Why a High-Quality Hair Straightener Is Better in the Long Run

There is nothing worse than tossing a hair straightener in the garbage after just a few months or years of using it. Just after you get used to it a plate cracks, it stops heating up, or the cheap cord breaks. Now you're stuck having to go back to the store to spend your money on another flat iron that will most likely stop working soon too and end up in the trash with its predecessor.

How about instead of getting stuck in a never-ending loop of buying and replacing cheap straighteners, break the cycle by investing in a high-quality flat iron that not only works better than the inexpensive models, but will last longer too! With just a little bit of research you can ditch your budget hair straightener for a brand like Theorie.Reduce DamageWhile all hair types can benefit from investing in a high-quality flat iron, it is especially beneficial for those with fine, damaged hair because a professional model will reduce or prevent further damage. Hair tools can provide a ton of additional stress to hair which is why it make sense to search for an option that was manufactured with hair care in mind to ensure the damage done to your hair is minimal.

Switch to a company that puts the longevity of your hair first and invest in a Theorie hair straightener and you'll notice an immediate difference.Innovative TechnologyWhen you spend more on a hair straightener, you get more. This usually means that your high-quality straightener will heat up faster, have a digital temperature display or lock-in your style with a single pass.

Most inexpensive models only do the basics and if you want more sophisticated features, you're going to have to invest more. However, the investment is worth it because of what you are getting with your flat iron.Highest-Quality MaterialsA cheap hair straightener is so cheap not only because of what it lacks but because of what it is made of.

Some material is not a great as others and your hair will definitely notice the different. Cheap material can snag hair, unevenly disperse heat or can crack easily - meaning you'll need another replacement. Skip the headache and invest in a Theorie Hair Straightener made from solid titanium to reduce hot spots and create long- lasting hairstyles.

Warranties & GuaranteesLast but certainly not least, most professional flat irons come with substantial warranties or guarantees so you can be sure you are investing your hard-earned money in the right hair tool. Some companies provide customers with a 30-day guarantee so they are able to make sure their new flat iron is just right for them. Other companies go a step further and offer lifetime warranties for their hair straighteners, Theorie included.

This gives customers peace of mind knowing their high-quality hair tool can be replaced if there is a problem with the manufacturing, saving you money and frustration in the long run!


What is biomedical engineering?

Okay... I'm graduated as a biomedical engineer in this year 2017. So, I think, I should answer this.Do you guys heard about: CT scan, MRI scan, Spygmomanometer, Pulse oxymeter, Defibrillators, PET, SPECT, etc...???These are the medical equipments. I'd say *BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENTS*. You will study about these equipments, every part, every function, everything about it from the base.

And also you will design one of this on your own in your projects. Can u imagine??, you will design a device that will save/helps thousands of lives. Well, this comes under healthcare companies where you will design new medical devices.

There are two categories in medical equipments. One is diagnostics equipments which are used to identify patient's problems like scanning (x- ray scan).Another one is Therapeutic Equipments which are used to treat the patient's problems like defibrillators... Have you seen in movies like a person met with accident will given shock waves by the doctors.

That's it.

That's the defibrillator device.

About biomedical engineers work.

There is a place for biomedical engineers in every hospitals. Whenever an equipment malfunctions, we will fix the problems. This is not an easy job. If we make one small mistake, it will lead to patient's death or injury.

This job known as *Service Engineer* in BME- Biomedical engineering.Have you heard about healthcare companies??? ... well, these companies (Siemens, GE, Perfint Healthcare, etc) are having most biomedical engineers. For placements, these companies will recruits you.

In here you have three jobs,1) Sales Executive/Engineer- you will explain your company's new device to the hospitals (customers) and sell them.2) Service Engineer- your customers will call for you to service the device . And you will go there and fix them.3) Research and development- In here you will think of new ideas, design them and test them.

You may search for "*new biomedical technologies*" in online. Wow... yes, guys yes. Awesome, isn't it.If you are a person with interested in creating new devices that helps make people live better, then you have come to the right place.If you are interested in 3rd job, you should work hard when you study to get into best RnD solutions company or you can startup your own company.

The choice is yours.

If you are planning to take biomedical engineering, my congratulations and best wishes for your bright future.Hope my answer was helpful...What is biomedical engineering?

Why a High-Quality Hair Straightener Is Better in the Long Run 1

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