Where Can I Buy Wide Clip in Hair Extensions

Well, it depends on how old you are. If you are a kid/teen looking for some cute,fun hair extensions, I suggest going to hot topic or clair's. But, if you are an adult, I suggest going to your local hair salon, or sally's beauty supplies!

Where Can I Buy Wide Clip in Hair Extensions 1

Where can I find thigh high/ over the knee socks?

Try Hot Topic, i bought some there

Is Hot Topic a franchise?

yes, for the socially inept

Where Can I Buy Wide Clip in Hair Extensions 2

I have an interview tomorrow @ Hot Topic?

Because of the kind of store Hot Topic us i think that attire would be fine but go in with a positive attitude, keep your answers short and to the point. Do not go off talking about yourself. Talk about your good points do not tell them all your negatives. Let them know that your a hard working and why you would be the perfect employee for their company.

does anyone know where i can get a nice gothic style dress for a party?

I agree, Hot Topic

Good place to buy metal?

Hot topic or itunes.com

Hot topic security cameras? ?

Does who have security cameras?

Why can't yu take pictures in Hot Topic stores?

Why is this in comics and animations?

- Would it be awkward for someone who shops at "prep" stores to go to Spencers, Hot Topic..etc.?

no it wont be weird the workers at like hot topic are extremely nice and talk to anyone dont worry about it... but i would avoid wearing a lot of prep stuff and like a huge Gucci bag haha that would be really out of place

Is Splat a good brand of hair dye if not can you recommend others?

splat isnt so good. your better off going to a salon, but if u wanna do it yourself, after u bleach ur hair go to hot topic. when i was young i would get die there that,worked really,well, cheap too so in case u run out and u gotta die it again, its under 15 bucks

What is this hat called and where can I get it?

It's a beanie. You can most commonly find them at Hot Topic, or pretty much anywhere on eBay

where can i find black fingerless gloves like lady gaga wears?

Do they have hot topic there if so there

what can i put on my hot topic application that will at least get me an interview? i really want thee job!!?

Hey i work in the retail sector ( American Eagle ) and although AE is much different from Hot Topic i think they hiring procedures are alot alike. When you go in to drop in your application and if you get an interview always dress and make yourself looks as much as possible like a Hot Topic person that will represent the store well. As for your application for skills talk about how your at ease talking with people all day, your very outgoing or that your good at organizing things or handling money. Mostly just be very smiling and nice and easy to talk to when dealing with the store people and you should be fine. Good luck!

I need 7th grade fashion tips!?

ok so i was at walmart and they had some reasonably priced stuff that was dark and i thought it was cute my friends go to hot topic and ithere are band shirts and lots of dark colored stuff try going to hottopic.com or else stop in your local walmart because they do not shoew you everything on the site eyeliner tips pull your eyelid up and gently put the eyeliner on the lighter part of your eyelid. for the bottom its the same thing, gently pull it down a bit and apply like a pencil if you are using a pencil be sure not to sharpen it too much and the creamy ones are creat that look like a pencil but have the plastic outside liquid eeyeliner is really hard to a pply and bad for your eyes to get the eyeliner off, mix baby shampoo and water in a sealable container and shake apply the mixture to a cotton ball and gently rub on the eye this works well this is what i like to use! best wishes

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