What Can I Do with Curly Hair?

My hair is the same only longer...grow it a lil' longer, and then try half up half down...it suits me...also braids look nice...but they have to be made really tight or they become messy

What Can I Do with Curly Hair? 1

1. How to get nice curly hair? Please?

after you get out of the shower, comb it with a wide tooth comb...then put a handful of mousse in it and scrunch it... then let it air dry and do not touch it.

2. Would curly hair look good with bangs?

depending on how you wear them

What Can I Do with Curly Hair? 2

3. Is there anyway for a guy to make naturally curly hair straight?

Lucky for you, you have options, my friend. 1--flat iron 2--brushing or combing it while you blowdry it to make it straight 3--even if you are not african american or have a different texture hair, a relaxer will work on you. 4--use a smoothing shampoo. the shampoo wont neccessarily get it "straight", but it will be a lot smoother and less curly and poofy. it will make it manageable.

4. curly hair help (no heat, as little product as possible)?

1.Wash your hair. 2.While it's still wet make braids,4 or 6 of them.Depends on your hair.Do it before you go to sleep. 3.Tomorrow untie them and your hair will be curly. 4.Or it takes 5 hours...experiment.It all depends on your hair :) ... hope I helped :)

5. Hey guys, do u like curly hair?

I love it. Do not change for anybody

6. How can i curl naturally curly hair?

okay, a lot of these people are saying straighten your hair before curling it, DO NOT DO THAT! It is unnecessary, your hair will form to the curling iron even if it is already curly I have curly hair too and i curl it all the time, it is not hard

7. How to sort out my curly hair please?

Hmm my hair seems a lot like yours. The same thing happened what you need to is buy a curling iron! The bad thing is if your not careful you will get burned! Anyway you curl your hair with it tie it up for the night. Brush you hair in the morning ( but do not brush too much or the curls may become straight.basically just brush it regularly.) comb it or whatever. after your done its very curly! and if you want it straight by a flat iron i love those

8. What can I do about my hair?!?

Well there are so many different types of curly hair.. but i order a lot of great products from www.curls.biz they make my hair a lot more shinier, healthier, and less frizzy. They say they specialize in african american and biracial curls but i have some white friends that also use it and it look super nice! and CURLY is better of course! every other girl wears their hair straight.. but it depends on you.. of course a mixture of both is great

9. how do i get naturally curly hair?

well if you want it naturally curly... it would have to be natural! otherwise... a perm!

10. How to make my curly hair wavy?

use *** it helps the hair

11. What is best for keeping curly hair curly?

howdy :) particularly im a hair freak :) you may placed mousse... hair clay... hair spray... try tresemme products ;) How approximately once you blow dry your hair? with regard to the frizzy mess.... you additionally can use tresemme frizz administration they are everywhere the two boots, superdrugs, yet superdrugs is many times cheaperr :).

12. have curly hair and i want dreadlocks...?

Dreadlocks Curly Hair

13. How to curly hair into waves without heat?

It depends on how neat you want it to look - if i want rough curls then I usually wash my hair the night before and then when its dry/damp then I put it in a bun by doing a rough pony with my hands, holding it there but not tieing it up yet, and then twist it until it curls itself into a bun. Then i use a thin hair band (so you do not get kinks where a thick one would've been) and just tie it into a rough bun. Then you have loose messy waves when you wake up in the morning. This one can work out different on different people and hair types so i would try this one out on a school day or whatever But if you want it more precise curls, and do not want to use curlers (the old fashioned circle things you wrap your hair around) then: overnight or for a few hours with lots of hairspray, tie your hair in quite a tight ponytail with a thin hairband, take sections of your hair (I normally split mine into 3 or 4) put your finger, like, above the section and wrap the hair around your finger, but loosely so you can pull it out afterwards, and then secure it the curl on top of your head with 2-3 bobby pins. Then repeat that with all of the sections and then wait a few hours, take it out and spray it :) Kinda long but I hope I helped! :)

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