precautions to protect you both. Popular awarding bodies include Salon Gold, BABTAC, and insurance through unions such as Bectu. 2. Did they go to a proper beauty school? Is your beauty professional certified by a professional body? A good education gives your beauty professional the expert knowledge to identify basic contagious skin disease that may affect your treatment- think cold scores, head lice, impetigo etc..- fast track courses seldom have the time to go through rigorous health and safety policies meaning bad hygiene habits may not be picked up early. 3. Have they cleaned their hands ? It's the simple stuff that adds up Something we are all super familiar with as of late! Stylists will have different ways of ensuring their hands are clean before starting your treatment, including; using soap and water, hand sanitiser or sanitising wipes - but washing hands is the most effective way to work. 4. Do they use disposables ? This is an absolute must where possible and I can imagine harsher policies will be implemented post Covid- this should be a non-negotiable when make-up artists apply your mascara. Alternatives to using disposables can include applying mascara with spoolies or makeup brushes - but the brush should never be ' double-dipped ' back into the tube. Proper PPE can be expensive so expect this to be reflected in the price of your treatment. 5. Watch out for that Double-Dip Not just reserved for sharing those french fries "Double-dipping" is the process of dipping a make-up brush, finger, or disposable back into a cream-based product once it has touched the skin. This is a dangerous practice and is the quickest way to spread bacteria, causing infections. Your artist should be using a spatula to remove the product from the pot onto a sanitised palette/hand before applying it to the face. Under no circumstances should brushes go directly into the product from the face. Not all cosmetic formulas are equal It's important to note that cream products such as; foundations, concealers, hair products, lipsticks etc.. harbour bacteria easier than powder products. A quick spritz with 70% alcohol will work wonders for disinfecting powders such as eyeshadows and expect rules around powder products to become more rigorous post lockdown. A classic that can be underrated. Not only does sharpening your pencils help with a better make-up application, but it's also the quickest way to clean products in between clients. Your make-up artist can also spritz with 70% alcohol as well for extra hygiene assurance. 8. Make-up brushes should NOT be blown on to remove excess product. Please tap off the excess. I can not stress this enough. Just no. Please stop this NOW. All that microscopic bacteria that live inside the mouth transferred onto the face in one quick blow. EWWW! This goes for all of you at home as well, NO excuses people! Deep clean your make-up brushes, hairbrushes, and styling tools ONCE a week with liquid soap and water! ( I love an anti-bac wash with tea tree to remove stubborn oil residue or Dr. Bronner's Brush cleaner). Your make-up artist or hairstylist should be cleaning their tools between clients with cosmetic grade alcohol that is kind to the skin yet kills the bacteria. Parian Spirit, ISOCLEAN, or Kyrolan IPA work well. All good things come to those who wait Lastly, I understand that it can be frustrating ( and sometimes more expensive!) to start your treatment early in the morning or have additional stylists on your booking, however, proper sanitation takes time! 45 minutes per hair OR makeup treatment is the gold standard for a high-quality service that does not cut corners!

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