Where to Buy Hair Removal Cream?

In the bathroom/ personal aisle of any supermarket or chemist. They work differently depending on whether they are for the face, legs etc. Some are for sensitive skin others are normal.

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1. why do i keep hurting my knee?

Ok something that you might try is gain leg muscle around you legs. Do some squat and leg curls to build up muscle. When you run a lot you are no longer gaining muscle. What is happen is you are losing muscle in your legs. So maybe by build some muscle around your legs you can help the pain. If not i found icing once a week helps a ton too.

2. How can you workout these muscles in your body?

Firstly for anyone else reading this I would like to state that I do not jsut work my upperbody, I do deadlifts, Different Squat Varitaions, Bent Over Rows' Push Presses Etc... Sorry I had to put that in as people like you asking the question (Im not saying it's the case here but just 95% of the time) are just posers who want to look good instead of training for athletic responses so generally people who only train their upperbody get laughed at by real lifters. DISCLAMIER!!! Right now that is out of the way, Dumbbells are not really the most effective training method, If you want to just get muscles for show which I suspect as you arent training the lower body then Machines are the best way. If you want to actually get strong for athletic performance then an Olympic Bar and some freeweights are the way to go. I feel I would be waisting my time going down both routes here so I wont focus on strength I will focus on muscle toning which I guess is your main goal correct?? For muscle toning the way to go is light weight for high reps, By leight weight I do not mean 1lb dumbells, Just the weight you are able to lift easily but still feel a burn when doing it, E.g. If you are using 8KG and can lift them easily but do not feel a burn in your arms then try 9KG, If you can lift them easily but do feel a burn in your arms then 9KG is your starting weight. You can not really work your stomach or Pecs with dumbells, The only thing I could suggest for your stomach is sittups, Weight situps are better so for you, Lying flat on the ground with your legs bent and feet flat to the floor. Hold your arms up behind your head with the dumbells in your arms and situp, Do this for as many as you can until you can not do anymore or as we like to call "To Failure" For pecs the best thing to use for Toning is a Machine Called the Pec Deck, and For Actual Strength Bench Presses are superior to anything, As you only have dumbells and do not have a bench either Im guessing you want to do DB presses. Get into the same position you were for situps, e.g. Back flat to the floor, Legs bent with feet flat on the floor. However put your arms out sideways like the position jesus died in and then bend your arms at the elbows, Your arms should almost look like when you do a biecep flex except your palms are facing towards the ceiling. Hold your dumbells in your hand and puss them straight up so your arms are extended, Feel asif you are trying to push your elbows together, Then bring the dumbells back down, Touch your chest and repeat all over. This is also a great excercise for the triceps too although to be honest you probably wont achieve much as the minimum bench press to really achieve anything is 100lbs and I doubt you have that much weight in dumbells. (25KG each) Another good exercise for the Pecs which doesnt require too much weight and can be done with about 10KG dumbells is the crucifix, Stand in the star jump positon with legs shoulders width apart and arms straight out and simply hold the dumbells in your hand, Keeping the arms out straight for as long as possible, Try to aim for 20 seconds at first and keep upping the time as you achieve it. Finally the Biceps which Im guessing is your main goal, Well the best thing you could do is Curls, Im sure you know how to curl but remember what I said, Lowest weight you can do whilst feeling the burn for as many reps as possible. If you do not know how to curl then you stand with your arms by your sides, Palms facing outwards, holding the dumbells, Then you keep your arm still, Bending your elbow so the weight comes up towards your shoulders, You do not want to touch your shoulder but thats the vision you should have.

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3. Athletic legs or long, skinny legs?

lol. I prefer athletic, long, skinny legs. Assuming by athletic, you mean shorter and more muscular, I would say long skinny, but as long as they are not flabby no complaints either way. Look up Carrie Underwood for good legs.

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