Will the Channel Diamond Band Match with a Solitaire?

no i think a solitaire will go lovely with a diamond wedding band!!

of course the jeweller will tell you to get a bigger diamond... they are still sales people remember!!!

i think it looks much more elegant with a solitaire - it doesnt look too much and too blingy. i have a princess cut solitaire and will be getting a channel set diamond wedding band and it looks absolutely stunning together - they really balance each other out and cos there are no side diamonds to the diamond it brings out the centre stone so much.

good luck to you

edit: wow, 2 carats is quite big!!! i have a 1.2 carat and it looks very well in proportion with my hand (i have thin fingers). i wouldnt even go more than 2 carat no matter what... well for me my max was 1.5 - you dont want a massive rock on your finger, make sure the quality is good too at that size or it will look plastic in my opinion.

honestly, with a solitaire you are perfectly fine with anything 1carat and above, and some women dont even get that so dont stress :) it will look fab.

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Is 3/8 carat princess diamond cut a good size for an engagement ring?

You don't need to have a diamond ring. You don't need to have a ring at all. It is traditional to offer a woman a ring of engagement, but it isn't a law, nor is there any sort of rule about what the ring should look like.

Recent history shows that engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Laura Ingalls was given a pearl and garnet engagement ring by Lorenzo Wilder in about 1878. She wrote about it in great detail in her books, and wrote about the great joy that ring gave her.


Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer a sapphire and diamond engagement ring in 1981. 29 years later her son gave the same ring to his future bride.


My grandmother received a pave diamond ring around 1925. It has dozens of very small diamonds arranged in a dome, so that together they look like one large stone. It is a beautiful ring, and I have it and love to wear it.


Those are just the few examples that I can remember of the huge variety of rings that have been given as engagement rings. I don't think engagement rings are a scam, or that someone is trying to trick you. I do think that men don't realize they are free express their commitment to their future bride in a way that is unique to them - be it with a ring or not.


Whats a good price for engagement rings?

It used to be said that the correct amount to spend on an engagement ring is 2 months salary. Now a days, it is proper to spend what you can afford without going into debt. You want to make sure you can get the best quality ring you can that is in a style she likes.

Also, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Know how to spot quality when you see it. There's a lot more to a diamond than the basic 4 C's. Read the information about diamonds on amazon.com. My ring is not from there, but they have a lot of good information. You also should make sure your diamond is certified by a reputable organization, like GIA. One last piece of advice, if you take a diamond out of direct light and it still sparkles like crazy, you know you have a pretty good stone.

I can tell you my fiance saved up for almost 8 months, putting away a little money each week. He bought me a .75 F/VS1 heart shaped solitaire set in yellow gold and it is perfect for me! I love having a ring that is not like anyone else's! I can tell you he spent a small fortune on it (the certification papers place my ring value at just under $5000), which I sort of wish he hadn't because we could be using that money for other things, but I still LOVE my ring.

Bottom line: Buy the best quality ring you can afford, in a style she likes, and don't go into debt over it!


Can someone help me out with a question I have about engagement ring diamond clarity?

Oh my god that will be a terrible diamond. Let me explain:

Buy the diamond loose, not already in a setting and set it in a setting of your choice later. This is important: only buy GIA or AGS certified stones. All other labs inflate their grades of color, clarity, etc (do NOT buy an EGL or IGI diamond!). Don't go below I color for rounds or H for fancy shapes such as princess. Clarity is not as important as people say because you are paying for something that can only be seen under 10x magnification. Most SI1 and SI2 diamonds are "eye clean" and she'll never notice an inclusion. I highly recommend SI stones... GIA or AGS only though. An SI certified by another lab will really be an I2 or worse.

The most important factor of all: CUT! An ideal cut diamond will look whiter than its grade, bigger than its carat, and will sparkle like crazy. The cut is what makes a diamond beautiful and it should be top priority for you.


This is especially important for those with a budget. I promise you will pay half the price for twice the quality. My e-ring is from Whiteflash but I also recommend Brian Gavin Diamonds, among others.


Good jeweler to get an engagement ring at?

Hey, first off conrats on taking such a big step in your life...you're kinda young still...but if you're ready, then all teh best to you.

umm wow, you're man must be making some serious cash in for you to want the kind of ring you stated:

"White gold

BIG princess cut diamond (just love the square shape)

around 1.5 to 2 carats

Plain white gold band with it maybe 2 or 3 diamonds."

Theres many things you need to take into account when buying a diamond, its not just size, its the quality of the diamond. you should google online about the FOUR C's : Cut, Clairty, Carat and Colour.

Better yet, here's a VERY informative link http://www.spencediamonds.com/diamond-education

I'm about to propose to my girlfriend and her ring cost me 10 thou. It's 18k white gold mixed with 1k of platinum - so 19k total. The diamond is 1 carat round , brilliant, very good cut. I put 4 stones on each side of the ring that are the same quality as the center stone, and the 8 stones total 1 carat as well.

Many people will say go to a custom jeweller and have your ring made the way you want. I went to Spence Diamonds, and the service is great, they do everything in front of you, and you arent pressured into anything. It's like going to a pet store, you get to see, feel and inspect the diamond you are purchasing BEFORE you buy it. That way, you know what you're getting.

If you end up going to a retail diamond store , DO NOT go to People's Jewellers - they're like Best Buy and Future Shop when it comes to sales - all they care about is commission. And they're slightly overpriced.

Hope this helps you out.


is it cheaper to buy engagement rings online?

Is it cheaper to buy engagement rings online?

The best place to buy an Engagement Ring online is at Amazon.com which has a truly massive selection at incredibly low prices from a seller you can trust to deliver.


When a couple is ready to purchase an engagement ring, they should first establish a budget, determine which ring style they prefer, and learn how to select a diamond.

Conventional wisdom says to spend about two months salary on a diamond engagement ring. Remember, the ring recipient will wear the engagement ring every day.

When searching for engagement rings, couples should be aware of all available options before making a purchase. They should learn about the different types and values of engagement rings, diamond grading terminology and abbreviations, how to size a ring, and how to pick the best diamond for a loved one.

If you want to know more about buying Diamonds and what the 4 C's (cut, color, clarity and carat) mean then check their fantastic Jewelry Buying Guides out at:


Engagement Rings costs $100, $1000, $10,000 or even as much as $100,000 on an engagement ring so that one is a tough one to answers.


Bigger or better quality diamond?

I seem to be the one always preaching quality over quantity, but you've got me on this one. You obviously have spent time learning about diamonds, not like those who I *preach* to. You have chosen two very good quality stones to pick from.

Of course, it is a matter of your personal opinion, as to which to go with. I would take into consideration a little thing called phi. You can look it up on the internet, but it is basically the "golden ratio" in which you should consider when you pick a size of diamond. This way your diamond is right for her hand, not too big or too small. It might help you determine which stone to go with.

Personally, I think I would go with the larger stone, if phi allows. The color of both stones is perfect, and the clarity is not something that the average person would notice when looking at the ring. VS1 is not bad at all!

As for your question on the round or not, I definitely say the round! There are many different cuts of round that you can choose from, such as your Hearts and Arrows or something with more facets like the Eighternity. I would be careful when purchasing one with too many facets tho, you could take away from all the quality of the stone by it being too "busy" due to the facet count.

Good luck on your purchase and upcoming engagement!

Will the Channel Diamond Band Match with a Solitaire? 1

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